Takizawa Kakumei 2012 – Goods

Sorry, this is a little bit late. But here are the pictures of the goods from this year’s Takizawa Kakumei. And I’m definitely getting that blanket & keyholder!!!!

– Front & Back (simple but I like!)

– Inner pages

Clear File
– Front & Back

Original Photosets
– Sets A, B & C (top down)
* Somehow, I love that 3rd picture from set B!

– KYAAA! It’s like Takisolocon 2005 Part 2! Hidezo was white in 2005, now he’s PINK! XD

– KYAAA!! This is soooo cute, to me the most unique and my favourite of the goods this year~ A blanket with Hidezo ears and Hidezo tail behind! I’d want to wear it to sleep every night haha!

Room Socks
– This fits the blanket well ne. As it’s winter now, it’ll keep your feet warm ;)

– I must tell myself that I don’t NEED anymore posters!

Tote Bag
– This is such a weird shape… most likely for carrying posters!

Thanks to KAT for allowing us to use her photos! ^^

17 thoughts on “Takizawa Kakumei 2012 – Goods

  1. Reiko says:

    Thanks, Mich for your posting of the goods and w/better photos too. And thanx Kat, for sharing your photos. :)

    Nice photos btw, esp. the photosets, poster @.@, and pamphlet inside pages. Love the cute blanket hoodie…I can just see my daughter wearing it. ♥ Also love the mascot keyholder too of ‘hidezo’ in pink. :D

    Thanx once again!

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