[Radio] ミューパラ 2009.05.06

2 nights ago on the radio program Music Paradise, “Shalala” entered the charts at #19. Midway through the song, Takki’s comment was played…

To everyone who’s listening to Myuupara (Music Paradise) Wednesday, good evening, this is Takizawa Hideaki.

Well then, today is the release of my 2nd solo single “Shalala” and “Mugen no Hane”. Have you checked it out already? About the jackets this time, to say it simply, I stripped.

From the very beginning, the image of the song was somewhat sexy and very adult-like. After talking about how good it’d be if we could express a mature kind of sex appeal, we also talked about taking a picture of the upper half of my half-naked body. But we were afraid that people would say “What is this?” in reaction to the nude jacket covers so I suggested we do some body painting and write Shalala on my body.

When you look at the CD jacket sideways, you can see that it was painted in the shape of a woman’s kiss mark. This jacket cover is what most would call art and it made Takizawa stand out from the rest of the picture. If you’re interested, please go to the CD shop and ask “Where is the half-naked Takizawa?” Then I think the employees should hand you the Shalala/Mugen no Hane CD. Everyone, please check it out.

And this time there are 2 types of first press limited editions, and a regular edition. A total of 3 types of jackets. Each of them contains different contents and has its own special features and videos, so if you’re interested, I would like you to check all three of them.

Next time please allow me to enter the studio (as guest) again, I thank you in advance for your support. This was Takizawa Hideaki.

Translated by Mich & Bon.

2 thoughts on “[Radio] ミューパラ 2009.05.06

  1. simone says:

    Thanks for the long translation. Had to go look again at the record covers…

    I often feel sorry for Takki, having to play the salesman for his Cds. But at least he is humorous about it. The half naked Takizawa!

  2. katya_alex says:

    harharhar! what he said just killed me.

    as i read i could almost imagine that im actually hearing it directly from him (in english, which is kinda weird since it’s actually in nihongo. harharhar).

    Asking a cd store staff for a half naked takizawa sounds fun to say.

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