It’s that time of the year again hehe…

I’m on leave today. Will be meeting Mom later for lunch, then have dinner with Bf. He’ll be flying to Switzerland only on Sat, unlike last year. But ne, yesterday morning ne, when I reached office, I saw a blue envelope on my keyboard… When I saw the sender’s address and that familiar handwriting, I knew immediately who it’s from! Y-chan asked if I wanna take water/make coffee, so I brought the card to the pantry and opened it there. Kyaa~ Tono was staring at me intensely lol! And when I took out the accompanying photo, it made me kyaaa even more! Although I own many Takki items, this was one of the stuff I didn’t have! (coz I didn’t go to the NEWS con lol) ^^ Thank you, Laopo!! I love both the bracelet and the photo! and the card~ XD

Then I went back to my seat after making coffee, and kyaaa~ another present on my desk!! From my colleagues (aka. the other 3 ‘members’ of ‘tanoshimi’ XD) I love even the wrapping paper! Soooooo pretty — dark/black with white design. I think my taste is similar to N-chan’s :) Then they asked me to guess what’s in it… I felt the shape for a while, and said “cup”. Well, I was partially right :) It was a cup AND a bear. And not just any bear, but Tatty bear!! My favourite bear~~XDDD They knew that I needed a real cup (I’m the only one using the free Styrofoam cups) :)

Anyway, I put them together and took a pic with my keitai…


I think it turned out quite nice keke~~

Then the day past quite normally, fretting over tickets, lost ballots, doing tasks, translations as well… until midnight. Well, just a couple of mins before midnight, Bf’s sis came knocking on the door, and tada~ she gave me a present. I’m happier that she remembered hehe~ I like them both very much! so pink and pretty! I’ve been looking for eye shadow for some time already hehe~~


And about an hour ago, I checked my email… and kyaaaaa again lol~ Azuki’s kawaii drawing in my inbox!! Thank you, Azuki!!! Thank you for sending me strawberries and Tono again this year! lol~ this time Tono didn’t come out from a box, instead he dropped from the sky ne!!! Hahahaha~

tono and mich hehe

(this is only one box out of the comic strip~~gonna print out the strip and stick it on my wall haha)

Also, thanks to Irene, Sen, Sarah Ann, Kat (again), Veee, Ah Pa & Ah Ma, and Bf… for their lovely messages :)

Maa ne, it’s almost 10.30am now, I think I’ll spoil myself and take a cab back home keke~ and probably could still catch Act 1 of Enbujo’08 before meeting Mom for lunch! XDDDDD Ahhh… wait, lemme post one more pic sin…


Wahahaha.. does it make you hungry? Lol! This was taken @ Hanabi on Sunday haha~ now I’m already thinking of what I can eat for lunch AND dinner later… I’m such a pig

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