[Report] Takizawa Kakumei ’10 – Act 1

Duration: approx. 1hr 5mins

Shows: 1/12 (1F-J) & 1/15 (1F-U)

This will be really really long… but no matter what, I have to write down my thoughts on Takirev this time, since I failed to do so last year!

Scene #1 – Opening


Lights dimmed, music started playing, and I think the following video image was shown on the screen. Actually I can’t remember… lol… There was a “Ha!” shout from a Jr., which started the drums beating. The screen was then raised to reveal the stage.

takizawa kakumei stage


Last year, Takki appeared amongst the Jrs and sang Ki.se.ki – 3D-flying towards us during senshuuraku :) But this year, Takki appeared in a raised platform in his mask costume. He performed a series of mask changes, to our right, then left, and back on stage. There were some masks that had different colors on both sides.

mask changing

He revealed his face after the last mask change.


The intro for “Futari no Yoru” played, and Takki walked to the back, surrounded by Jrs. In the dark, I saw him taking off his costume, and ruffling his hair with both hands~ *kawaii* (or was it during Showtime, or both? lol~ Anyway~~)

Futari no Yoru

This year’s outfit is slightly different from last year’s. The color of the top & bottom have switched… I love both, but I think I prefer last yr’s a bit more hehe~ but it doesn’t matter, I’m happy that he kept this performance!!!!

I LOVE THE DANCE, especially the “…yoru mo samenai~ (ai wo~)” part, where he does the cool curvy thing! lol~ Sorry I don’t know how to describe! but this action was a part of the move ↓

futari no yoru dance

Then when he goes “Futari no yoru~~~~” wahhh, BICEPS!!! XD


It was after watching this performance last year (Takizawa Kakumei 2009) that I really started to LOVE this song. There are traditional instruments used in the music which I LOVE~ And the dance was so *HOT* that Azuki & I only had to think of it when the cold winter wind was blowing at us, and we’d feel warm haha~

The song ended with a shout~~~ and Takki disappeared behind (to change). There were some dancing by the Jrs, and then the introduction for “Ai Kakumei” played.

Ai Kakumei

He appeared in white kirakira costume (same as last year’s), walked to the front and began singing “永遠を誓った二人には会えない時が長くても” etc… Then when he said the dialogue “女と男のLOVEを書いて…”, the water curtain behind him displayed words like “女”, “男”, “革命”, “Girl Loves Boy” :)

ai kakumei love

Once the music kicked in, the water shot up high into the air!

ai kakumei

Takki sang, and dance, and we can now see the Jrs backdancing behind him as well. He continued to “conduct” the water throughout the song~

love revolution

Then he introduced himself, and thanked everyone for coming to the show. After that, he introduced Nikki, and left the stage.

Kushimoto Bushi

Nikki came on and sang a short excerpt from an old song called “Kushimoto Bushi”, while a small boat moved across the stage. He wished everyone a Happy New Year, and said that the song he just sang was “串本節と書いて、串本節です。”  lol~ He introduced the story, which is set in “Ki no kuni” (now Wakayama-ken).

The background curtain VTR screen (which came down when Nikki was singing) had trees by the sides, and in the middle, there were the words “滝沢革命 第一章” flashed on the screen, and then followed by the words “女” and “男” on the left, and “LOVE” on the right. Slowly, they both transformed into the words “革” and “命”. I like the way they transformed… Some Jrs., Hideaki’s crew, came on stage, busy with their chores. Other Jr priests walked down the aisles of the first floor, chanting…

Then it’s time for a revolution (kakumei), and Nikki got everyone shouting “Kakumei da!” many many times.

Scene #2 – Searching for Father, to a Legendary World (Pirates of the Forest)


Some Jrs on stage tried to mount a huge wooden trunk thingie, someone passed a rope up to Kitayama who’s on the top right scaffold, and Fujigaya (Taisuke) held up something with both hands. Then finally, Takki appeared in “mid-air”, singing “Fly Again~~” The translucent curtain raised up, and we can see Takki clearly on a small crane thing sticking out of the ship. He continued shouting commands to his crew~ then continued singing~~


Then, the Jrs started doing their stunts. First, Kitayama slid down from the top right scaffold down to the left of the stage… Then Yuta (Tamamori) slid down a vertical rope on the left of the stage. Next up was Senga, who held on to a rope, and was hoisted up from the ground to the ship. And finally it was Hashimoto who did the upside down rope slide on the right of the ship.

Nikki and Yuki-hime (his daughter) walked onto the stage from the right. Taisuke told Yuki-hime about something, and she wanted to see it. Hideaki told Yuki-hime to be careful, and Nikki told Taisuke to “take care of Yuki-hime”. Taisuke understood, and he went off happily with Yuki-hime.

Takizawa Rope Action

3 ropes were let down from the ceiling at the front area of the stage. And Takki climbed up the middle one with his hands and legs, there were no harnesses or safety mats at all.

takizawa rope action

He put his right hand into a loop on the middle rope, and hooked his legs onto another rope. Kitayama held the middle rope and spun Takki around slowly. Takki then released his legs from the rope, and spun solely on one arm! This was when the music changed, and this was also where he fell on 1/24!

rope action

After spinning a few rounds, he gained pace and did a tuck position (bending both knees towards his body), rotating really quickly in the air.

takizawa rope action

After the spin, Takki released himself from the loop, slid down the rope, held it and posed (according to the music).

Set Sail・Downstream

Taisuke ran in from the left of the stage, and shouted that Yuki-hime was kidnapped… He didn’t see the faces of the kidnappers, but they smelt dimly of salt water. Because of this, Hideaki and crew decided to sail out to sea, for the first time in their lives. Hideaki informed Nikki (the chorou), kneeling down in front of him. Nikki placed his hand above Hideaki’s head. Hideaki and his crew got onto the ship, let the sails down, and they headed out to sea.

The pirate-y music changed to a very soothing piece of music…

Scene #3 – Pirates of the Sea・Whale Rescue


One of my favourite parts of the butai! I love this song so much! A translucent screen dropped in front of the ship, with a VTR overlay of a ship moving on waters, surrounded by trees etc. There was also a Jr. on board the real ship playing the violin. Everything was beautiful~~ I wonder how it’ll turn out on DVD.

If you sit in the centre of the theatre, the VTR ship and actual ship on stage would have a perfect fit. From the sides, I think it was a little bit skewed, but I like the idea. My family commented that they liked this too :)

Give me ONE NIGHT, ONE NIGHT, 忘れないように
Give me ONE NIGHT, to making love, すべてが始まるここから

This was rather similar to last year’s, except that one part – a high note that Hideaki sang has been changed to a lower note, which I prefer! hehe! XD

And they finally reached and seen the vast sea… All of them looked in awe.

hideaki and crew at sea

Whale Appears

But two mini whales appeared, there was a storm, a huge whale appeared, and many bad guys (in green) appeared lol. Then, the ship was rocked and started swaying…

Sea Battle

They had a mini sea battle – Hideaki’s crew in red and the bad guys in green. This battle was much shorter than last year’s. Hideaki jumped off the ship into the waters (onto a black mat — I saw this only from the second floor, during Jinsei Kakumei on 1/13). And before we knew it, Hideaki had been strapped around his groin area (ouch!), hoisted up and down, flinging his hands and legs like mad~

stick in whale


Hideaki landed on top of Big Whale-san, and with a shout, pulled out the stick from its body. And all the background, music, and props changed… to an undersea palace. There was no 3D-flying of Hideaki holding seahorse balloons this year. Maybe he felt that he was too old to play with balloons lol…

Scene #4 – Ryugojo (Undersea Palace)

Temptation of the Sea Bed

Hideaki remained suspended in the air, floating around, while 3 chibi Jrs. came on stage and one of them started singing a Ryugojo song. There were underwater sound effects~ and everything was blue and bubbly~ a totally different mood from the “real world” in the previous scene. Hideaki had landed on stage… And after the song ended, some trumpet sounded…. Hideaki looked around, and asked “Where is this place?”

Urashima Tarou*

*Urashima Tarou is a legend about a fisherman who rescued a turtle and was rewarded with a visit to Ryugojo. He stayed there for 3 days and upon return to his village, found himself 60 years in the future.

Nikki appeared from the left, “Takozawa-sama! Ah, no, Takizawa-sama!!” lol~ then introduced himself as “Nishikigori” (colored carb), manager of the Ryugojo. He said more things, talked loads of crap, and Takki was like “what on earth are you talking about?” lol~~ Then Nikki invited Takki to the “Danwashitsu Takizawa” (title of Takki’s radio show corner lol)~

Tension (Kisumai)

Kis-my-ft2 performed this song wearing rollerskates. They were in underwater-like flashy costumes, very bright blue, with feathery hats/lions mane and stuff… and they did loads of rollerskating and singing, spinning on the spot, twirling around poles and jumping through platforms etc… At the end of the song, each of them took turns to jump through in between 2 vertical poles with their rollerskates on….


After the last Kisumai member jumped through, Takki – who had changed to a black suit – appeared behind and PRETENDED to jump too!! Soooo cute~~~!!!! Everyone laughed :) He had no rollerskates of course.

Water World (Magic)

Takki in that black suit looked really small ne~ When he danced, his legs were thin, like the suit was plastered there. He sang a bit and then started the magic show.

magic show

2 female dancers came in from the sides of the stage, dressed in yellow. 2 Jrs. poured some stuff on them, and they changed quickly, to wearing red dresses. Takki went over to the girl on our right, shook a hoop around her, and her dress changed into a blue one. Then he went over to the one on our left, who had wrapped herself in a red cloth with the help of a Jr. When Takki pulled the red cloth off, the girl’s dress was now blue color too.

Takki took his place in the middle of the stage, while 2 Jrs. poured silver shimmers over both girls (on the sides), and tada~ their dresses changed to silver ones!

Now it’s Takki’s turn~ He held a black (in the middle) & white (at both sides) huge cloth up from the ground to his neck…. adjusted it a bit, threw it high up (so that the entire cloth covered his whole body), and when the cloth fell to the ground, TADAAAAA~~ Takki is now dressed in a white tuxedo!! KAKKOII!!!! XDDDD


I love this trick ne! Really kakkoii~ On 1/12, everything went smoothly. But on 1/15, when the cloth was thrown up, I could see a bit of Takki’s pants, and it was already white in color (his top was still black) :D

Takki was really like a PRINCE CHARMING in this tuxedo! He was so *KIRAKIRA*~ so kakkoii!!! Yukihime was hooked on a cable, and both of them did a ballet dance thingie~ like a Prince and Princess :) So glittery~~ haha~

I really love this dance ne, even during last year’s show. Last yr’s hime was really graceful, and smaller in build, so she seemed to fit Takki better (size-wise), and she seems more experienced too. Hmm, but I like this year’s Hime too~ pretty and very young (only 19!).

hideaki and yukihime

And Takki got REALLY CLOSE to her… holding her waist, her body, her legs, throwing her to one side, and when she ‘rebounded back’, held her again~~~ and at one point, his face was SO NEAR her chest!! Hahaha~ I made sure to look at that moment with my binocs on 1/15, and he sure was professional~ he never stared at her chest but looked at her face lol~! And he was really gentle with ‘throwing’ and ‘catching’ her hehe~~~


Nikki came on in a black suit, and introduced the next song which ‘debut at No. 1 this week on the hit chart, “DEEP”‘ lol~

takki nikki sing deep

Takki sang only one line of the song, then he walked to a platform at the back of the stage where a table and chairs were set up. The platform was raised up slowly, as he sat there drinking wine… Waitresses were serving him (invisible) red wine! He drank red wine, “whispered” to the waitresses, laughed at their ‘jokes’ LOL~~ Basically he was in a world of his own up there, while Nikki & the Jrs. danced and sang “Deep” at the front of the stage lol~

Just when the song was about to end, Takki stood up from the table, preparing for his turn to perform (the big screen behind him which was playing some kirakira VTR blacked out slowly to a small circle – as though the song was about to end)… but the song continued again!! And the screen continued playing the kirakira VTR!! LOL~~~ So Takki went back to his seat, and asked for more red wine and chat with the waitresses again….

And then the song seemed like it was about to end again… but the same thing happened again!! Wahahaha~ Nikki just kept singing!!! Takki fell onto the floor dramatically, together with waitresses!! LOL~~ It was hilarious!! Then he slowly climbed up (smirking at the same time) and sat on the chair again… on 1/15, I think he crawled back to his seat after falling XDDD

And then it happened again hahaha~~ The song that never seemed to end :) I think it went on for 3 times before the song finally stopped haha~~ And I think Kitayama (who sounded like Takki sometimes lol~) said “can we stop it already?” LOL!

*The song “Deep” is actually a 1978 song by Shibuya Teppei, and Takki played it on Denpajo 1/30 (Nikki introduced it similar to what he did in Takirev haha~) This song sounded normal to me at first, but it kept repeating in my head afterwards, really never ending ne! haha, i like the song now~

Takki finally got to ‘perform’, and he did the table floating in the air magic thing he did on One!, and moved from the back of the stage, towards the front. He signaled to Nikki (to have a go?) but Nikki shook his head. Then, after he rested the table down on the stage, Nikki took a ball which was at the centre of the table and started juggling it with another ball.

He bounced them on the floor, and juggled the two balls, then it became three balls. He would lose the balls on purpose, and Jrs. threw him luminous glow-in-the-dark balls in return. The lights went off, and we could see just the balls being juggled in the air… The light came on when Nikki threw one ball high up in the air, and caught it!

Miracle World

Another favourite of mine! XD

miracle world

The introduction for Miracle World played, and Takki was dressed in that pink *super-dasai-but-super-kawaii!!* fish costume, on a raised platform. He started singing, and dancing those cute actions. Beside him are similar “fishes” but in blue and yellow colors. As the platform raised, we could see below them, their “mirror images”. It’s like a water reflection~ I remember last year, I didn’t notice them at first. But later I looked closely and I saw the three ‘mirror-images’ hair falling down (due to gravity). Then I realised they were three juniors doing the mirror images.

The movements were really good on the 1/12, but they were slightly out of sync on 1/15. My family commented that this part was interesting too. It must be quite tiring for those three upside down ne~ otsukarechan hehe~ I think Kawai-kun was one of them hehe.

The dance itself was cute! There were moves like butt-shaking~~~ and Takki was like a little boy hahaha! and the song sounds cute! XD The platform lowered, and the three – Takki in pink, Tamamori in blue, and Hashi in yellow – walked towards the front of the stage. Takki held out his hands to stop them from moving nearer as the water curtain poured down.

miracle world

And this was the fun part. They had to jump through different kinds of shapes i.e. “holes” in the water curtain.

miracle world jump

On 1/12:

I think Tono asked Hasshi to go first. Then he asked Tamamori to go, or maybe it was himself doing a simple jump through a heart shape or something.

I remember Tamamori had to go through series of shapes, and he tried very hard and managed to get through everything successfully~ *PINPON PINPON*~

BUT, right after that, he unknowingly stepped into the water curtain, and got totally drenched! lol~ we all laughed. Then, Takki asked Hasshi to go next, and the shapes that appeared in the curtain were small little circles! Impossible to jump through those! hahaha~

On 1/15:

After Tamamori and Takki jumped through, it was Hasshi’s turn. And it was so funny coz the shapes that Hasshi had to jump through were “human” shapes — ah, like the shape of his red mogu in his dressing room (or people doing star jumps?)!!! hahahaha~~

It’s IMPOSSIBLE! Hasshi would have to shrink himself, open his arms AND legs, and jump through at the right time. Shrinking himself is already not possible ne lol~But Takki was urging him on, even demonstrating by stretching his arms outwards, and shouting for Hasshi to jump LOLLLL!! Hasshi’s helpless expression was so funny~~

Of course, Hasshi got totally drenched…

And finally when all 3 had to go through a “curved” line i.e. have to run in circles, Takki and Tamamori were actually only pretending to run (Takki was shouting and screaming all sorts of things like “go~ over there~ here~ there~ hurry~” LOL!)… They were running to the left, and right, or outside of the curtain, and never actually going through the water curtain, but Hasshi had to run through the shapes lol. “Hasshi! Go! Go!” and Hasshi even shouted “Takki~~” lol~

Takki was like a small boy in this segment~~ he was really so adorable!! The audience were laughing alot, and there were a lot of Takki smiles :)

Then they continued singing and dancing the rest of the song, and there were fish shapes falling from the water curtain…

fish shapes

At the end where the song goes “Miracle, miracle, miracle,….”, Takki jumped back and forth through large rectangular shapes, and finally when it goes “Miracle World!”, he finished the last jump, and everyone applauded.

Nikki-san appeared on stage wearing a pompom hat on 1/12. He was walking like a penguin LOL… when Takki saw Nikki, he was like “why are you wearing that?” LOL

On 1/15 he was just wearing his normal black suit. Shigin-kun (the boy that did shigin in Enbujo~ and the same one that appeared in Takki’s Daiichi Knight CM~ not sure what’s his name, but let’s call him shigin-kun for now) came out with him, and he was holding a box… He walked towards Hideaki, and held up a box.


Then the following conversation took place:

Hideaki: This is?
Nikki: A child.
Hideaki: No, I mean this! (points to the box)
Nikki: … a box that you must not open.
Hideaki: Must not open?
Nikki: Yes.
Hideaki: What will happen, if I open it?

On 1/12:

Shigin-kun: (shigin) for nowwww it’s besstt you don’t knowwww iiiiit (back to normal voice) That’s what I think.
*audience LOL*
Nikki: (in kabuki-like voice) Hidewaaaki~~
*audience LOL*
*Kitayama runs in*

Kitayama: Hideaki! Hikaru Chikurin to iu chikku#¡¢∞§@#!
*audience LOL*

On 1/15:

Shigin-kun: (shigin) for nowwww it’s bessttt you don’t knowwww (voice fading off) iiiit~~~
*audience LOL*
*Kitayama runs in*

Kitayama: Hideaki!
*Takki trying hard not to laugh out*
*audience LOL*
Kitayama: (regains composure) Hideaki! Seems like Yukihime is a place called “Hikaru Chikurin”!

Hideaki then ran off the stage with Kitayama to find Hime.

Scene 4: Legend of Kaguya-hime (Hikaru Chikurin)

Hikaru Chikurin (Glowing Bamboo Forest)

The set changed from the underwater scene to one with many bamboo and lights shining from the back aka. a glowing bamboo forest. A few Jrs stood in front of these bamboos, and talked about the Hikaru Chikurin, if it’s about that Legend of Kaguya-hime… something about Kaguya-hime, who was sent from the moon and stayed temporarily on earth etc.

Kareha no Kage (Shadow of Dried Leaves)

Then the intro of this song sounded. And Takki was already dressed in his red sparkling top with black vest, and white pants (tucked into the boots). He changed really fast ne! Behind him were the Jrs dressed in green.

So this was the new song that everyone was talking about! I like the introduction and the melody, the chorus is rather catchy, and the dance is the cool kakkoii type~ but in the middle, there’s an entire section of… robotic dance? mechanic dance? Lol~ I don’t know what this kind of dance is called, but I think it’s quite difficult to remember the entire sequence and do it in sync with everyone else!

kareha no kage

There was one part where Takki danced alone, then 2 Jrs (Kitayama and Fujigaya) joined him from the back, then 2 by 2, the Jrs joined in the dance. I quite liked that part hehe~ My favourite parts of the song was when Takki finally started singing again after the robotic moves (大空 something…), and the part of the song where it goes “…行くあてもないままで” XD


Hideaki found Yuki-hime, “Hime!” ~ and they hugged. The box appeared in mid-air~ and Hime explained that that is the box of youth, that contained good memories. He told her to leave, for her own safety, but she refused… She wanted to be with him. But Hideaki insisted that she had to leave, she agreed, and he walked her to a carriage pulled by white horses or unicorns… He was really yasashii, putting his hand on her back etc….

Yuki-hime got on the carriage, and the horses started flying~ they moved slowly upwards, and around the stage… Hideaki was below, looking up towards Hime. I remember this thing Takki did that was cute, and at that moment, I thought he was like a little boy. He was below the carriage, and spun on the spot with both hands outstretched hehe…

Then the music changed~ and they were attacked!

Scene 6: Sea Battle in the Storm



Evil Jr. told Hideaki that him to forget Hime’s existence. Taisuke appeared and everyone now knew he was a bad guy. Hideaki told Taisuke not to lay a finger on her, but Taisuke took Hime off the stage, and the damsel in distress screamed “Hideakiii~~”. Then all of them and the props disappeared…

Hideaki was suddenly all alone…

lost everything

He said he could not fulfill his promise to protect her. He had lost everything… He had lost his princess, his dreams, his hopes, and his revolution…


The introduction to “One Night” played… and awww~ I love this song so much!! This version is really nice, coz the Jrs. were dancing behind in an “apartment block” structure that was raised up from the ground. They were in their own little ‘cubes’, and I remember they were the ‘evil Jrs.’ in green.

Compared to the first “One Night”, this one had background vocals by the Jrs., and they really sounded really well together. The dance was very nice too.

I love this part of the lyrics, especially the 2nd line…

Time forth 世界が変わり果てても
(Time forth, even if the world completely changes)
あの空から 星が消えても
(Even if the stars disappear from that sky)

Hideaki was distraught, but the good Jrs. (his crew in red) walked out from the platform, and vowed to fight together with Hideaki. Hasshi handed Hideaki a white coat, which Hideaki wore outside his red outfit. I think someone (Kitayama) handed him a sword as well.

One Night

And they all sang the last chorus together.

One Night

When the song ended, Hideaki shouted “Let’s fight! It’s the last battle!!” And the other members shouted “OHHH!!” and they walked off the stage.

The water curtain fell… and some evil Jrs. held their swords and walked through the curtains (getting drenched lol). Then they walked off the stage too.

Scene 7: Last Battle

Shostakovich “Revolution” (Symphony No.5)

When the music for Symphony No.5 played, I expected the weird huge stone setting of last year’s, and Hime being tied to it. But this year, it was changed – for the better :) There was a structure that was more Japanese-like… I remember white “pillars” and connecting pillars/ceilings that lowered down from the top… a raised platform where Hime was tied up. Nikki had a bandana on his hair, unlike last year where he looked like the Star Wars guy wearing that mask LOL

Hideaki and his crew ran down from the aisles in between Seats 23 & 24 on the first floor. He paused for a while, shouted “Hime!”, then he walked up to the stage. He had changed out of the red top, into a black-netted top with beige vest. Hayaii desu ne! His pants remained unchanged.

On 1/12, although I was nearer the other side’s aisle, I was staring at that aisle waiting for Hideaki to run down from behind. Hehe~ from where I sat, I could hear his foot steps.


When Nikki showed his face, Hideaki was shocked~ “Chourou…?! Why are you doing this to your own daughter…?” Nikki said that Hideaki and Yuki-hime shouldn’t have met, and Hideaki was asking why~

Then the battle started, and I can’t really remember the sequence lol. Hideaki fought his way up the platform and saved Hime. He entrusted her to Kitayama for a while, while he continued fighting some bad guys. Then I remember Hime trying to attack someone too~ you know the weak girl kind of attack haha… And then there was Taisuke and Kitayama fighting each other, one-on-one.

I think Taisuke wanted to stab Hideaki, but Kitayama bravely took it for Hideaki (sasuga Kitayama! ^^), to protect Hideaki~


Then I remember Hime slapping Taisuke? And he slapped her back? Lol~ Hime was taken away again by the evil guys, and she screamed “Hideaakii~~” again… Hideaki fought with Taisuke, and Taisuke left the stage. The last thing Taisuke said was “I will not die!” and he gave an evil laugh…

Hideaki was concerned about Kitayama’s injuries, but Kitayama said he’d willingly sacrifice his life for Hideaki *touched*~ and then, he died… The bright light shone on us, which gave Kitayama time to run off stage. On 1/12, I couldn’t see anything when the light shone, coz I was close to the stage. But on 1/15 when I was at one of the last few rows, we could see Kitayama running off.

Hideaki stood under the rain curtain, and got himself drenched. He started fighting wildly at the bad guys. At first it still looked rather organised, as he slashed at the baddies one by one. But after he was totally drenched, and the entire floor was filled with water, it looked so slippery that he seemed on the verge of slipping and falling.

But he still looked so kakkoii hahaha!

kakkoii hideaki in rain

Nikki climbed up a ladder on the left of the stage, and Hideaki chased after him. Hideaki climbed higher and higher, and after a few steps, he would stop – looking totally exhausted – and then he continued climbing again soon after… until he reached the top of the ladder.

Of coz, Nikki wasn’t there anymore. And Hideaki shouted in a desperate voice (he was like a mad man after all the fighting), “Where on earth did he go!” etc… and then some bad guys stood on the right of the stage, aiming arrows at Hideaki!!

The rain continued pouring, and those evil guys shot the arrows at Hideaki!! Ahhh~~~ we could see the “arrows” moving through the water curtain, diagonally upwards towards Hideaki (the effect was really cool!!). After he was “hit”, he staggered and fell downwards….

free fall

It looked scarier than the usual dives, coz everywhere was wet and slippery~ when he landed on the crash mat, we could see the water splash upwards, and hear a loud *thud*. I think I gasped a bit on 1/12, although I’ve seen him free-fall so man times already.

Hideaki picked himself up from the mat, and staggered towards the stage, shouting at Nikki “Who are you? What on earth are you?!!!” He was totally confused…

One-on-One Fight

Then it was a one-on-one battle between Hideaki and Nikki. Nikki was really powerful and strong, while Hideaki was a reckless young man who had lost his mind. Every move he made at Nikki was countered well… and at one point, Hideaki’s sword was hit out of his hand!

Hideaki and Nikki fight

Nikki had his sword at Hideaki’s neck but he didn’t kill him. He let him go.

Hideaki picked up his sword again, and continued to go mad. Finally he slashed hard at Nikki. Then everything went red… the water curtain seemed to be shooting blood (due to the red light)? I can’t really remember. But there was a loud BANG. And the chourou died…


Now, Hideaki was all alone… He was asking what on earth was happening… Why is it happening etc… He was still confused…


Then, the box of youth appeared from under the stage. Hideaki was fighting back the temptation to open it, as voices of Nikki and Yukihime sounded~ “You must not open it!”~ “Don’t! Please!”… but finally, he caved in, and we could hear Nikki’s “HIDEAKI!” before Hideaki opened the box…

And the entire place started to crumble~ the”torii gate-like” structure cracked where the pillars were~ and I saw Takki turning back. When he showed his face after a few seconds later, he was already Hidejijii (with long white hair)!! XDDD

The curtains closed to conclude Act 1.

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  1. simone says:

    Mich, thanks so very much for a fascinating report! It sounds like a truly wonderful show.

    I think I will print it out and have it on hand when I watch the DVD. It will help: including your mention of the differences.

  2. Kiarachan says:

    I LOVE THE DANCE, especially the “…yoru mo samenai~ (ai wo~)” part, where he does the cool curvy thing!

    That! This move is so, so cool!

    And THAT! @the new dance too ^_^

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    What a repo…wow.. with all the detailed descriptions and graphics, this repo is marvelous..

    For someone like me, it’s a great help while listening to the recordings…Thanks!

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