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Teigeki 100th Anniversary Party

Just a quick post here: I’m not exactly sure of the date of the WS but the party was held on the 1st March, so I guess these were shown on the morning news the following day.

Takki at Imperial Theatre 100th Anniversary Party

Clip 1 (7.45mb) / Clip 2 (30.14mb)

There are only a few seconds of Takki in each clip, but I think the 2nd clip is really interesting~ I learnt so much more about the theatre, like how the stage moves from the basement up to stage levels, and I didn’t know the rehearsal halls were on the higher levels.

Takizawa Kakumei (2011) News Clips

Only managed to catch these three before I went off to work this morning.

Zoom In – MF (6.71mb)
Mezamashi – MF (4.99mb)
Yajiuma Plus – MF (5.88mb)

Zoom In Saturday 2010.11.20

Here’s the earlier Zoom in interview that many missed due to the last-minute announcement on J-net.
Cute clip hehe~ Takki kawaii~~

Download 720×404 from MF (25.89mb, avi)

Thanks to piper for everything :)

Tackey Summer Concert News 2010.08.16

Sigh… there were no DVD cams yesterday, but there were WS cams, so the concert was reported this morning on various wideshows and newspapers. I got up early but missed two recordings because of bad timing and bad luck… but managed to catch four other full clips.

I’ll start off with the newspaper reports.



The media was present at the Childrens Day Special show of Takizawa Kabuki yesterday. As I didn’t check my email or the bbs after touching down, I didn’t know there were news clips shown on wideshows this morning, until I got to office… and hence I only managed to record this one short clip shown during Wide Scramble…

Takiranger at Takizawa Kabuki


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