[LQ] コワ~イ女たち 2011.09.13

This show is interesting ne~ and we got to see Takki answer some interesting questions… like how he trains his body (I expected his answer haha), what other Johnnys group he’d join (yappari… coz his best friend is in there ne! ^^), what he wears to sleep (I was expecting another answer lol), does he wish to get married (we all know the answer to this ne!), who’s the cutest female celebrity to him (this was interesting haha~), etc etc…

MU / MF (180.21mb, divx)

7 thoughts on “[LQ] コワ~イ女たち 2011.09.13

  1. ivyhide says:

    I just want to hahaha^^^^ when seeing this coat. haven’t watched this show yet, and I Will watch it this evening.
    thank you so much!

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