[Updated] Tackey Summer Concert 2012: Goods List

This might not be the final final one as the prices are still “undecided” lol… but they were on the slip of paper that fans received along with their yoyogi tickets.

[Edit 7/24] The goods list and their prices have been posted on J-net today. And they’ve added further details to the items, as well as an additional item (for those who failed to buy the keitai cleaner back in May).

  • アロハシャツ Aloha Shirt (Size: S, M) – 3,000yen
  • 総長キーホルダー Souchou Key Holder – 600yen
  • バンスクリップ 髪留め Hair Clip – 1,500yen
  • スポーツタオル Sports Towel – 1,800yen
  • トートバっぐ Tote Bag – 1,500yen
  • ペンライト Penlight – 1,300yen
  • TAKIレンジャー携帯クリーナー Takiranger Keitai Cleaner* – 600yen
    *same item as sold during the Takizawa Kabuki May 2012 shows 

No pamphlet… no uchiwa… no photosets… no clearfiles…
But finally we’ll get our much-needed penlight?

8 thoughts on “[Updated] Tackey Summer Concert 2012: Goods List

  1. stella says:

    ho no…… i wanna pamphlet..i wanna photosets…i wanna uchiwa…….i also wanna penlight……..no…TAT…….

  2. simone says:

    Of course the penlight is a must. Tote bag, hmm, I don’t know. I have so many of them. I did use an earlier Kakumei one as a beach bag in Greece last month.

  3. Michelle Low says:

    yeah, no pamphlet is really :((((

    i’m getting the t-shirt, keyholder and penlight for sure! as for the rest, i’ll see first… hmm but when i’m there, i’ll probably get everything? lol

    simone~ kakumei tote bag as beach bag? haha… i sometimes carrying my enbujo’09 bag around as a laptop bag :P

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