So, what’s next?

Yet another personal rant….

Ahhh… I’m still waiting for some kind of announcement on what’s coming up next… What’s that hawaii trip about? Now that Tsubasa is busy preparing for and will be busy with WWTP, what’s Tono going to do from now till October? Please tell me it’s a drama…. Please… Please…. Drama! Drama! Drama! *chants* it’s been AGES since he last had a normal drama! 3 years of drought! It’s the worst ever since his acting debut 13 years ago!

It’s already the 3rd day of July. I changed my calender picture 2 days ago, and kyaaa~ July’s my favourite! hehe~~ I think I’ll feel happy coming to work for the rest of the month hahahaha~~ This is how my office desk looks like now! Yes, the calender is just beside my working screen, so I can steal a glance (or many) any time I want. Tono is really 4) beside me ne =P


Then, more personal pics… Last month, we had a wii session during one of our lunchtimes. It was Boss-san’s idea, not ours! So we used one of the conference rooms downstairs and started wii-ing away. I think we wii-ed until about 3pm? Or was it 3.30pm? Anyway, while Boss-san & T-san were setting up the “equipment”, we 4 inseparable onnas took a pic together again :)


It was my first try at WII, and I REALLY SUCK AT MARIO KART!!! Hahahaha~ I was skiding over the ice, falling over cliffs, and falling into the water. I just can’t control the steering wheel! I kept banging into things LOL! By the end of the game, I was laughing like mad, and either squatting or kneeling on the floor. The rest of them played it much better than me hehehe… I think I’m just not meant to drive any car :)


Yup, we played Wii Sports – Tennis too, and I love it! I’m definitely better at that! ^^ Oh yes, my boss has a japanese console, so there just might be a chance that he will get one of the Wii Family Series! I know he goes to Hokkaido for skii-ing every year! So, maybe he’ll get the Wii Family Skii? mwahahaha *evil thoughts*… But actually, of all the Tackey & Tsubasa Wii CMs, I’d really like to try the Family Trainer most!! 15 games or something… Looks really fun ne! Or maybe it’s just the way the boys play it xD

14 thoughts on “So, what’s next?

  1. love says:

    nice to see ur desk mich!

    btw… i want a normal drama also! i’ve been babbling about it for weeks now… i don’t know why… may be because there are so many dramas from other johnny’s right now, the upcoming ones also… i want takki-kun to have another drama! pleaseeeeeee… i’m begging the fate right now…

  2. katya_alex says:

    i agree,it’s been years. and i’ve been wondering when he’ll be doing an 11 or 12 episode dorama. i like something romantic dorama. harharhar!

    i have 2 copies of the calendar but i havent used any of it. harharhar! maybe if i’ll re-arrange my table and clear some things, i’ll be able to find a place in between.

  3. untouchable_girl says:

    Wahh that’s so cool! I like how your Tackey calendar is placed too! :) Omg, the wii is soo addictive – my fave is tennis & boxing too…but my arm gets so sore the day after T_T

    I couldn’t agree more…about seeing Takki in a drama again…I don’t care if he plays the seductive troublesome boy like in SOS or Taiyou no Kisetu or the geeky boy like in Madonna….however, I’d prefer to see him in modern day dramas…lol not like Yoshitsune (even though it was a cool drama!)

  4. michelle says:

    love~ ya ya, the more dramas the other johnnys come up with, the more i want to see takki in one too! he’s such a terrific actor, it’s a waste if he doesn’t act dramas!!! ahhh!!

    katya~ yea, i want a normal 10 to 12 epi drama too, we haven’t had that since… 2003! that’s 5 years now! 5 year drought… it’s too long, and his popularity overseas is suffering coz of this. keke~ i have no place in my room at home to put the calender, but fortunately my office desk is 1000 times neater than my room :)

    untouchable_girl~ yaya, wii tennis is fun ne! and my right arm aches like mad, coz baka me play it with a lot of force! bwahaha.. i know u’re supposed to only use slight movements, but i dun, i really whack the control as if it’s a racket hahahahaha… and yea, even when yoshitsune is his best performance till date, i want a modern day drama!

  5. Stephi-chan says:

    It DEFINATELY better be a drama. 3 years is TOO long to go without one ne…and if it’s not a drama, I’ll personally go hunt him down and whack him. I wonder what kind it would be. Not a historical one I hope…it should be a nice romantic one or some sort of thriller. XD

    Good job for Tsu getting to do WWP again! I’m glad he’s got something special going on too.

  6. kawaii_asa says:

    i was rewatching Taiyo No Kisetsu right now.
    And i have the same feeling as you.
    I miss seeing takki in a normal dorama. ^ o ^

    Hope to hear the news soon. ^ v ^

  7. chcocatxd says:

    what type of drama takki fans want him to play? Michelleさん, maybe u can collect the information for him. For me, maybe he reverses to play the role in “Majo no jouken”. He plays the teacher role and fall in love w/ a 1x yr old gal( ̄ー ̄)!
    but actually, my intuition takki’s next task maybe is “movie” he did not has too much on that ( ̄へ ̄)

  8. glenda says:

    I’d love to see Takki in a full drama series. What kind? Maybe where he portrays a bad guy but not one with a conscience/sense of morality like Tatsuya. Ryo is getting a lot of notice from being in Last Friends. I’ve not seen it yet so I can’t spoil it for you :p But apparently it goes very much against how people think of him. I’ve seen almost all of Kimura Takuya’s stuff. I think he’s terrific and I put Takki right up there with him. KimuTaku gets so into the role when he is being evil/mean that he actually scares me. I know Takki could do the same thing…maybe even better!

  9. Azuki says:

    aaah~~ I want Takki drama too * D *!! crossing fingers too

    Mich, you still having your T&T drawings on the whiteboard! LOL URESHIII

    I’m very wii adicted these days, but you can play it on a huge screen O o O! sugoii!! I’m quite good with mario kart xD and you have to convince your boss to buy Wii Sky, it’s a great funny game ò u ó d !!

  10. michelle says:

    nikki~ yea, i really miss his dramas *sobs*

    stephi-chan~ actually, i dun mind if it’s romantic or a thriller, as long as there’s a drama (a normal length one) :)

    kawaii_asa~ ahh… i love tatsuya!! dark character, yet yasashii when he’s with eiko… sigh…

    chcocatxd~ ya, maybe i shud set up a poll! hahahaha.. anyway, he only has one movie to date, and he’s not the lead (only a cameo). takki a teacher? hmmm, if i were a student in his class, i’d NEVER be able to concentrate! xD

    glenda~ oh… evil takki!! hard to imagine angel takki being evil, but i know he’ll do it well if he really gets to play one haha!

    azuki~ yes yes, i still have that drawing there… can’t bear to erase it ne :D ah, the screen was huge, but quite blurred coz it was projecter… i think if i’m given a chance to practice, maybe i can *try* not to drive into the water or down the cliff haha! ^^ ah, i’ll try to persuade my boss hehe!

  11. glenda says:

    Speaking of what playing an evil character could do for you— fans are going crazy over MAOU which aired today/tonight. Have you heard of it? Toma and Ohno star in it. Official site:

    Seriously I think Takki could tear up a part where you want to hate him :p It would be good because people think of him as always angelic. He had that scowl going in Yoshitsune but you knew he was a good guy. He had a bit of evil in him as Tatsuya but you knew that down deep there was goodness and it would come to light.

    btw I failed to mention that it was cool to see your office mates & desk :) A boss telling you to play Wii has got to be a good guy to work for ne?

  12. KatSpore says:

    oh u lucky gal! ^^ play wii on office hour, any vacancy in ur office?! wahahah.. oh i saw 1+1=infinitely on ur white board as well ne! haha..

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