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[Scans] Duet, Potato, Wink Up 06/2011

The rest of the June mags… loads of Kabuki report! XD Tono looked REALLY GOOD in that Duet solo shot! I love the Duet drawings, just like the one she did for Kakumei earlier! And that lucky girl in Potato… :)

Duet 06/2011

duet1106-03.jpg duet1106-02.jpg duet1106-01.jpg duet1106-04.jpg duet1106-05.jpg
duet1106-06.jpg duet1106-07.jpg duet1106-08.jpg duet1106-09.jpg duet1106-10.jpg

Potato 06/2011

potato1106-01.jpg potato1106-02.jpg potato1106-03.jpg potato1106-04.jpg potato1106-05.jpg potato1106-06.jpg

Wink Up 06/2011

wu1106-01.jpg wu1106-02.jpg wu1106-03.jpg wu1106-04.jpg wu1106-05.jpg wu1106-06.jpg

[Scans] Duet, Potato, Wink Up 06/2011

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