Shuukan TV 8/18 & New Wallpapers

Here are the scans from Shuukan TV. I like the Takitsuba pic on the 4th page best, but the small pictures on the 2nd & 3rd pages are kawaii too hehe

shuukantv-818-0.jpg shuukantv-818-1.jpg shuukantv-818-2.jpg shuukantv-818-3.jpg

Last night, I made a Takki wallpaper which I’m quite satisfied with. Erm, the black/white background was deliberate keke xD. Here you go:


My DVDs aren’t here yet *sulks*

25 thoughts on “Shuukan TV 8/18 & New Wallpapers

  1. Sarah says:

    Hi Michelle!
    I’ve never commented before, but I’ve been visiting your site on a regular basis (got it from reiko-chan). Just wanted to let you know it’s awesome! Big thanks for the tv mag scans, T&T are SO CUTE in it!

    oh, another thing. I just watched the clip where Tackey and Tsuba are competing with their drawing skills on HeyX3…would you by any chance have that clip? I’m also looking for the clip where they did archery and badminton and shotput on HeyX3. Any idea where I can find that? Cuz I only have the archery part and I’m dying to see the badminton part because I heard Tackey overreacts in it A LOT! lol

    Ahh, I feel bad for asking for so much in my first comment, but keep up the good work on this site! Will check back soon!~

  2. michelle says:

    hi mimiks & sarah!! thanks for your comments!

    sarah, i have the clip of T&T competing their drawing skills (english subbed by wendy from BNS). it’s really funny yo!!! the MU link is:

    oh, the shotput+badminton+archery thing lolz. takki’s reactions is cute ne, and he manages to keep his kakoii face even during the frozen-replays rite? of all the clips i’ve watched so far, i think tsuba is cutest in this one haha… i think the full episode is up on clubbox/johnnyjr . if u’ve no clubbox, i’ll try to find the clip among my pigstay and upload for u :)

  3. shuduck says:

    hi michelle,

    i have to say u r v.generous but i tink it will be good if u cn use ul in future instead..there much faster ((= gambatte!

  4. michelle says:

    hey shuduck, that MU link was given at BNS, it was uploaded by wendy i think. i also always have problem with MU. if it doesn’t work, then I’ll try to upload to sendspace (i prefer this too hehe)

    btw, when do u wanna meet? haha.. how’s the scrapbook thingie?? mine = not done. i also haven’t gotten my DVDs *cries*

  5. shuduck says:

    muahaa poor bonnie!! i was introduced sendspace by yvonne… fine compared 2 all i tried..weird eh,,..=p

    i m gettin my dvd thru wribbit/cos her frd gt extra cn oly get by mid sept…sobz! n i m quite disappointed w d dvd tsu..haha.. btw cos i m rather bz nw, so i cnt mit up w wribbit personally 2 pass her d scrapbook thingy…

    so i will snail mail it 2 her instead..i did request frm her if it’s possible 4 her 2 scan d scrapbook pgs 2 show she dun permit too bad lo~.. i haven done mine muz reached wribbit by 6th sept remember k(= i will mail her on 5th sept..tmr be doin it then urgh! so rush!

  6. shuduck says:

    btw, michelle..can u help ul MU link to instead? i tried dl-ing the link alot times but urgh, they kept saying the slot queue hv 2 wait..still pending..dl speed limit super slow..0.5kb/sec.. pls help me pls thx alot gal!

  7. Sarah says:

    Hi Michelle,
    thanks for the quick reply. I grabbed the clip from MU just fine =)
    as for the archery/badminton/shotput clip, I don’t have clubbox, so any time when you are free, if you can u/l it for me, that’d be awesome!
    Thanks a bunch!~

  8. akatsuru01 says:

    OMG, Shelle…arigatooo sooo much 4 these scans! Already got the 1st set of mag shots from Nere’s site. ^^ But, I will take these 2 from ya…hehe! (can’t get enuff of Takki!! ^.~)

    As 4 the wallies u did…WOW! O_O LOVE the motorcycle one & the one of T&T Ho!Samaa shoot. *hugz u 4 them!* uwaaaaaahh…*sighs*

    Matta…arigato ne!!!! ^^ (btw, sent u a couple emails already)

  9. michelle says:

    hey bonnie & shuduck, sendspace works fine for me. i think it’s quite fast. MU uploading is fast too.. but i think many ppl have problems dling it…

    oh, i’ll ask wribbit if i shud meet up wif her or snail mail it.. i haven’t done it too. have been thinking, but not sure what to do yet.

  10. michelle says:

    ok shuduck, i’ll upload that hey3 drawing clip to sendspace.. but, eh, sarah, i have a problem with the other hey3 clip (badminton,shotput,archery).. it’s too big! over 500mb! know of any place i can upload it to?

  11. ribi says:

    Hi Michelle, I’ve always been a lurker (hidoi!) on your site – I’ve grabbed the MU links for the drawing contest. THANKS!

    If you don’t mind – can you split the archery file into 2 and upload to MU and I can download from there, join and split into smaller portions and upload to sendspace for minna.

    Oh, and thanks for the DUET scans, my friend has no time to scan for me so yay! ^^

  12. shuduck says:

    thx alot mich(= u’re gona be our txt coordinator programm-lineups person-in-chrg here neh(= thx…really appreciate it!

    how? r u doin d scrapbook thingy still?i juz send over 2 wribbit..quite sad 2dae cos heard steve irwin,the famous croc guy died. really such shocking news.

  13. michelle says:

    lol~ the scrapbook, ah… haven’t done yet. though i got the paper with me liaoz.. ahh… i think i should mail it to wribbit? dunno if she free to meet… alamak! now is the 5th already wor!

  14. DiTHeRs says:

    Nice wallpapers! I like Tackey with the bike as well. I love that foto….fresh from his HAWAII trip. TANNED and YUMMIE! haha

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