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[Report] Takizawa Kakumei ’10 – Act 1

Duration: approx. 1hr 5mins

Shows: 1/12 (1F-J) & 1/15 (1F-U)

This will be really really long… but no matter what, I have to write down my thoughts on Takirev this time, since I failed to do so last year!


[Report] 人生革命 & 滝沢革命 ’10 – Theatre & Goods

It was almost a year since I last came to this theatre.



Takirev’10: Day 4 (Tokyo Tower – Revolution)


We tried our best to wake up early, but failed… The weather was too good for sleeping. Btw, the weather forecast in Japan is really accurate ne~ to the very hour! They said it’ll rain from 9am, and it did. So, after breakfast in our hotel rooms, we borrowed two umbrellas and left for the train station. I planned to take the Tokyo-Metro subway to Kamiyacho station, so we stopped by the huge route board, staring and pointing at the board, deciding which station to change at…

Then, a subway lady cleaner suddenly approached Dad and asked “qu na li?”… And at first we didn’t really catch what she was saying, then she repeated again~ and then we realised she was speaking mandarin!! She thought we didn’t understand, so she said in English “Where do you want to go?”, and I said “Kamiyacho. We wanna go to Tokyo Tower.”


Takirev’10: Day 3 (Tokyo Disney Sea)


The plan was to wake up early, leave the hotel by 9am and reach DisneySea early to battle with the crowd. But we were so tired from the day before, that we just couldn’t get out of bed early… We ended up leaving the hotel about 3 hours later *汗*

We had brunch in the nearby Matsuya (which my Dad felt had one of the nicest food of the journey~). I’m not sure what he ordered but I think it was some beef slices with rice and salad… I ordered my usual Bibin Don, and what I like about Matsuya is… the free Oolong tea keke~ This was my lunch, and although I couldn’t finish it, it was still delicious :)



Takirev’10: Day 1-2 (Singapore – Tokyo)

This is the first time we as a family travelled overseas on our own, without a tour guide… what we call “free & easy”. And it’s my family’s first time to Japan.

I planned the full itinerary, and squeezed 3 Kakumei shows into it. It was tough as I can’t just eat onigiris and have 2 meals per day (I could do that if I were alone, or with friends). With 3 guys in the family, we had to have ‘proper’ and filling 3 meals per day, yet I had to try to keep the budget down. Also had to plan where my family can go while I’m doing my Takki stuff lol…

Anyway, it was quite an experience, and I think it was quite a successful adventure for me, and an enjoyable trip for them :)


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