[HQ] Drama SP “Kokuchisezu” Preview 2008.11.15

ドラマSP 「告知せず」 直前情報
Duration: 44min 59s, File size: 546.04MB, 640×360

Yatta!! We can watch this in HQ!!! Thank you very much, to whoever that recorded and uploaded it to clubbox~ m(_ _)m

Kokuchisezu Making Of Preview - Takki and Tacchi

DL (MU): 001 | 002 | 003 | 004 | 005 | 006
DL (MF): 001 | 002 | 003 | 004 | 005 | 006

Am I the only one having problems with MF? It’s so damn slow… and not only that, after a while, it shows an error page! I’ll try uploading again in office… Thanks, Love, for the MF links! XD

31 thoughts on “[HQ] Drama SP “Kokuchisezu” Preview 2008.11.15

  1. michelle says:

    first love~ oh, 002 & 005 are still uploading. sorry~ it’s the weekends, so the uploading is slow at home. i’ll add the links in once they’re done XD

    cece~ u’re welcome :)

    love~ if it’s not too troublesome, and if MF is working fast for you, then onegaishimasu ^^;

  2. glenda says:

    Thank you Michelle for all of this that you’ve done recently. I’ve not chimed in on each of them because of RL this weekend but I have been so happy reading & looking at all the screencaps. Arigatou!! Thru your explanations I feel as if I maybe could watch the drama when available and understand it..but I’ll try to hold out for subs so I can get the full effect of Takki’s superb acting ^^

    About Mediafire, I think a lot of people are having problems. For me, I uploaded something for someone & the links went up just fine BUT the person could not get them to download fully.

    Thanks again Michelle! *hugs*

  3. michelle says:

    first love~ u’re welcome! i juz added 002 :)

    leelin~ thank u for ur support all this while, without u, i won’t be able to follow thru takki week at all! *hugs*

    love~ thank u so much!!!! ^^ i’ll grab the links from that folder! my MU’s last file still needs about 9hrs plus? *faints* i hope the counter is wrong lol

    glenda~ u’re welcome ne *hugs* any idea if any fansubbing group will be working on this drama?

  4. simone says:

    Thanks, as usual, for all the useful links. You have been great all along.

    On downloads: oddly, for me MF is quite fast, whereas MU is like watching grass grow, and often freezes.

  5. Stephi-chan says:

    Thank you so much!!!
    I thought I’d be able to watch the drama in real time, but my tv program was being a bitch. Does anyone else have that problem or am I just cursed? LOL.
    A whole hour of Takki. *squee*

  6. carolfyfy says:

    Thanks Mich. I really really love this one. Tono apparently is adored by them and they sure treated him with all wonderful stuff. I hope Tono will have many chances to film with them in the future again.

  7. Evapig says:

    hi, i download all 6 file, but why can only playing “001”, then other cannot open ar! do u know what’s the problem!! i m really want to watch this preview, pls help me la!

  8. michelle says:

    minna~ you’re all welcome ne! this is a really fun clip to watch, so much laughter and smiles from takki who seem to be having the time of his life :)

    Evapig~ sorry, please check the naming of the files, especially 001 & 003 (if you download from MU). the file names shud be “Preview” (not “Preiew” — note the missing “v”). Make sure all 6 files have the same names, then join the files using hjsplit, and check that the final file size is about 546mb, and it shud work :)

  9. Evapig says:

    yes, i see takki is so cute & more smile…OK, i will try again, but ….what’s the meaning for “hjsplit”? i don’t understanding!

  10. Evapig says:

    hey! i can play that la, yeah!yeah! haha…i m so stupid
    i feel takki is so relax & so happy in this trip,
    always can see smile in his face….thank u so much for help me!!

  11. you says:

    mich~hontou ni arigatou^^
    he so cute and all ne ~~~kya~~~
    although there’re so many things going on in the clip
    i just so obsess with the yellow/green top-chick next to him in the red bus
    omgg~~~~~~~ i wanna b bless with that kinda luck ~~*envies*
    guam tanoshisou~ umasou~ seems like he’s hving a great time

    ~~dl the drama next
    arigatou *bows*

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