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Comment from Takizawa Hideaki
O/A Friday 9/18, MBSラジオ

Konbanwa. This is Takizawa Hideaki.
In the past, I was allowed to come on to this program and you said that you had those past clippings of me, but do you still have them, even now? That’s what I’m concerned about.

“Hikari Hitotsu” will release on 23rd September.

I am singing about a majestic theme, for the theme song of a drama. From young children to fathers, I hope that this song will reach out to people of all generations. 

As for what’s expected after this, early in the New Year, I’ll appear in a stage play with Mori Mitsuko-san. I hope to have a wonderful New Year (with everyone), so please come and see the show.

Erm, the background music is “Ai Kakumei” (not sure why~ hmm~).

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