[Scans] Eye-Ai 07/2008

I think I’ve linked to scans of this before, but since I’m running out of cover mags to scan lol~ I’ve decided to add my 2 issues of Eye-Ai to the gallery! Although black & white, they chose good images. And best of all, it’s written in English :)

aiai0708-01.jpg aiai0708-02.jpg aiai0708-03.jpg aiai0708-04.jpg aiai0708-05.jpg
aiai0708-06.jpg aiai0708-07.jpg aiai0708-08.jpg aiai0708-09.jpg

Takizawa Enbujo’08 remains the #1 butai to date that left me most in awe right after watching it live :) I’ll post the Takirev one tomorrow. And note that there are some errors in some of the info of this article, but generally I feel it’s still a good read.

5 more days ~♥

4 thoughts on “[Scans] Eye-Ai 07/2008

  1. simone says:

    I remember when at the time I desperately tried to get that magazine and failed.

    Thanks for scanning and sharing.

  2. nainai says:

    i’m Chinese.and i can’t deal with Japanese at all.but know a Little English .thanks for your sharing the beautiful pictures which are written in English~~~

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