[Subs] Waratte Iitomo 2005.12.19

This one has been on the “Upcoming list” for a long long time. Finally it’s completed! ^o^ Hope you enjoy the clip xD Please do not re-upload/re-post this clip without permission, but do feel free to direct people over to this post. Thank you! ^^

Waratte Iitomo, 19th December 2005
Guest: Takizawa Hideaki
Subtitles: English
Duration: 13mins 18s
Edit & QC: nyanco
Translation, timing & etc: mich

About this clip: Takki was called on as guest for the “Telephone Shocking” corner by his friend Kuroyanagi Tetsuko-san (the guest on this corner will introduce a friend to come on the show the next day). He talks about T&T’s latest single “Venus”, filming of “Yoshitsune”, among others. Then he goes on to introduce his friend to come on as guest for the next day.


DL (576×432, 113.12MB) *updated 1 Feb, 2015

Takki received loads of flowers that day, from his Yoshitsune co-stars, Avex, various magazines, etc. There was also one from Watari Tetsuya-san, whom he’ll be co-starring with in the upcoming “Kokuchisezu” ^^;

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  1. OMG, jus in time to get this 1st hand, appreciate ur mf link! ^^ thanks alot nyanco n mich! love u gals!

  2. I remember watching this once before & wondering WTH is this all about :p LOL Now I’ll know ;) Thanks ladies!!

  3. thank you Michelle and Nyanco! Your subs are always so beautifully done.

  4. evergreenoflife says: Reply

    Oh yay! Always nice to come home after school to find this ^^ ♥

  5. Thanks, mich. I’ve been waiting for this to be out, Tono was so adorable and looked very handsome in this episode (well, he always looks handsome anyway^o^).

    Thank you and nyanco for your good job.

  6. thank u very very very much…

  7. Thank you so much for subbing this!

  8. seems tackey smile a lot, so, i’m taking this…. v(^+^)v

  9. Thank you very much for subbing this!

  10. Awww, Tackey’s so cute in the first cap. I love his smiles. He’s got the smile ever. :D Thanks for subbing and sharing. :D

  11. thanks for this~
    grabbing the MFs =)

  12. Thank you for sharing

  13. Oooh, looks like fun.^^ Thanks for subbing! ^__^

  14. Oh wow…I was waiting for someone to sub this vid clip from long ago. Thank you, Mich, for all your hard work! It was so long ago this clip was…I was longing to see this. His hair reminds me of ‘Venus’ days. ^_^

  15. ow, thank u for this… love tackey forever

  16. Thank you it was very interesting

  17. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Thanks for the subs!

  19. thanks for this!

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