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I just reached home not too long ago.

It’s a really fun and eventful trip, though I’m already missing the freezing Takkiland. I wish I can watch more shows~~ Anyway, now that I’m back in warm Singapore, I’ll get a few hours of sleep first, then start working on trans, scans, reports…



3 days ago… my dad came home with a mail for me. I thought it was some credit card bill at first… but it turned out to be a surprise mail from AZUKI, all the way from Spain!!!!! Kyaaaa~~ 嬉しかった!

I was *ドキドキ* while opening the envelope! Then I read her note, and knew there was a mirror in the package… but when I saw it, I screamed! Sooooo cuteee!!!

yukichan mirror

There’s even a pinku cover for it! And loads of pink sakuras~ and his lipstick is a ハットマック~~ キャヤヤ〜〜「滝沢歌舞伎」大好き〜〜☆★ I think I’d be staring at that more than the mirror itself yo!

I also like the 2 pin badges that came with this mirror, in a “set” hehe! The 滝wink is really cute, and the 「タッキー」logo is really one of the most cleverly designed logos so far, in my opinion! I hope it makes its way to all Takki goods in future hehe… Now I hope I can use the pinbadges and mirror without damaging them… kinda afraid after what happened to the uchiwa keitai strap hmm… in any case…

AZUKI, 本当にありがとう〜! *チュ*

11/5 – Part 2 (LOL)

This is the only blog I have, so all my personal stuff goes in here too haha~ Anyway, I said I wanted to take a cab home ne, but the ATM machine wasn’t working, so I couldn’t withdraw cash >.< Finally, I decided to take a bus. Midway, it started to rain cats and dogs… and by the time I got to J8, it was 12 noon! Mom finished work at 12.30, so I just waited for her inside Din Tai Fung.



It’s that time of the year again hehe…


Terror of 9/11…

Wan Wan Episode 7 just ended… and I still have that tight feeling in my chest… On my 40″ TV now is the “102 mins that changed America”, a real life account of that fateful day of September 11, 2001. I remember I was watching the news live from here, and I was even afraid to go to the toilet, let alone the people who were there at the scene…

This show started at the same time as Wan Wan, so I was watching both at the same time (Wan Wan with earphones, on my small computer screen)… Then on my computer screen, there was a scene where a building suddenly caught fire, and that gave me a shock already, and at that very moment, I looked up at my TV screen, and there were the twin towers on fire!! OMG, my heart almost popped out!! I threw away my earphones and closed my eyes for a while. I don’t know how to describe that kind of feeling at all. But I can still feel it now…

Episode 7 itself was an intense one… but watching this real 9/11 incident on my TV screen is just pure madness. It’s crazy!!! I’m supposed to meet my colleagues for drinking now (I skipped company dinner to watch Wan Wan real time), but with the state I’m in now, it’ll be a tough…

I don’t think I can sleep tonight…

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