Taki Channel #7

KYAAAAAAAA!!! TAKKI APPEARED!!! This week’s special guests on Tackey-CHANnel are the four boys from B.I.Shadow, and Takki was like the host of the show. It’s a 12min plus video! Kirei~~ Kakkoii~~ Kawaii!! ♥ Here’s a brief summary of what happened in the episode:

  • Takki asked if the boys have seen Taki Channel before, but only two of them have seen it. The other two said their computers were spoilt lol.
  • Takki asked them to introduce themselves, then he asked them to create a figure of “kakkoii Takichan” (the blue T mascot hehe~) with some art materials provided.
  • Takki asked one of them to show some kareta moves. But Takki said the Jr. went too close to the camera! And he demonstrated it. His “Aiii!” close up was so cute!!!!!
  • And their finished “kakkoii Takichan” works were… LOL.
  • After that, Takki made them “draw Takizawa Hideaki”. They also wanted Takki to “draw Takizawa Hideaki”, but Takki decided that he will “draw B.I.Shadow” instead. Takki’s “sutaatooooo” *jumps and hat falls off* LOLLL
  • Kouchi-kun finished drawing first, and since the other boys were still drawing, Takki made him do a ‘love confession’ to the camera (like the Shounen Club corner lol~). And they wanted Takki to do a love confession too!! So Takki did his ‘love confession’ to the camera…. KYAAAAAAAA!!!!! My heart was beating so fast…. *FAINTS*
  • Finally, they showed the pictures they drew, and Takki showed his too. LOL. I think these ‘works’ will be put up in the Johnnys Family Club.

I’m gonna watch it again now! hehehe~~ Remember it’s only up for a week! I hope he will continue to appear with the Jrs like that, in every episode! XD And I think they’re still giving away the presents to international fans. So if you haven’t done it yet, try writing to Taki Channel!

18 thoughts on “Taki Channel #7

  1. amy says:

    i like Takki in this episode..so many expression…
    his love confession also…XDDDD

    Thanks for the summary, mich.. ;D

  2. joanaluar says:

    Hi !!! :))) may i ask something ? The email for the contact has to be in japanese ? :( I am only starting learning :( can it be in english ? or do anyone knows about someone who can translate one for me,just a simple one,like some of you did,plsssssssss….omg,that would me amazing,the best gift for me in allllll my life…:P thx :) hugs for all. :))

  3. joanaluar says:

    Oh…thats amazing….:))))) pls Michelle,what i should say? i am a bit shy :P ^^ Please,help me.
    And again,thx for replying my post,and being so amazing wtih this great site and also a kind person,Thx Michelle :))))))))))))))) Tackey Rocks,ne ?:) <3 <3 so…what do i do ?

  4. michelle says:

    i tink you shud just write whatever you feel. don’t be shy about it :)
    if you need suggestions… eg. you enjoyed watching the show… you are happy to see takki appear in this week’s episode… you hope takki will appear every week… you’re looking forward to the next episode… etc etc. hope it helps!

  5. joanaluar says:

    Yes…helps a lot….i am from Portugal,so u see,going to Japan is so expensive :( makes me so sad….*sigh*,but ur site give me always smiles and YATTAs all the way :) thx Michelle for the help,i will email today,i hope i get lucky,them i will said to u what they answer.:) Ur the best.And its so nice to meet u…finally i found someone that REALLY WORKS “on” Takki :) Thx for that. :)
    I need to put this site on my FB…if u like,there are ppl there who likes Takki too…but unfortunelly,i dont know many…:( i wish i had more friends,so we can talk,help each others,etc….:)
    Thank you again.Do u know if they take much time to answer their emails ?
    Sorry,i am being such a pain :) :P

    Much hugs from ur new friend,Joana,from Portugal :)

  6. michelle says:

    joana~ erm, maybe u can give them a few days to a week to reply? and yes, please feel free to post a link on fb to this site. btw, there is a ‘share’ feature here below each post, where u can share the article on various social media sites, including facebook :) i hope to meet more takki fans from other countries as well.

  7. joanaluar says:

    Ok,i will share…:) now i am trying to overcome my “fear” and,really,i am shacking….Because i am trying to write the email,lol…OMG…lol…i look like a 10 year old girl :P
    They have some trange symbols on the email……did u saw that too,like this :

    �S�jAdress/�Z ���F

    Oh,i am using Firefox,dont know that is there a prob with that,IE was giving me so much troubles…what is this on the email ? i will write above this ? and let this be ? see so much exclamations points…lol :P

  8. michelle says:

    oh, that’s supposed to be in japanese. i think it’s the encoding problem… but don’t worry, coz there are english translations beside the japanese text.

    for the email subject, just copy and paste this: 滝CHANnel担当行
    then for the email body, i think you can remove all the gibberish symbols and just leave the english words. All you need is Message, Name, Phone, and Address. Then fill in accordingly, and send it.

    if you need more help, you may email me at web@takki.us. thanks.

  9. joanaluar says:

    Oh,thx so much for your help…i will try do that now,delete all,them put that subject,say that i enjoy seing takki,that makes me happy,that i would love to go there saw one concert or butai but for me its to expensive..and that more or less,right ? So them…put name,phone and address…ok…oh…yuuki yuuki…:) need courage,email to some JE ppl…amazing,but scary :)))))))))))
    well,thx,i will email u the email,so u can see if its correct,and them send them,if u woundnt mind,OMG Michelle,thanks for ur patience,ur very kind…thx so much.

    Much Love,Hugs..:)

  10. Sara says:

    I sent an email too, i didn’t know about this contest but I did discover the contact us form on that page. I didn’t know what to do with it though or what it was for and I thought it was a little weird they were asking for address and phone number when it was just a contact us link. I wrote in english cause I don’t speak japanese. I put my real phone number so I hope they don’t call me and speak in Japanese cause I won’t know what to say otherwise, and it would likely be another member of my household who would pick up the phone and they would be like… yeah. Please let me know if they call so I can warn the other members of the household. It would be better if they choose to respond by email. Do they actually reply to the emails?

  11. alice says:

    It’s only recently that I got to watch few Takki channel episodes and I enjoyed them very much. I’m so sad that it got cancelled. Why did it get cancelled?

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