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Ogosho Japan! 2008.07.01

Episode #12 – This week’s episode is about 10 past dramas with high ratings. One of them was Majo no Jouken, achieving 29.5%! Ah, that was already about 10 yrs ago! Maa~ comparing the Takki then and now, you can see just how much weight he’s lost on the face!! OMG his reaction while watching the VTR was chou kawaii! Hahaha~~~ One of the girls looked like she could cry if she was allowed to watch on hehe… Teppei was just grinning away xD


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Watching this episode makes me want a Takki drama even more T_T

Ogosho Japan! 2008.06.24

Episode #11 – Genki Tono! His face is really getting a bit more meat at last, especially during the part where they had a close up of him, somewhere at the start of the show. One of the guest was talking about some people being innocent, something like that. Then, Teppei turned to ask Tono if idols were innocent too hehe. And Tono immediately answered “sou dese ne”~~ LOL when he laughed, he looked so kawaii~ and his cheeks *pinch pinch* :)


Btw, he was grinning away when one of the VTRs was of a cute band playing some instruments hehe… and wow, Matchy-san and Higashiyama-san~ wakai desu ne!!!

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Ogosho Japan! 2008.06.17

Lemme sneak in a short post :)

Episode #10 – Tono still has his tan in here! ^^ One of the guests commented that his face is rounder *yay!* She was comparing it to before, when she saw him on Zubari I think. She said that his face was sunken then. We all know what she means ne, especially if you’ve seen him before with your naked eyes. And I think the guest asked if his energy was sucked up by Kazuchan lol! Tono’s reaction was so funny~ he laughed, then denied “no, it’s not true”, and immediately tried to change the subject by reading his script!! Hahaha~~ He said that he enjoyed working with Kazuchan :)


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*Off for lunch~ then back to work*

Ogosho Japan! 2008.06.10

Episode #9 – This week’s is about celebrity couples and their weddings. Quite interesting ne~ saw some familiar faces too. Some of them look quite good when they were young, and there’s a bit of the old “Taiyou no Kisetsu” too! Oh, one of the guest was that 17-year old Midori-san that Kazuchan was jealous of (she was always trying to get her away from Takki~ so coincidental, her name is greeeeen lol…)


And this was the funniest part of the episode to me… Lol at that guy’s eyes! Takki was asked, and he said he wants to get married. Then they asked him what type he likes, and I think he was about to say what type of girl he likes, but Teppei asked him to choose from the 5 men on their right haha…

Then during Nakao Akira’s (Yoshitsune & Yukichan co-star) wedding, the little screen at the top right shows Takki smiling really sweetly. Maybe he’s thinking of how he should hold his own wedding ne~ ^^; I wonder when HE will get married haha~ Anyway, the ending song for this episode is “Koi Uta”.

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Ogosho Japan! 2008.06.03

Episode #8 – Tono’s necklace outside his tie looks really pretty!!!! When he walks over to pull down the slips of paper from the board, his body looks really lean hehehe~


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