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[Scans] Wink Up 03/2010

Taking a break from spring cleaning… so I’ll post Wink Up! I love this photoshoot! This was the one that Kat & I both kyaaaed out on the train while I was flipping the mag lol~ douzo! :)

wu1003-01-takki.jpg wu1003-03-takki.jpg wu1003-02-takki.jpg
wu1003-05-takirev.jpg wu1003-04-takirev.jpg wu1003-06-misc.jpg

[Scans] Myojo 03/2010

And the scanning marathon continues… I wanted to post this last night, but forgot all about it, and got occupied with a scanlation instead. lol~ Un, I tore out the pages for this mag before scanning, so the scan quality is better lol than the recent ones…

myojo1003-01-takki.jpg myojo1003-02-takki.jpg myojo1003-03-takki.jpg
myojo1003-04-orthrosdvd.jpg myojo1003-05-jsports.jpg myojo1003-06-off.jpg

Anyway, I’m on leave today, to spring clean my room *sees room and faints* so I’ll post the scanlation after this, and then I’m off to “work”! haha!

[Scans] Duet 02/2010

Ok, this is probably the last one for tonight… I love the 2nd scan!!! Especially the top left (kya~ side view~~) and the bottom right (kakkoii~~~!) XD

Takki Takki Takki
Johnnys Johnnys Johnnys

[Scans] Wink Up 02/2010

I like that pic where he’s lying on the sofa, looking at the camera and smiling :)

wu1002-01takki.jpg wu1002-02takki.jpg wu1002-03takki.jpg
wu1002-04jsports.jpg wu1002-06jsports.jpg wu1002-05jsports.jpg wu1002-07jsports.jpg

I have to finish scanning the mags, then put them all safely into my cupboard, in time for CNY lol~ hopefully I can clear a bit of that mess by tonight. Ganbarimasu!

[Scans] Potato 02/2010

I’ll make these quick~ for the past few hours, I’ve just been scanning mags… The February issues of WU, Duet & Potato have Johnnys Sports Day coverage, so there were more pages to scan. And I haven’t torn out the pages yet gomen~ so the scanning isn’t really good~

potato1002-01tt.jpg potato1002-02tt.jpg potato1002-03tt.jpg potato1002-04tt.jpg
potato1002-05tt.jpg potato1002-06tt.jpg potato1002-08jsports.jpg potato1002-07jsports.jpg potato1002-09takki.jpg

For Jsports, I only scanned the 2 pages with Tono in it.

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