If you were wondering…

… why T&T looked like they were quarrelling in the Koi Uta B cover ↓↓↓


Azuki has the answer! ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓ kekeke…



Sorry I just had to post this~ it’s too cute!!! ^^
Head over to the forum for the “reasons” behind Jackets A & C hehe…

16 Replies to “If you were wondering…”

  1. LOL. kawaiii sugiiiii!!!!!!
    Azuki is just too talented. ^ ^

  2. heehee…so cute Mich……Azuki you’re the best!

  3. ahah that’s funny ^^

  4. I saw these the day before, really cracked me up. This pair is just so adorable, and Azuki is awesome. Make me realize that T&T fans are very talented and lovely bunch ne…

  5. Azukiii…you’re da best~ lol *kawaiiii~*

  6. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! ROFLMAO!!! That is hilarious! Azuki, you rock! XDDD

  7. That’s just absolutely funny XD

  8. Hahahahahahaha I like it. It is so cute. Kawaiii!!!!

    I like this idea too. >_

  9. lunarprinces says: Reply

    that’s totally funny
    you’re great!!!

  10. kawaii
    hiz, choukawaii

  11. Hahahaha…it’s really funny…quarreling ne…

  12. alr went to the forum to see the rest of azuki’s baka comic on the new singles.. izit she talented?! it’s so kawaii,, look at how she draw takki lips pursing during the 3rd draw?! thanks mich, 4 sharing these!

  13. arrg sorry for being so latte with my comment but THANKS A LOT TO EVERYBODY
    seriously I’m very happy you, minna, like it * D * !!

    and Mich, dear, I’m really really grateful that you post my drawins in your blog m(_ _)m ~~

  14. hahaha that’s too cute! thanks for sharing that michelle! and thanks for drawing that azuki! :D

  15. hehe~ azuki, that drawing is too cute not to be shared! it made me laugh at work, and i’m sure it brightened up many fangirls’ day too ^o^

  16. 55555++
    that’s so cuteeeee

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