[Subs] [Clip] Osama no Brunch 2008.06.07

It was a fun clip to translate and sub ne~ Takki looks really good in yellow! :) Oh, I have no idea why – and this is not the first clip like this – that Blue is used for Takki, and Green for Tsubasa. So I used these colors for my fonts as well, so that it’ll be easier to read against the japanese words in the background.

Osama no Brunch, 7th June 2008
Tackey & Tsubasa – Koi Uta Promo
Subtitles: English
Duration: 3min 50s
File size: 22.61MB
Transcript, QC: nyanco
Translation, edit, timing, typesetting, encoding: mich

About this clip: T&T were asked to talk about their first loves. A check was also done to see how well they know each other’s philosophy of love.


Download MEGA *updated 18 Jan, 2015

As usual, please do not re-post/re-upload this clip elsewhere, but feel free to direct people who might be interested over to this post. Thanks!

15 Replies to “[Subs] [Clip] Osama no Brunch 2008.06.07”

  1. Thanks nyanco & mich for translating this, i was jus asking azuki what did takki means abt ‘uchimata’ cos the host demonstrate n i was haiiii.. takki got uchimata fetish! oh my god! lol.. haha.. hope we wont need to start walking that way to catch his attention! lol.. joking ne! *runs*

  2. This is one show that I ran around putting links to it & explaining that I had no idea what it was about :p Thanks ladies!! I really really appreciate the subbing of this & other clips.

  3. untouchable_girl says: Reply

    Thanks for subbing! XD

  4. untouchable_girl says: Reply

    Oh btw, I thought the background 80s song ….Dianaaaa music was pretty funny when the boys were talking about their first loves…hehe

  5. tezuka_eiri says: Reply

    thank you for subbing this file

  6. leapinglucas says: Reply

    You guys are doing an amazing job! I look forward to coming to Takki.us every day. Michelle, I do appreciate all yours and nyanco’s hard work on this. I love your subs.

  7. thank you, mich and nyanco \:0/

  8. thank you so much for subbing this.

  9. added MF link for this clip :)

  10. blueberrycappucino says: Reply

    tenkyu for subbing!!

  11. hyaaaaaaa..
    this one seems fun!
    sankyu again and again…

  12. thank you so much for subbing~~!

  13. luvs_ianthorpe says: Reply

    this is a very cute part. thanks alot for MF links.

  14. farahedison says: Reply

    thanx a lot:)

  15. yay thanks!

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