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[Scans] Takki @ Duet, Potato, Wink Up – October 2012

It’s been a while… but today I’m back home and have access to a scanner… so I’ve decided to scan pages from the above mags which were released yesterday. Here are reports of the Jingu Gaien Hanabi Taikai 2012, and Tackey Summer Concert 2012 in Hachioji! Potato 10/2012 The first pic was from the offshots. […]

[Scans] Duet, Potato, Wink Up 03/2011

Kakumei stage reports!!!! Kyaa~ just when I’m in Kakumei mode writing my report, and in time for the Kakumei DVD release ne!! Hope everyone already ordered their DVDs~ Duet 03/2011 I love the stage report here~ very beautiful pics chosen – & nice colors! ^^ And the entire comic strip in the 2nd row~ so […]

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