New Layout & I lost my Wisdom~~

New layout~ I actually made this before the “Look@Star” one! Don’t want this to go to waste, so here it is~ very simple rite? hehe.. I think this’ll be up for a short while only.

This morning, I went for the minor operation to remove my wisdom tooth~ given 6 days MC, and got to go back to remove the stitches on Saturday. That gives me *counts* 5 days left to do up the stuff that I intend to do. Still got to finish up my 100 icon challenge for LJ. Ahh, think I’m left with about 10 more icons.. so It’ll be completed soon (hopefully)!! And I just got another job to do for my client.. *headache* Gotta rack my brains again~ and there’s still the year end T&T wedding to attend!

T&T will be on HeyHeyHey 3 hr special tonight! Will post about it as soon as possible~ we’re all waiting anxiously for this deshou? As for now, here are more pics from the 9/11 One! (Thanks to BeeJan via Reiko-chan!) => VENUS TWIST yo!!!!


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  1. shuduck says:

    thx for info michelle
    i like ur header pic. i believe u r good at design ! hehe..singapore sure hv alot gd plenty designers 2 go ard.

    sob, me gg outa job soon T_T bless me.

    aww..i hope u cn try out filefactory oso which i recommned.tell me hw izit for ur side whn u upload my gakusei’s takki links ok? btw, will she allow?

  2. michelle says:

    it’s really simply la~ and i’m too lazy to change the whole theme lor.. lol… anyway, u talking about the flv clips? ok i’ll upload them soon k~~ now dling the heyx3 special, juz came back home only la~~~ *runs off to shower first* cya….

  3. shuduck says:

    ok sure. take ur time dun wry keke.thx.

  4. michelle says:

    here are the links, shuduck!

    Takki~ Golden Muscle – The Block Train Challenge:

    [AIUEO] Venus Dance Competition Results:

    Johnny’s Film Festa 2004 (Takki & Aiba Part Spycam):

  5. shuduck says:

    *squeals in serious sensational stunning shocking surprisee

    YEAH thx alot michelle!!!

  6. shuduck says:

    btw have u listened to the songs? (= hope u like the takkizawa love ballads (= hee..tht everlasting love song was for tsubasa’s ..abt his unrequitted love crush towards his high sch classmate..this gal..(= u noe of it?

  7. keigi says:

    u gals are talented designer ne~ (n_n) xcuse me, wats da name of da song?

  8. michelle says:

    shuduck, i’ve heard the songs, thanks!! they’re sung live rite? the starting of the song reminds me of “love you only” by Tokio. when i ignore the english pronunciation, the tune is actually really nice! takki should continue writing love ballads like this, and of coz “juunigatsu no hana”~~ my favourite song ne!

    keigi, we’re talking about “everlasting love” :) and yea, he wrote that based on tsuba’s unrequitted love hehe

  9. shuduck says:

    hmm..michelle,the songs i gave u r only those he nv released so of cos ..only sung live loh hahaa! i like ‘Negai’ n ‘everlasting love’ alot..(= these few r d only ballads i noe takki sung..there r songs like ‘circle’ w yamamappiii… keke n oso ‘words of love’ i dun like those fast songs ne..i wil rather watch d performances vids evrytime instead.. Keigi.! singaporean sunny islander too? (=

    ps:i only recently found out thru SC Premium 12.9.05 clip 2 realised tht song w tokio(nt sure if it’s d guy name)..’love u only’ is sung w takki inside..tht..i duno liao…it’s kinda sad 2 sae tsu hv been single all d while..URGH why..n takki only has 1 relationship b4..(ahem*coughs..if u minus off his high sch relationships..this drop-out boy ehh..lucki i aint his tchr.)

  10. michelle says:

    “Negai” was released ma~ tat’s the cd version from Hatachi album! and I think Keigi is from our neighbouring m’sia la~

    u know what, my bro was looking at his yr book when he was sec.1. he wore quite big specs and look like tsuba when he was 13/14 (in that “ghost stories” drama)! lolz.. some more he is abt the same age as tsuba lor~ alamak, i almost fainted when i saw that pic wor! if got chance i scan for u to see hehe

  11. michelle says:

    actually ‘love u only’ is a TOKIO song i think. but i remember i saw on utube before takki singing that song and tsuba was playing the piano (during one of the jr concerts)… but i think when he sang with Taichi (in the SC premium recently), it sounded nicer~ actually when takki & taichi combined, they sound really good lor!

  12. akatsuru01 says:

    LOVE yer new layout, sis! O_O *

    Anyway, thanks also sooo much 4 the Meiji Cocoa CM link to YSI (or was it Sendspace…dun rem…lolz!) In any case, thankx a bunch!! *hugs*

    Email me soon, k? Haven’t heard from ya in awhile.

  13. keigi says:

    oo~ i luv ‘negai’ too.. but i dun hv Giant concert yet.. out of stock.. sigh.. arrghh.. takky playing piano >_

  14. shuduck says:

    keke keigi..u v.funny..tink ur ‘takky’ word here is my nickname’s…bt actualli takizawa name shld juz be takki, tackey,hideaki-kun so on..tht takky *ahem coughs..keke..

    hmm negai is great! ‘Love u only’ is seriously..nw den i noe of it..!!! digging so much news/research *coughs frm everywhere..n i stil hv no idea ‘Love u only’ was existing ard!! gosh..bad txt fan haha!maybe bcos of my blur mode illness la..cnt help it *coughs hard

    btw, akatsuru01..u hv another nickname rite? keke..whn dithers mentioned i hv split persoanlity or alwaz slippin frm diff time space..(as shuduck, shutakky, SS, shuducks etc) somewhere..dithers say confusin ehh..over here..i m den really luan…(mess-ed up,confused)…

    giant concert??

  15. shuduck says: case i forget..thx alot michelle!

    urgh one sick thing is, my comp cnt watch.load youtube stuff so cnt watch pian…

  16. keigi says:

    Ceh.. ‘someone’ TM, huh? akaaahaaa.. actually i tot i wrote Tackey?! mm~
    akahaaa.. gomen ne.. ^^; abt da giant concert, i am referring to “HATACHI de DEBUT Giant Hits Concert” yo~ not the ‘fatty – Giant’ in Doraemon cartoon ne~ (Coincidently, that ‘giant’ oso love to sing~ haha ‘giant concert’ sounds like I am talking abt him) ahaha~ sumimasen, siao again.. ^^;

    btw, da ‘Hatachi Debut xxx concert’ out of stock desho?

  17. michelle says:

    lol~~ no i think the hatachi debut con is still in stock wor~ i thot i gave u the link to cdjapan? hehe.. i bought it from there lor! 2 cons in a dvd so worth it la!!! ahhhh… yea, i used to call him ‘takky’ too.. at first, coz i din know that more ppl call him ‘takki’. but i think ‘takky’ is also one of his nicknames.

    erm, shuduck/shuducks/shutakky/ss! akatsuru01 is also known as reiko-chan lol! but she usually only posts here with her akatsuru01 username (same as her LJ username):)

  18. shuduck says:

    i noe michelle i i m still v.blur/forgetful. i needa be constantly reminded. u da best la,michelle michelle Tm everywhere hha..sure wil nt 4get 2 rmb!

    u noe wht?!abt hatachi ehh..blood boil liao..cos my frd alwaz go yahoo online auction c dis stupid silly ditto go auction her own own own hatachi!!!!!!n sold it rili cheap!!!!!!!!! d original dvd.poster etc whtever things they hv inside hatachi!!!

    i joked w my frd tht the hatachi dvd shld cry 2 her owner…”when did ur heart stop lovin’ me??”,,.” T_T my frd laughed.

  19. shuduck says:

    michelle..all my txt fangirling time, i din noe anyone called takki as takky…opps.!

  20. michelle says:

    lol~~ when did your heart stop loving me?? hahahaha.. tat was so funny! ur friend shud be feeling guilty!! ah.. hatachi is still selling on auctions wor~~ i think i have the link up in the “Music” section of this site! lol. i din know too but i think some ppl call him takky, some even tacky! <- some sites like amazon (might be typo error)

  21. snuffles says:

    Wah laoo… pleasee… ANYTHING but Tacky!!!!!!! I will go lite-sabre that person!!! RAR!

  22. keigi says:

    Hahaa~ shuduck! Wat a joke!!! Ahaha~ I can imagine tat yo..
    mm~ but, no matter how da ‘Hatachi DVD’ plead the owner & continue singing.. “Ohhh… wow… baby don’t go wrong…” but still end wif “I guess.. I know… you’ve already decided to go..” ne ~~ ??

    Ahem.. forgive my ‘siao’ again yar..

  23. shuduck says:

    tht’s cute keigi haha!

    michelle,it’s nt my’s someone she saw tht ‘s selling it @online yahoo auction.the stuff is still in gd condition.she once gave me the website link so i saw gd as new gosh..and she’s sellin it less than 1/2 the original for my frd,she keeps her hatachi so well..cnt bear 2 sell of course.hahaa. i knew of fans who’ll buy double copy(one for using,the other for keeping inside txt treasure chest LOL).

    hatachi True Heart song is so poor thing ehh(=

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