[Translation] Takizawa Hideaki radio comment

Takki’s comment/message on one of the radio shows:

Happy New Year! This is Takizawa Hideaki. About the song that I’m releasing this time, it is one of the 10 songs I wrote in 2 days in front of my piano at home. I also wrote the lyrics wearing only a piece of underwear. That was exactly a “kakumei” (revolution). I’d like you to share these feelings in one way or another.

For the CD jackets, there are three heart-quickening types. The girl stood very close, and so my heart was pounding very quickly too. She is a beautiful person, and perhaps she’s a half? If I’m not mistaken… As she doesn’t speak Japanese, we didn’t exchange any words except “Thanks for your work.” at the end… I think this is becoming something impactful.

In the Takizawa family, we’d like to keep New Year’s day old-fashioned, where we gather with relatives and have a relaxing time. This time, I’ll have a musical which will start on New Year’s day itself, and people often ask me how I’m keeping in good condition… I’d say, to consistently avoid complacency, and maintain the feeling of tension! “Will power”, that’s all.

I’d like you to sing “Ai Kakumei” at New Year’s gatherings or parties, and to make new memories (for yourself).

Translated by nyanco, edited by mich.