Osama no Brunch 2009.07.04

Kyaaa! This is probably the best ws news clip of Takisamacon. It shows the 9 roles that Takki did during the concert, including the “Enbujo mask VTR”, Takki the pianist, and EROERO DANCE!!!!


Download from MU or MF (17.44mb, avi)
* Credit to windjp

For the EroEroDance, we were looking at a huge screen right in front of us, and the cameraman was filming ONLY Takki’s abs+*beep* area… so you can imagine what kind of visuals we were getting lol! We practically lost our minds. Can’t remember much about what he did, in what sequence, I only knew we were screaming non-stop! =P

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  1. tipsy says:

    Well I remember the ero dance pretty well. He was wearing a coat and dark rimmed glasses looked very nerdy then suddenly he took off the coat, he worn nothing underneath, swayed his hip like the picture above a few times and bended backward a bit and that was it. Put the Tee on. Pretty pretty short.
    So what street is the “woman street” in Hong kong?

  2. dannie says:

    Thank you. *_*
    uwah,want DVD of Takkisama concert…

  3. cat says:

    Hahaha…the eroero dance with glasses! Do I want the sexy Takki or the nerdy one?

    yum yum, the 04 Spring con eroero…

  4. sannah says:

    OMG!…major nosebleed……now I really envy you girls…….Takki looks like he’s into it……

  5. simone says:

    Seems like Takki turned a lot of things into jokes this time: being a nerdy flasher for the eroero dance!

    I want a Dvd of this concert!

  6. michelle says:

    tipsy~ i think he also turned to the back and moved his butt? i can’t remember what exactly, coz the only thing stuck in my head is tat close-up on the big screen LOL… but i remember it was too short! (though if it were any longer, we might have died before it ended lol)

    dannie~ yeah, pls help to request for a dvd :)

    cat~ i didn’t really like the 04 spring con eroero dance, thought he looked a bit uneasy haha… i think the 2002 one was good though heh heh…

    sannah~ ne, the news clips shud have filmed the screen and not the real thing LOL. doesn’t do it justice haha… we were too far from him so i was only glued to the screen haha

    simone~ yeah, and his “misses” are all so cute! when he kamikamied or messed up the piano thing hahaha… so cute when he’s flustered~

  7. sweetwater329 says:


    I can’t speak English

    May I dowmload Osamano buranchi?

  8. michelle says:

    sweetwater329~ konnichiwa! yes, please download from the MU and MF links in the post :)

  9. michelle says:

    tipsy~ ladies street, or women’s street. it’s very famous in hk. somewhere near yau ma tei station if i’m not wrong…

  10. tipsy says:

    thanks, I went there today but they didnt have any beside hana dango or whatever that drama called…Takki’s dramas were too old to get hold of accept yesasia or cd.jp but they are too expensive there.

  11. michelle says:

    tipsy~ oic… zannen desu ne… i had to ask them for it. i hope u can find it somewhere else.

  12. suki says:

    oh my. i’m on loaner laptop but i think i’ve seen this. doesn’t takki say gomen nasai after the eroero? why?

  13. suki says:

    ok…i make no sense. i must still be zonked by that pic of takki’s abs…darn the label right on top! I would pay $$$ to have seen the big screen w/the close up. Lucky gals.

    I meant that i can’t download right now, but i think i have downloaded it from glenda.

  14. tezuka_eiri says:

    thank you for sharing this file

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