Hikari Hitotsu Radio Schedule

J-net posted a list of radio shows where Takki’s comment on the single release will be aired. Times are subject to changes.

  • 9/18 (Fri) 22:00: MBSうたぐみ Smile×Songs (MBSラジオ)
  • 9/19 (Sat) 15:00: THE CLICKERS (J-WAVE)
  • 9/20 (Sun) 17:55:  BREAK SPOT (FM-NIIGATA)
  • 9/20 (Sun) 21:00: NIGHT i (FM PORT)
  • 9/21 (Mon) 10:00: ただ今勤務中!森谷威夫のお世話になります!! (KBS京都)
  • 9/22 (Tue) 15:00: SOUND SPLASH (FM-NIIGATA)
  • 9/23 (Wed) 9:00: Sanae’s Cafe (ラジオ関西)
  • 9/23 (Wed) 13:30: Daytime Street (FM山口)
  • 9/23 (Wed) 17:00 Groovin’J (ラジオ3(仙台シティエフエム))
  • 9/24 (Thu) 16:00: Voice To R (FM山形)
  • 9/24 (Thu) 16:00: MUSIC COASTER (fm osaka)
  • 9/24 (Thu) 17:00: WONDERFUL WORLD (TOKYO FM)
  • 9/25 (Fri) 12:00: お昼はZENKAIラヂオな時間 (KRY山口放送)
  • 9/25 (Fri) 16:30: 庄司悟のリクエスト魂 (広島FM)

*9/19: Updated above list with new shows/timings. 

Takki will be appearing LIVE at SpainZaka Studio (Tokyo FM) in Shibuya.

  • 9/27 (Sun) 12:00: ONAIR MUSIC CHART

From 12pm on 9/20 onwards, fans who are interested to attend the radio program can visit the show’s homepage for details (attendees will be decided by balloting).

4 Replies to “Hikari Hitotsu Radio Schedule”

  1. Thanks for the update on the Hikari Hitotsu radio schedule! Wished I could be there when he goes to Shibuya for that LIVE appearance. *sigh*

    Wow, they’re sure going all out with the drama, aren’t they? That’s gr8 tho…more publicity for the it! Gambare, Takki! *clap*clap*

  2. It is interesting to me that here is another appearance of Takki for fans. There used to be so few outside of shows or concerts. Is the wind changing?

  3. reiko~ ano… this is promo for hikari hitotsu, not the drama…
    the drama would have ended by then.

    simone~ i think it’s the kind of appearance that fans can look inside the radio studio via a glass panel… something like NHK’s studio park appearance perhaps. the 9/23 release event is the one i’m concerned abt… i wonder what he’ll be doing there. fc members in jp are lucky ne…

  4. I love live version of ヒカリひとつ~
    That one in Utaban was so cool ne~

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