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[Scans] Takki @ Duet, Potato, Wink Up – October 2012

It’s been a while… but today I’m back home and have access to a scanner… so I’ve decided to scan pages from the above mags which were released yesterday. Here are reports of the Jingu Gaien Hanabi Taikai 2012, and Tackey Summer Concert 2012 in Hachioji!

Potato 10/2012
The first pic was from the offshots. I thought it was cute so I had it scanned as well haha~

potato201210-01.jpg potato201210-02.jpg potato201210-03.jpg


[Scans] Duet, Potato, Wink Up 06/2011

The rest of the June mags… loads of Kabuki report! XD Tono looked REALLY GOOD in that Duet solo shot! I love the Duet drawings, just like the one she did for Kakumei earlier! And that lucky girl in Potato… :)

Duet 06/2011

duet1106-03.jpg duet1106-02.jpg duet1106-01.jpg duet1106-04.jpg duet1106-05.jpg
duet1106-06.jpg duet1106-07.jpg duet1106-08.jpg duet1106-09.jpg duet1106-10.jpg


[Scans] Duet, Potato, Wink Up, Myojo 05/2011

Potato 05/2011
My favourite of the May mags~ Kawaii! The offshots too ^^

potato201105-01.jpg potato201105-02.jpg potato201105-03.jpg potato201105-04.jpg potato201105-05.jpg

Duet 05/2011
About Takizawa Kabuki cast members.

duet201105-01.jpg duet201105-02.jpg duet201105-03.jpg

Wink Up 05/2011

wu201105-01.jpg wu201105-02.jpg wu201105-03.jpg

Myojo 05/2011
I only scanned the 10,000 word essay for this mag.

myojo201105-01.jpg myojo201105-02.jpg myojo201105-03.jpg myojo201105-04.jpg myojo201105-05.jpg

[Scans] Duet, Potato, Wink Up 03/2011

Kakumei stage reports!!!! Kyaa~ just when I’m in Kakumei mode writing my report, and in time for the Kakumei DVD release ne!! Hope everyone already ordered their DVDs~

Duet 03/2011
I love the stage report here~ very beautiful pics chosen – & nice colors! ^^ And the entire comic strip in the 2nd row~ so cute!! The way she drew all the characters and everything including how kakkoii Takki was, how the ladies went ‘kyaaa’, how they saw him from below, etc… I love how she drew Hidejiji hanging down from 2nd floor hehe~

duet201103-02.jpg duet201103-03.jpg duet201103-01.jpg
duet201103-04.jpg duet201103-05.jpg duet201103-06.jpg duet201103-07.jpg duet201103-08.jpg


[Scans] Duet, Potato, Wink Up 02/2011

I’ve stopped buying the five main mags every month so I get my clippings only in batches, rather late. I’ll be posting more over the next few days. But for now, just these three from February.

Duet 02/2011
Love Takki’s pic in the first page. He looks really good here~

duet201102-01.jpg duet201102-02.jpg duet201102-03.jpg

Potato 02/2011
Traditional wear~ kakkoii!! ^^ and this was the very first volume of TakiCHANneLand – and perhaps the only volume that will be sent to me. They should really release the episodes on a DVD ne.

potato201102-01.jpg potato201102-02.jpg potato201102-03.jpg potato201102-04.jpg potato201102-05.jpg potato201102-06.jpg]

Wink Up 02/2011
Takki looks soooo good in the first pic~ ne!

wu201102-01.jpg wu201102-02.jpg wu201102-03.jpg

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