Oricon Ranking: Ai Kakumei – Day 3

Takizawa Hideaki – Ai Kakumei (Release Date: 1/7)
Day 3 (1/8):
Rank: #2
Sales: 2,946

Cumulative: 23,607

Ok, it has dropped to no. 2… Avex, you killed off a part of the sales by not producing enough SP event singles! Every evening, I’m afraid to open the Oricon site…

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  1. love says:

    me, too… i’m allergic to oricon lately… and avex keeps boiling my blood to the infinity of degree!

    let’s pray hard so we can make it to the number 1, no matter what the weekly sale will be.

    as for the sales, hope the overall sale will be better by the end of the month, when all the takirev audiences already buy the copies they intend to buy.

    minna san, ganbatte ne~

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