[Scans] Myojo & Popolo Jan’09

Haha~ this time I got the air shipments, coz I thought, since I was going to collect Tokyo Walker and TV Navi, and it was the last day Kino had 20% discount, I might as well get these too lol…

Myojo 01/2009
I love the close up~ his eyes are so expressive, and you can see how much eyebrow hair he actually has! lol~ can see the traces hehe~ And the pic where he’s crossing his legs~ reminds me of a little boy~ haha~

Takki in Myojo January 2009 Takki in Myojo January 2009 Takki in Myojo January 2009
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Popolo 01/2009
Takki looks so fresh and his smile is so bright~ and even when the colour of his hair is so light, somehow it matches nicely in this photoshoot. And wow~ his schedule was so packed in October ne! And my guess on the Takarazuka actresses being in Kakumei should be wrong fufufu~ He was asked along since he was having a meeting for Kakumei nearby at Imperial Theatre :)

Takki in Popolo January 2009 Takki in Popolo January 2009Takki in Popolo January 2009
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All these are scanned by Kat! Arigato~ *hugs*

14 Replies to “[Scans] Myojo & Popolo Jan’09”

  1. Thanks Mich & Kat! xoxo
    Like you said, the close ups are absolutely darling!
    The eyebrow hair follicles is kinda weird though, didn’t think he’d be so hairy! I mean, being asian and all… and compared to the hair (or lack thereof) above his lips!

  2. shulie~ u’re welcome! ^^
    but we all know he’s got hairy pits *hides* but i think he’s the kind that has to shave everyday, like my bro (who’s asian of coz, hehe~). so far there are a few times where we saw takki unshaven~ let’s see… during the 2003 sports day when he first arrived in the dressing room… and most recently during the “script-reading” of the kokuchisezu preview XD

  3. mich and kat, thanks for the scans…like pics of both mags…one in serious mood and the other happy go lucky mood…

  4. I had noticed the eyebrows before. And he clearly shaves everyday. There is always a faint blueish tint to his upper lip.
    His hair color is awfully light, but the pictures are very nice nonetheless! Thanks to you and Kat for all these scans!

  5. leelin~ yea, both have a different feel, but still lovely nonetheless…

    simone~ yes, there’s one past issue (myojo too i think) which showed the shaved part of the eyebrows too. as for his hair, actually now i think i dun mind if it’s light… i just hope he doesn’t make it too orange hehe…

  6. He is really 26? 嘘だよ.
    Takki with yellow hair seems like a freshman in college.
    So bright

  7. Thank you Mich & Kat.

    I love popolo, he look so bright.

  8. first love~ deshou! XD (but his crows feet are getting more and more obvious when he smiles~ so probably that’s the only indication of his age!)

    PUI~ ah, just realised we forgot to include one scan from myojo (the ‘offshots’). apparently, the night/early morn before the myojo shoot, he was watching the completed kokuchisezu drama and couldn’t stop crying… probably that’s why he had that close up ‘puppy eyes’ shot :D (the photographer-san also said that it’s a good drama~ ^^)

  9. lol.. I think both our eyes must be tired, both of us miss out a page this time! fufufu!

  10. hehe…you guys made me do a zoom in…ok…i didn’t need to see that, lol…but being a newbie, I guess I need to know everything.

  11. suki~ hmm… so far, we’ve made some ‘amazing discoveries’ while scanning~ won’t say what they are fufufu~

  12. I am even more sure that at Johnny’s they don’t have very good food^_^. Just look at Tono when he was making the SP drama, with quality food, he can look so genki and YOUNG.

  13. carolfyfy~ exactly! tono was so well-fed during kokuchisezu filming that, there are some scenes in the drama (those filmed later) that he had more flesh on his cheeks and really look YOUNG! ^^

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