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王様のブランチ 2009.07.18

Takki and Mizukawa Asami appeared live on “Ousama no Brunch” this morning to promote Orthros no Inu. I think they look good together ne! Although not stunningly pretty, I think she is pleasing to the eye :) As for Tono, he was of coz kakkoii as usual haha~ and I liked it when he interacts with Mizukawa-san haha~ his smile~ XD though he seemed to have lost weight again…

King’s brunch - Orthros no Inu

Here’s my recording (LQ). If I get the HQ one, this will be replaced.

DL from MU or MF (69.77MB)

After attending this show, Takki attended the opening of the Summer Sacas’09 event. And from the Orthros website, Takki will be on 「情報7daysニュースキャスター」 at 10pm tonight, as well as on 「アッコにおまかせ!」 tomorrow at 11.45am. Not to forget, there’s the drama preview tomorrow from 2-3pm, and SCP Takisama stage report at night.

Osama no Brunch 2009.07.04

Kyaaa! This is probably the best ws news clip of Takisamacon. It shows the 9 roles that Takki did during the concert, including the “Enbujo mask VTR”, Takki the pianist, and EROERO DANCE!!!!


Download from MU or MF (17.44mb, avi)
* Credit to windjp

For the EroEroDance, we were looking at a huge screen right in front of us, and the cameraman was filming ONLY Takki’s abs+*beep* area… so you can imagine what kind of visuals we were getting lol! We practically lost our minds. Can’t remember much about what he did, in what sequence, I only knew we were screaming non-stop! =P

Osama no Brunch 2009.06.20


Osama no Brunch - Orthros no Inu (Takizawa Hideaki)

Finally found the HQ clip (113.49MB, avi, 3min 52s) :)
DL: (MU) complete or (MF) 001 | 002

Tackey @ Osama no Brunch 2009.05.09

KYAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! Takki appeared live in the studio! KAKKOIIII~~ He looks so good!!! I love his hair! XDD Everyone there looked so excited haha~ They played footage from Majo no Jouken, Takirev, Enbujo (including a bit of Mugen no Hane!), Shalala PV’s *chu* scene (it was his adlib!)… There was a “True or False” segment too.  I didn’t know Takki’s bathroom door/entire side is fully glass!!! And he has a rack in his home specially for senbei =P

Takizawa Hideaki on Osama no Brunch Shalala

Download (MU): 001 | 002 (190.18MB)
Or from (MF): 001 | 002

The solocon title is Tackey SUMMER CONCERT ’09. The Yokohama Arena dates (6/27 & 6/28) were shown on the screen at the end.

[Subs] [Clip] Osama no Brunch 2008.06.07

It was a fun clip to translate and sub ne~ Takki looks really good in yellow! :) Oh, I have no idea why – and this is not the first clip like this – that Blue is used for Takki, and Green for Tsubasa. So I used these colors for my fonts as well, so that it’ll be easier to read against the japanese words in the background.

Osama no Brunch, 7th June 2008
Tackey & Tsubasa – Koi Uta Promo
Subtitles: English
Duration: 3min 50s
File size: 22.61MB
Transcript, QC: nyanco
Translation, edit, timing, typesetting, encoding: mich

About this clip: T&T were asked to talk about their first loves. A check was also done to see how well they know each other’s philosophy of love.


Download MEGA *updated 18 Jan, 2015

As usual, please do not re-post/re-upload this clip elsewhere, but feel free to direct people who might be interested over to this post. Thanks!

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