[Subs] [Clip] Music Fair 21 (Talk) 2008.06.07

Finished one more clip ^^

MUSIC FAIR 21 (Talk), 7th June 2008
Tackey & Tsubasa – Koi Uta Promo
Subtitles: English
Duration: 2min 31s
File size: 20.39MB
Translation: nyanco, mich
Transcript, QC: nyanco
Edit, timing, typesetting, encoding: mich

About this clip: T&T sang Venus just before this clip, as part of a medley with the other guests on the show. Aqua Timez members did a “Oh~” thing to get themselves psyched up before performing, so the female host was asking T&T if they do the same. The cutest part to me was when the male host asked if Takki’s popular with girls!


Download: MEGA *updated 18 Jan, 2015

Maa~~ Is it 1am already?? Sou, that‘s why my eyes are about to close!! Sigh… I cannot take late nights as well as when I was *cough* young *cough*! hahaha~ Why does time pass so fast? lol~ Guess I can only continue my Takiren duties tomorrow after work. Ganbarimasu!!!

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  1. Thank you so much. Love it

  2. evergreenoflife says: Reply

    haha, thank you for subbing this! They’re so adorable ^^ Tsu going all “No, we’re raburabu.” XDD

  3. leapinglucas says: Reply

    You guys are doing so much work. I’m truly truly grateful for all these wonderfully subbed clips. I award you the “Koiuta Rush Medal of Excellence with Pineapple Candy Clusters”.

  4. Thanks for subbing and sharing this, mich. I cannot believe the hosts on MF actually said those words, this seems to be quite a traditional and reserved type of show. I guess the raburabu between our dear TT is just too obvious not to be noticed, haha…

  5. Michelle, would it be possible for you to make these subbed clips available on Mediafire? With Megaupload, I can never get an image, only sound, which of course defeats the purpose. I would greatly appreciate it.

  6. minasan~ douitashimashite! *takes pineame plus medal from leapinglucas* really thanks to nyanco, qwe and glaciere too! wouldn’t know what to do without them~ ^^ arigato gozaimasu!!! m(_ _)m

    simone~ i’ve added the MF link for this (and the recent subbed clips as well actually~) hope u’re able to watch them XD

  7. Ahflajsl Tsubasa was so cute, and Takki really adorable!

  8. thanks 4 all ur hardworks! appreciate them all! arigato!

  9. OMG that was soooo cute *___*~~


  10. Thanks a lot for it ^_^

  11. Thank you so much!!!
    Love naughty tsubasa and denying takki. *LOL*

  12. Wah! Thanks for subbing this^___^
    And really thanks for adding discription^________^

  13. blueberrycappucino says: Reply

    im taking
    tenkyuuu so much!

  14. arigatouミ★(*^-゚)v Thanks!!★彡! Dont sleep too late it is not good for skin ^_^. kiotsukete(^_−)☆

  15. Thank u! I’ve been waiting for this clip. Even though this is such a serious show Tsuba still managed to tease Takki. They’re both very cute ^^

  16. Thanks for adding the MF link!

  17. count_alexandra says: Reply

    Thanks a ton! :)

  18. thank you ~

  19. takizawa_imai says: Reply

    jiji tahnks for this!!

  20. yataaaaaaaaaaaaaa…
    i love the contain of this now single!

  21. thanks alot for the upload ~

    but i had a qns, might be a dumb one..
    after i dl the file, what do i do to watch it successfully?

    cos i play the file, but all i can see is nothing only hear the audio ~

    need advice.. ~ i am noob in this aspect ~ sorry for any inconvenience !

  22. to Ying1819, first i had that problem b4 coz i dont know i need to use the” hjsplit” to join the file together then i only can watch some part of the file and some w/out sound. if u still have problem not about the separate files i guess your media player must miss some codecs. sometimes when your avi player try to dl the codecs the anti-virus software might be blocked it so when u dl the codecs better shut down the anti-virus first.
    sorry michelle it is not a comment. sumimasen≦(._.)≧

  23. ying1819~ i think u might be missing some codec, like what chococatxd said (btw, thanks, chococatxd, for helping^^). hmm, maybe u can try downloading the combined community codec pack. it worked for me back then, when i first used my laptop w/o much codecs :)

  24. thanks for all these new subbed clips^^

  25. thank so much!!!

  26. thank you so much for all these wonderfully subbed clips :)

  27. thank you so much for subbing~~!

  28. luvs_ianthorpe says: Reply

    ooooo thank u thank u

  29. farahedison says: Reply

    thank u so much…

  30. ahhh… can never get enough of t&t raburabuuuu… *O*

    and thank you for subbing it. >3!

  31. kawai_kienkeat says: Reply

    thank u for this clip.both of them r so kawai…
    luv them.

  32. taking! thanks!

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