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T&T @ Waratte Iitomo 2006.04.18

Finally have time to watch all the clips that I downloaded over the past week… properly lol~ Tackey & Tsubasa were on Waratte Iitomo midweek. The tussling with the security part was so funny, and the pink curtain part was so so cute~ the audience and female guests were going “kawaiiiiii~~~~” And it doesn’t help that Takki looked absolutely gorgeous in that black cardigan thingie ^^ And I can go on and on about his hair, so you don’t want me to get started lol


The guests had to make a guess about some 1983 hit song. T&T were only babies at that time, so it’s not surprising that they gave the wrong answer! Since they guessed wrongly, they were chased backstage by security. While the guest was singing, Takki & Tsubasa (and 2 others who got the wrong answers as well) tried to get back into the studio. They were tussling and shoving the security guys!! HILARIOUS! At one point, Security-san unknowingly lifted up a bit of Takki’s shirt lol~ Then finally, when the song ended, they showed T&T sitting on the floor. Apparently they gave up and were tired lol. The other guy was lying sprawled on the floor, and Takki patted him on the back haha~~~


Then, the pink curtain part. T&T were behind this curtain. There were 5 scenarios or questions thingie that were set by 5 guys, and T&T had to sort of answer with their actions – things that will make girls on the street go dokidoki. After every question, the curtain opens and T&T will do their stuff. The things they said can even make a guy (like Tamori-san) go dokidoki lol~ When they finished their ‘answers’, they were just hoping for the curtains to close faster hahaha…


At the end of the program, they advertised their new single. At least there wasn’t any Oasis around this time to steal their show lol~~ I’ve extracted the pink curtain part. If you’re interested, download it here (47.00MB).

And I finally received HMV’s email at 1.06pm today. The CDs will be shipped in the “next collection”, which means Monday right since they do not work during the weekends? So *counts* it’ll take another 1 or 2 days to reach… It’s really late this time, dame deshou!

In any case, the bombardment of TV clips continue! I’ll post about Mezamashi next, but first, I shall be a good girl and study for tomorrow’s Jap class. Ja ne :o)

[Edit:] I’ve also extracted the part where T&T were chased backstage and tussling around with the security-sans. You can download it here (28.86MB) if you want :)

T&T @ Haneru no Tobira 2006.04.18

I watched it this morning. Was awoken by my bro’s stupid alarm clock at 6 something am, so might as well check out the CBs. I started the download for Haneru no Tobira (there was X~Dame/Crazy Rainbow single too, but it’s inevitable so let’s not talk about it heh~). Also grabbed Zubari since it was up as well… then I went back to sleep. By the time I really woke up at 7.45am, both programs have finished DLing hehe… I managed to skim through Haneru before I went to work haha..

OMG~ the clip is so cute!!! It was the 100 Yen segment! Too cute, too cute!! They have to guess what items are 100 yen, then bring the item to the ‘cashier’ who will show the actual price of the item.

Their expressions were so cute!!


The first screencap there was priceless yet again!! *pinchTAKKIpinch* And i thought Takki pinching the butt of that doll there was funny hahahaha…

Download from MU (252.97mb, courtesy of Bon-chan!)

Btw, X~Dame/Crazy Rainbow single @ Oricon Style Singles Charts Ranking for 18th April remains at No.1. Sales figure was 9,150 *speechless* And HMV still hasn’t shipped out my CDs yet. What the #@^$%!!!

T&T @ Waratte Iitomo 2006.11.19

OMG~~ This video is too cute!!! Wahahahahahahahahaaaaaa~~~ I downloaded this from CB this afternoon and edited out only the unaired portion, where T&T teached everyone the Venus and Ho! Summer moves! During the Ho! Summer teaching, as the hand moves had to be done in all 4 directions, Takki told everyone to face to the left, so all of them turned to the left. But once they did that, many of them were in front of T&T and can’t see the instructions LOL~~~ It’s so funny! Everyone laughed, and poor Takki couldn’t stop laughing too!! He looked like he was going to burst out anytime! His ^^ eyes!! LOL~ And he fanned himself again… rush of blood to the head? wahahahahaaa~ so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Download here @ SS (142MB)

Tackey & Tsubasa on HeyHeyHey 2006.09.25

Ok I’ve concluded that torrents are really slow!! I left it for hours and the clips weren’t even halfway done. Fortunately CB has it fully uploaded by then, so I grabbed it from there instead! I have extracted only the T&T talk & performance part (heard they were sitting really closely after that)~~ Video download link is at the bottom of this post! Juz some screen caps of Takki during this appearance. Enjoy :)

Heyx3 20060925 Takki 1

Heyx3 20060925 Takki 2

Heyx3 20060925 Takki 3

Download here (89.5MB)
* Re-uploaded on 27th November 2007.

HeyHeyHey 2006.08.07

Found the vid~~ Takki & Tsubasa wore the same thing they did for Music Fighter.. Well, almost the same. Both in white tees and jeans, Takki in the cowboy hat again. The backdancers were boys in beachwear too. But this time, there are fans in yukatas in front of the stage, and they’re also doing the dance movements. Cool~ the furitsuke really look like waves… I love Takki’s jeans~ he seemed to have lost some weight but his legs are cool in that dark jeans.. and especially when he does the butt-shaking thing and the chorus dance~~~ there are some really nice closeup shots too *faints*

Heyx3 Ho! Summer Preview

EDIT: Re-uploaded on 5th Sept, 2007.
Download Talk 1 here (91.54MB)
Download Talk 2 .001 | .002 (143.48MB)
Ho! Summer Performance .001 | .002 (189.68MB)

During the talk segment, they played a scene from an old movie, of chibi Takki & Tsubasa (they were 13 and 14 then)~~ LOL, Takki had such a ’round’ face, and Tsubasa looked dorky in specs. Oh Takki, nice hat! But… can you take it off during talk segments so that we can see more of your face?

Heyx3 TxT Talk Segment

And finally, it’s the 9th of August i.e. Ho! Summer is officially released! Now I’m waiting for CDJapan to send me the confirmation email on the shipment of my CDs (I just took a peek at my a/c and it’s “In Shipping Process” *excited*!! And before I forget, Happy Birthday to Singapore!! Yay, it’s our National Day so it’s a public holiday! wahahaha~~

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