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[Report] Takizawa Kabuki – Act 2

Act 1 report can be found here.

Duration of Act 2:

  • Approx. 1hr 10mins

Takizawa film: Prologue to Masakado

The curtains raised, and the Takizawa short film played on the screen.

The main actor in the film is Yamamoto Ryota. He really does look like Yamada Ryosuke of HSJ in this film lol. He’s dressed in modern day casual shirt and jeans, and climbed up a ladder in a deserted house, up to the attic. There was a samurai headgear and a katana placed up there… and sometimes the film was shown from the headgear’s POV.

It’s a little eerie… and finally when Yamamoto touched the katana, he clutches his head in pain, and many scenes of killings, blood splashes, etc from the past flashed back…

Finally there was a close up of Masakado (Takki) – we can see his eye, and I remember it’s slightly reddish, and a scene from the past – of Masakado standing on a pathway in his full samurai headgear & armour.

The film ended there, and we’re brought back into the past, onto the stage…


[Report] Takizawa Kabuki – Act 1

Duration of Act 1:

  • Approx. 1hr 20mins

Shows & Seats:

  • 4/25 Eve: 2nd Floor C (Right side)
  • 4/26 Day: 1st Floor K (Centre block, left)
  • 4/27 Eve: 1st Floor H (Centre block, slightly right)
  • 5/2 Eve: 1st Floor J (Absolute centre!)

The H seat was perhaps my best, followed closely by the J. There were no heads blocking, the path was absolutely clear so I could see whatever’s happening in the front stage, even when they were sitting down. The 2nd floor seat was good too coz the view was clear, and it was still near to the stage since the theatre was small. A plus (or minus, in some ways) point is, you can see some of the tricks from up there haha~ The worst seat I had was at row K. At one point, I felt like I was doing an Indian dance, my head moving left-right-left-right lol.


Shounen Club Premium 2009.10.18 – Takki Cut

Here’s a Takki cut from Sunday’s Shounen Club Premium episode. This cut includes the short Jr clip, WITH LOVE, Hikari Hitotsu, etc. This clip was edited out of the full episode raw provided by Linrst8@LJ. Thank you! XD

SCP Takizawa Hideaki Premium Show

AVI, 800×600, 8mins 31s, 78.66MB
Download from MU or MF

I love the way Tono greeted as he entered the studio, hit his back with his fist, cracked his knuckles (he looked a bit nervous ne~), and later rubbed his chest during the ending credits! ^^ Btw, the only Takki part I didn’t include in the cut was this small screenshot of chibi Takki when Ryo talked about him. This was 13 year old Takki, back when he did Kaiki Club hahahaha~

And this is off-topic, but my dad mentioned just two days ago (when I played the Hikari Hitotsu PV on TV), that Takki hasn’t changed much… although he’s much thinner and older now, his features are still the same as when he was 13 – his eyes, nose, curvy mouth… and those 2 moles hehe~

Takki Tidbits

1) There will be new Takki shop photos on 5/6.

2) In Shuukan The Television, there was an interview with NEWS, and they were asked who they feel is a 美形 (bikei, beautiful form or person). Both Yamapi and Koyama answered “Takki” XD

3) Fans received their envelopes from the FC. Some received pink ones, while others got the usual blue ones. In it was an announcement of Takki’s 2nd single release, with a message from Takki. He even drew a character at the end, and I wonder if he was drawing himself LOL (show more)

4) Also in the letter from the FC, fans were notified that Takki will appear for 2 consecutive weeks on Music Station i.e. 5/8 & 5/15.

5) “Sha La La” is #1 on the M-ON! Request Chart! Omedetou~ \\(^o^)//

6) On the official site, it says that the air date for「Channel-a」is on May 7, but in the FC letter, it says May 14…

7) There’s a 30s version of “Shalala/Mugen no Hane” CM on air now, showing all 3 versions of the jackets at the end. The 15s version only showed Jacket C.

8) Avex has added a list of radio shows that will air Takki’s comments regarding the release and this Shalala rush. On 5/2, you can also sign up for the TOKYO FM「Countdown Japan」live recording (which will take place in the Shibuya Spain Zaka studio). The application for the viewing will soon be available at the [website]

(show more)

9) Airin-san from G-Rockets blogged about the final show. Said there are no words to describe how amazing Tono is. [entry] She also wrote that she wanted to listen to WITH LOVE, so she went out and bought a copy of Ai Kakumei [entry].

10) Kumi-san from G-Rockets also blogged about the final show. Said that the senshuraku and the final show made her reminisce about the memories and the experiences that she has gained from Enbujou. [entry]

[Review] With Love… My “Ai Kakumei”s

滝沢秀明「愛・革命」 (Release date: 7th January 2009) Received my singles from CDJapan yesterday, and couldn’t concentrate on work after that. I even missed the recording of 3 wideshows becoz I was too excited. Then I met up with Kat and Irene after work to pass them theirs! ^^ My Amazon order only shipped last night and is due to arrive tomorrow. All songs in this single are written (lyrics and melody)...

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