[Subs] [Clip] Hey!Hey!Hey! Music Champ (Talk) 2008.06.02

This is the longest and most interesting talk segment for the Koi Uta promo clips. Almost 14 minutes of precious information! It was really enjoyable subbing this^^

Hey!Hey!Hey! Music Champ (Talk), 2nd June 2008
Tackey & Tsubasa – Koi Uta Promo
Subtitles: English
Duration: 13min 49s
File size: 184.17MB
Translation: glaciere
QC, edit: nyanco & mich
Timing, typesetting, encoding: mich

About this clip: Tsubasa suddenly couldn’t use a PC email? Takki keeps changing his email address? A long talk segment, which brought up some interesting stuff — Plus, there were loads of BRA and CLOCK talk *lol*~ There were also footage from Enbujo’08. Oh, watch out for someone‘s kamikami too xD


Download: MEGA *updated 18 Jan, 2015

Thanks so much to glaciere for the translation, and nyanco for helping to edit it! And as usual, please do not re-post or re-upload this file anywhere. But chief clerks (or not) please feel free to direct people over to this post xD

41 thoughts on “[Subs] [Clip] Hey!Hey!Hey! Music Champ (Talk) 2008.06.02

  1. glenda says:

    Oh what fun! This is going to be great re-watching and knowing what is being said :D

    Ladies, thank you all for what you’ve been doing! It is greatly appreciated.

  2. Stephi-chan says:

    Haven’t had the chance to comment on all the other translated clips that have been posted, but your hard works has been VERY MUCH appreciated!
    Thank you nyanco and glaciere too!

  3. supermango says:

    Thank you.

    Is this the only server that you will upload to? I’m in Asia and MU doesn’t work. Just asking :)

  4. leapinglucas says:

    Mich, nyanco and glaciere, thanks just isn’t enough for all your hard work getting these out for everybody.

    Yay, I am a chief clerk!!!

  5. chcocatxd says:

    arigatou! Thanks for the translation! it is much clear for me to understand what they are sayingO(≧∇≦)O.
    next time i better wait for the MF file coz i dl the MU file twice today, at the first time they can’t join together and MU very very tachiokure.
    my onilsan just blamed me the usage on the internet of this mth_-ω-

  6. KatSpore says:

    haha.. took a break n see this just now! takki jus chuu.. kawaii when they make fun of him abt the manbra tink!! kyaaaa… ^o^ thanks 4 subbing this! oh oh when he stammer..on his words n kanna beat on the head by tsu n the host! PRICELESS!lol n__n

  7. aozora says:

    omg, thank you for translating!! because… I live in the main city of Andalucia and last srping I saw a guy who looked exactly as Tsubasa T____T!!! I wasn’t 100% sure if he was him, so I didn’t say anything to him!!!!!!! T_______________T!!!!
    But now thanks to you I know he was the rea Tsubasa xDDDDDDD

  8. naughtiest says:

    yo mich and the gang! thanks a bunch for subbing this file, it cracked me up so bad and Tono’s (sort of gave up) face towards the end was just too cute! XDD

    btw, nice fonts, very easy to read. only I think Tsu’s blue color is a bit faded (or should I say not as bright/dark as black and pink?) but other than that, great job as always! thanks again! *hugs*

  9. michelle says:

    thanks, everyone, for the comments! ^o^

    aozora~ omg! u saw tsubasa! that’s like once in a life time chance, seeing him near where u live… sigh, if only u went and talked to him!

    naughtiest~ thanks for the feedback ne, i’ll use a slightly darker blue next time xD

  10. jayzslam says:

    Hontoni arigato!!!i’m watching raw vid last week..then now can understand what they talking about..ahaha..^_^

  11. viyage says:

    Cute!!!!!! :D lolz

    Downtown-san are funny as always…
    so funny watching Tackey got nervous cuz of a bra accident!! lolz

    T&T are the best duo ne!!! :D

    hopw they keep on their hard work and their friendship!! :D

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