Wide Scramble 2009.06.29

Takisama Concert

Download from MU or MF (24.22MB, avi)
*Credit to xtsubasa

You can download Zoom In and Hiru-Obi recorded by Nyanco here (require login).

17 Responses to “Wide Scramble 2009.06.29”

  1. YoYo says:

    Tackey still kawaii!!!

    Many thanks”

  2. tipsy says:

    So they actually showed the bit where Takki went outside between sessions to greet fans. That’s good. Still kicking myself for not lining up at the front of the arena where I could have and should have.

  3. KatSpore says:

    Thanks alot for this! *chu* Though we are still cursing n swearing at ourselves for the inbetween session! =_= However, we cant have everything in life right?! *try hard to console myself n Laopo! =p*

  4. michelle says:

    yoyo~ u’re welcome :)

    tipsy~ at least u saw him then. we didn’t even know, and was still standing at the bridge eating our lunch (which was tasteless) lol.

    kat~ yeah, we can only blame the rain lol… but we’re all in it together ne, the 7 of us :D and we had so much fun during the shows, so it’s ok haha!

  5. Reiko says:

    Thanks for this clip, Mich! Commented too on nyanco’s forum entry and thanks for referring her entry as well. =D

  6. takki_ming says:

    thanks very much~~

  7. Lisa says:

    thank you! I will never get tired of watching these clips!

  8. chanmonkey says:

    Really want to get there and shout “タッキーが大好きです”!!!
    Michelle, you are so lucky!!!
    To me, a F3 student, my mom won’t allow me to go to Japan just for idol’s concert…T^T
    So from now, I will work hard and pay attention in my Japanese lessons, I tell myself that one day I can finally do what I want if I have much money (go Japan to watch Tackey’s concert, buy everything related to Tackey…)!!!
    Also, Tackey becomes my major reason to save money, coz I should save for his goods!!!

  9. michelle says:

    chanmonkey~ 頑張ってね :) this is a really expensive “hobby”, especially for ppl living overseas. firstly, the cds and dvds are more expensive, magazines are expensive, and everytime we wanna see him, there’s air ticket & hotel fees on top of the difficult-to-get show tickets. sigh… but all’s worth it when he appears! he really made us so happy those 2 days! 滝様、ありがとう〜 m(_ _)m

  10. chanmonkey says:

    “This is a really expensive hobby”, I totally agree with you!!! Everything is so expensive!!! Especially now Japanese currency rate is becoming higher and higher!!! Also, Tackey’s CDs and DVDs are more expensive than other Johnny’s artists… Great loss of money…
    But yet I have never met him…T^T
    When I was reading your reports, I really wish I was there…T~T
    By the way, it’s really difficult to get the tickets, how did you do that? I saw your previous reports, almost everytime you did it!!!*O*

  11. tipsy says:

    why are his CDs are more expensive than other JE artists? I dont understand. Yes it is really an expensive hobby that I dont know how long I am going to keep up with. My trip to watch his concert was probably the only trip for now. As I was told I was not allow to go anymore. Hic hic hic

  12. tipsy says:

    Hey I found this pic fr one of the forums saying that this was Takki’s g/f years ago. Her name was Suzuki Ami, a singer. If any body know about this story share with me please. Dying to know here. They looked quite very close.

  13. simone says:

    Mich, as usual, thanks ever so much.

    Yes, it is expensive to be a fan, especially of a Japanese performer. But it would cost a lot too to go to a concert in Italy, for instance, and you would just get someone singing, not the show you get with Takki and other JE members.

    I have not noticed that Takki’s CDs are more expensive. It looks about the same to me: all costly!

    I will say that going to Enbujou this year was in every way the wonderful experience I had hoped for. Only whetted my appetite for more. I could only go to one show, and I hope to go for more next time. I also pray to have a next time. Could not go to the concert, but next year….

  14. michelle says:

    chanmonkey~ sometimes i have the help of my friends, sometimes it’s from black market i.e. yahoo auctions (using an agent), ticket.co.jp, or even at the harajuku shops.

    tipsy~ takki’s cds & dvds might be about the same price as other je artists, it really depends on how many discs there are, or what kind of bonuses are in there.

    erm, that girl in the picture is not suzuki ami ne. anyway it’s best that we dun talk about his private life here ne. since nobody can be sure what actually went on between him & all his past gfs :)

    simone~ yeah, i think there’ll be a solo tour? coz takki said he really wants to do one ne. hopefully after the drama? then probably you can catch takiranger too LOL. dun forget, there’s takizawa kakumei in january, and takizawa kabuki in april/may next yr too… many chances to see him! (that’s how i always “console” myself…)

  15. enshinge says:

    Dropping by too see the Tackey updates, thank you ^^!

  16. suki says:

    Thanks for sharing.
    I just love that Tshirt!

  17. michelle says:

    enshinge~ u’re welcome :)

    suki~ yeah, i love the t-shirt now! haha, wore it to class the other day XD

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