Loracyn posted that next week’s episode of Utaban will have TxT and Nakai (SMAP) doing the Do-Mi-So Samurai skit again!! Waaaaa~ I just only watched the previous one last night, and I was laughing my head off when Nakai fell down the stairs with the baddie and screwed up the rest of the skit lolz… It was so hilarious!! Can’t wait for next week’s episode!!! Erm, this time Takki will be Samurai Do, Tsubasa will be Samurai Mi, and Nakai will be Samurai So!


Takki’s latest Olympus commercial!

Olympus CM Preview

Download the 30 sec mp4 video clip here (MU)
[re-uploaded on 1st Sept, 2007]

Ho!Summer Madness

Ok, everyone I know is going GAGA over the PV! I made more icons and posted them up on my journal, but here they are, posted on the site as well.

The rest are here.

Tomorrow I’ll be going down to Kinokuniya. Think a whole chunk of magazines will be in from the sea shipment. TxT are on the cover of “TV Guide 8/18” and “Shuukan TV 8/18”. TxT are also in RAY 9/06, TV Navi 9/06. Hopefully I can find all of them there tml :)

Media Updates

I added more Ho! Summer icons and a wallpaper. Hope you like them!

I got to make a trip down to Kinokuniya this Friday. Saw on their website that the shipment of Myojo, Poporo & Ray 2006/09 mags will arrive that day.

9 days to go…

[Scans] Popolo & Myojo Sept 06

Heya, I’ve added all the SUPER HOT Ho! Summer (Saipan PV Shoot) scans from Popolo and Myojo September 2006 issues to the gallery. All credit to BNS for the scans!

myojo-sept06-1.jpg myojo-sept06-2.jpg myojo-sept06-3.jpg
myojo-sept06-4.jpg myojo-sept06-5.jpg myojo-sept06-6.jpg

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