[Subs] [Clips] Waratte Iitomo Zoukangou SP 2008.06.08

This is by far the hardest clip to time – so many people speaking at the same time lol! I left out some of the not-so-important lines (or else the entire screen will be filled with words lol), and tried my best to hold the words long enough to be read. Hope you guys are able to follow through to the end :)

Waratte Iitomo Zoukangou SP, 8th June 2008
Tackey & Tsubasa – Koi Uta Promo
Subtitles: English
Duration: 18min 28s
File size: 351.48MB
Transcript, translation, QC: nyanco
Edit, timing, typesetting, encoding: mich
Raw file courtesy of nyanco!

About this clip: T&T came on Waratte Iitomo on Wednesday, 4th June, and after the broadcast ended, they appeared again. This extra segment was aired on the Zoukangou Special 4 days later. They battled each other in the “Iitomo Championship” (of balloons and arrows ^^) where guests can’t usually take part. Takki seemed to be having a flu that day *v_v* but his reactions were still so cuuuute *pinch*! If you pay attention to the audio, you might catch Tono’s coughing a couple of times.


Download: MEGA *updated 18 Jan, 2015

Maa~ it’s been rather quiet recently, and it might be a frustrating time for some of us, but I hope this clip will somewhat brighten up your day (or night) xD Enjoy~

49 thoughts on “[Subs] [Clips] Waratte Iitomo Zoukangou SP 2008.06.08

  1. Lisa says:

    thanks Michelle, my day is looking brighter already! Hope you are feeling better with your health, and all the other aggravations….

  2. bunsie says:

    thanks nyanco and mich!

    i watched this raw with headphones on and i was grinning away like a loon when i heard tsu’s trademark fufufufu

  3. KatSpore says:

    thanks mich n nyanco! t&t to the smiling effect rescue again hahah..lol.. i cant help it, but whenever i c tono laugh it will brighten up any day!! =]

  4. glenda says:

    Thanks mich & nyanco! It will brighten my day…and I can watch it again to brighten my night :p I love their smiling faces and hearing their laughter. I’m anxious to know exactly what was being said :)

  5. evergreenoflife says:

    Oh yay, you have no idea how happy it made me to get home from visiting relatives to find this subbed and all those scans posted and just yaaay!! ^_^ Thank you so much!

    I hope you’re doing better already too!

  6. KatSpore says:

    hhaha.. laughing out loud, i love the part when shinigawa san n shibata san jump to takki rescue when he didnt succeed 4 both task! rofl! XDDDD strange wind n prop error! hahah…but i hate to guess rite abt takki having cough the 1st time i saw this vid.. take care ne takki dearie.. n tsu laughter hahaha in the bkgr was so clear to hear as well.. XD thanks alot mich n nyanco! going to rewatch again!haha.. hontoni arigatoo!

  7. KatSpore says:

    oh jus to add, i love the part where tsu look back to takki as well wen they r ask to sing, concern look 4 takki, n takki look to tsu! ah,lovely communication of futari ne!? =D

  8. KatSpore says:

    haha.. sorry seem to appear alot of times today ne.. just need to mention that i really love the font n how mich specially match the color of the event to ur eng sub! eg: boom boom balloon, n esp the get ur wavering heart with ur bow n arrow! 3 colors there altog ne! *applaud* really taihen ne, thank u 4 constant effort to let us see high quality stuff! vy precious to me! arigatoo! ^^

  9. carolfyfy says:

    Thank you Mich for your hard work. Went to Chicago for Independence Day weekend, coming back to all the goodies, fantastic! Can’t thank you enough.

  10. PUI says:

    Thank you very much for this clip and for translation too.

    Not yet watch it, but really want to.

    That day Tono got a flu, really? Why he still shining that bright?

  11. leapinglucas says:

    mich and nyanco

    what a lovely surprise to come home to today. Totally unexpected and very cool. I was watching (someone else’s) other subs on the weekend, they were hard to read and the colours were all wrong and there was no drop shadow — made me really appreciate the takki.us sub team even more. It’s amazing how important these little details are. Domo aritagou gozaimasu!

  12. Azuki says:

    great job Mich and Nyanco! * D *

    sugoi ne, I can’t belive you translate Waratte Iitomo, it’s very hard to do, as you said, a lot of people speaking at the same time @__@!!

    Thanks for all those translations, you’re amazing girls!!

    by the way… I didn’t know Tono was ill on that day XD now I understand he lost XDDD

  13. m_antung says:

    it soooo exciteddddd
    HK TVB is going to show music station every saturday and sunday and the advistisement of MS got T&T and the background mucsic of the whole advertisement is KOIUTA!!!OMGGGGGGGGG

  14. Kuri says:

    Out of curiosity, what do you use to play it? It’s not working for me and I’ve tried a few programs…apparantly I need a Mac :S.

  15. Kuri says:

    Yeah…I actually sorted it out a few minutes after I posted, heh. It wasn’t working on Media Player, Quicktime or anything else I had, but I got it to play on VLC. But thanks :).
    It was an awesome clip, thanks to everyone who translated/uploaded it!

  16. Lolietha says:

    thank you for upload this …but MF part 002 is broken.
    could you please upload again?
    ..pleeeeeeeease .. Onegai’ m(__)m

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