Ogosho Japan! 2008.07.01

Episode #12 – This week’s episode is about 10 past dramas with high ratings. One of them was Majo no Jouken, achieving 29.5%! Ah, that was already about 10 yrs ago! Maa~ comparing the Takki then and now, you can see just how much weight he’s lost on the face!! OMG his reaction while watching the VTR was chou kawaii! Hahaha~~~ One of the girls looked like she could cry if she was allowed to watch on hehe… Teppei was just grinning away xD


Download .001 | .002 | .003 (289.71MB)

Watching this episode makes me want a Takki drama even more T_T

10 thoughts on “Ogosho Japan! 2008.07.01

  1. katya_alex says:

    Wah! Hikaru!!! I love that kid. That’s the kid that made me a fan. And Majo no Jouken is my all time favorite dorama.

    One of my officemate is re-watching that dorama right now. and i plan to lend it to another officemate who i’ve been introducing T&T lately.

  2. chcocatxd says:

    Waiting for this epsO(≧∇≦)O! Doumo arigatou gozaimashita!!! It is the funny eps to see his reaction^_^

  3. nyanco says:

    Definitely this is the best episode in all twelve. :D
    Their “shimoneta” jokes made me laugh a lot. Takki said “konnichiwa OOOO” with such a cute smile. kya~!!

  4. michelle says:

    katya~ i had lent this drama to my co-worker too :) ah, ganbatte ne! i hope your officemates will enjoy the drama. hikaru-kun’s charm is irresistable! hooked so many of us, like you & i xD

    chcocatxd~ yea, his reaction in that small box! smiling, then (trying to look) serious, then smiling again hahahaha…

    nyanco~ hai, definitely the best episode so far!! oh yes, that ‘konnichiwa OOOO’ thing! i need to find out more abt it hahahaha… but the smile was so cute that i captured it (first screenie, i think), and everyone was laughing =P

  5. nyanco says:

    About “konnichiwa oooo”, it’s a sub-title (second title) of one of the dramas they were showing in this episode.
    It means “hello p_nis!” in baby talk. ^ ^

  6. leelin says:

    yes, this is the drama that got us all go ‘drooling’ over him..and yes, over ten years and how we still go ‘gah gah’ when we see him. We can see that he had grown from the pretty boy image into a handsome man now.. and yes, we want another takki drama…

  7. michelle says:

    nyanco~ thanks for the explanation! ^=^

    leelin~ yea, THIS was the drama that got us all hooked!!! he has lost his baby fat, but not his charisma xD

    glenda~ wait till u know what the shimoneta are about lol~

  8. leapinglucas says:

    nyanco, thanks for the translation.

    (something else I know now in Japanese that I doubt I’ll ever be able to use… It doesn’t often come up in polite conversation. Maybe if I meet someone with a baby…)

    Thanks again mich for the eppie. Tackey is looking mighty pretty at the moment.

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