Japan Trip (Mar 28~April 4 2009)

Not much of other stuff to write about, since I went to Japan mainly for Enbujo. But I’ve decided to have just this one post to put up some of the pictures I took during the trip. Of course, I think I’ll still post my report on Enbujo’09 (soon~), even if nobody wants to read it anymore lol.

Food on board the flight to Tokyo.

Flight meal

Arriving at the airport late…

Welcome to Japan

and after clearing customs, we purchased the SUICA + NEX card…

Suica card

and took the last Narita Express to Ikebukuro.

NEX ticket

We almost missed this last train as we were miscalculating the time. Fortunately we confirmed the timing with an airport staff, and managed to reach the hotel before midnight.

Apart from the 6 Enbujo shows, Jshop and FC, we also went on one “Takki pilgrimage”, to visit Hikaru-kun’s school – which is actually a university. There were some school club activities going on that day as we roamed the campus trying to find some of the Majo no Jouken filming spots. This was the most memorable one, and I was really happy when we found it! Recognise?

Majo no Jouken school

And as we had to leave for a show, we left and had lunch at Macs (yuckie coffee as usual~) beside the station.


We went into all the combinis along the way, and even in this local area, there was NO TaKaRa CAN Chu-Hi Lemon or Nissin GO FAN in sight! >_<

More food we had during our trip.

From First Kitchen – Pepperoncini & Green Tea Latte

First Kitchen

More Green Tea Latte – this was in Nakano :)

Maccha Latte

And definitely the Takoyaki from Nakano again!


We also tried the Lotteria at Harajuku. The burger was really good, but the coffee… (same as Macs) lol.


Nearer our hotel, we had curry rice.

Kare rice

And the tsukemen. They gave so much noodles that I couldn’t finish.


We also bought some sashimi from the supermarket and ate it in our hotel room.


The new Macdonalds McHotDog Mega Sausage was REALLY oishii~ we had it for breakfast at Narita airport before flying back.

Mac Hotdog

[Edit: Left this out. This was delicious too~ at a food court along Takeshita Dori — Turkish Beef+Chicken Kebab. The Turkish guy at the store naturally spoke to me in English, and asked if I was a student in Japan, and when I said I was on holiday, he asked if I was from Taiwan haha]


Of course, since it’s spring and flowers are blooming everywhere, I took many pics of flowers on trees (against the sky again LOL)… some at the small park beside Shimbashi Enbujo, some at Hibiya Park, some in Nakano…






At Ikebukuro, somehow we ran into 2 mascots lol. If I didn’t remember wrongly, one was inside Ikebukuro station itself (with a TV crew filming it), and the 2nd one was near Sunshine City.



Along the way to Hibiya Park (we walked from Shimbashi Enbujo after the show), we passed by Kabukiza. This will be undergoing renovation, that’s why Enbujo will not be staged in Shimbashi next year…


…and many branded shops like Gucci. I remember the wind was SO STRONG that we had a hard time walking against it, and had to take shelter at the building LOL. Also, from Hibiya Park, we could see Imperial Theatre. Nazukashii… as it brought back memories from our January trip :)

More random shots.

Burberry Black Label shop at Omotesando.

Burberry Black Label

View from inside the plane, on the way back to Singapore.


Then, at home, I took pictures of some of the stuff I brought back… Mags, calenders, pamphlet…


And unofficial pics of Takki at Matchy concert, Valentines’ Day 2009.

Takki at Matchy con 2009

That’s about all I can remember for now lol.

I promise I’ll get my Enbujo’09 Act 1 report up soon =P

Japan Trip (Mar 28~April 4 2009)

11 thoughts on “Japan Trip (Mar 28~April 4 2009)

  1. Mich, it’s so interesting to read your Japan trip. Like the pictures a lot, esp. the flower ones, even they were taken against the sun :)

  2. Nazukashii…u put it up! lol.. it’s so much fun ne~ we’ll build up loads of memories with laogong, ne, laopo? XDD

  3. You brought back many lovely memories. I walked along Kabukiza too…And all those lovely trees. I have more photos of trees in bloom, between this year and last year, that I can possibly ever use!

    Actually I took some pictures of the blooms against the light too, sometimes the effect is actually more interesting.

    Green tea looks and sounds chotto strange…

  4. hi mich, it’s so refreshing when reading your enbujou diary…its full of fun and walking along shimbashi enbujou do bring back fond memories….thanks

  5. the food looks so delicious! and the pics of takki in Matchy concert…delicious too! i like his scarf!

  6. I really want to read your report on Enbujo’09, because it may be the last Enbujo and I’ve never seen it in real before.

    please report it with as much details as you can remember.

  7. Thank you so much for this. I enjoy reading about your trips as much as learning about Takki. I’d love to visit Japan some day. How do you know Japanese? I’m trying to learn now…(at this old age) Just completed memorizing Hiragana so I’m onto Katakana, now. Scared to death about kanji…maybe then I’ll give up. But anyway, thnx, as always.

  8. Looking at these report making me just want to go to japan. I want to go this june so I can watch Takki concert but the problem is I dont speak Japanese, and I was told it was very hard if you dont speak Japanese…hard to get around..that’s why I am still not sure if I want to go or not. Mich can you answer my questions…is it hard for foreigner if you dont speak Japanese to holiday in Tokyo ??

  9. tipsy~ erm, i don’t think it’s difficult ne. i think there are more ppl who speak/understand english in tokyo, compared to the other parts of japan. when i first went to japan, i didn’t know how to speak, and didn’t understand japanese either. i remember using a bit of sign language or pointing here and there while ordering food lol. the train station names, ticketing machines, road names, etc usually have english versions. and the staff at train stations usually can speak or understand english, so if u’re lost, u can ask them for directions. to be safe, find out the directions online before going for the trip. i hope that helps :)

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