[Review] With Love… My “Ai Kakumei”s

(Release date: 7th January 2009)

Received my singles from CDJapan yesterday, and couldn’t concentrate on work after that. I even missed the recording of 3 wideshows becoz I was too excited. Then I met up with Kat and Irene after work to pass them theirs! ^^ My Amazon order only shipped last night and is due to arrive tomorrow. All songs in this single are written (lyrics and melody) by Takki!! XD I won’t go into details about the songs, coz OF COURSE I love them! No amount of words can described how much “WITH LOVE” means to me.

Jacket A: SILVER + Black/White
Jacket B: Enbujo’08 colors + Colored
Jacket C: GOLD + Sepia

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JACKET A’s COVER is my favourite!! I love the colour (or the lack of lol~)! And the silver sleeve matches well. Not to mention… the BACK of the CD is kakkoii!! Black, white & red, plus silver. Perfect! The images inside are all greyscale, and kakkoii~~ and the discs are pretty too ^^ I immediately popped in the DVD and played the “Ai Kakumei” PV. Before I put the disc back to its cover, I drooled over the pretty close up of Takki’s… body! :) That kakkoii wrist bangle and his fingers! *woah* and the other image on the opposite side with the skinny tie. Chou kakkoii!

Mich’s Ai Kakumei Jacket A - Takizawa Hideaki
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KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!! ENBUJO’08!!! OMG, this may be my least favourite cover, but the CONTENT is the BEST!!!! Really!! The “WITH LOVE” music clip which showed a very moving video of ENBUJO’08 moments just brought back so much memories of that day I was at Shimbashi Enbujo!!! I mean, they even caught the tears that flowed down Tono’s cheek during the hanamichi scene, the kakkoii Chuushingura samurai (the slow mo was kakkoii!! and they showed the free fall, and the other fall he did along with the platform towards the audience), the really amazing onnagata performance (Oshichi!! the make up!! Sagi musume!!), and of course the BLOODY scene~~ *CRIES* and awwww~~ They also captured the juniors’ expressions really well – Fujigaya and Tottsu, the loyal servants, and Kawai and Kitayama in the crazy bloody rainy scene. It was put together so well!! I can’t remember how many times I have already repeated that clip LOL. Ahhhh~~~ I can’t wait for ENBUJO’08 DVD!!!! Feb 18, come quick!!!!!!

Mich’s Ai Kakumei Jacket B - Takizawa Hideaki
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KYAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!! THE 3 CHANGE JACKETS!! KAKKOII!! I’m so happy I got the first press. Currently, my jacket is the one with Takki alone – that stare! You can see how perfect his features are from that picture XD And it was only when I flipped the lyrics book of Jacket C that I realised that Home Party!! was also written by Takki. I.REALLY.DIDN’T.KNOW.THAT *hides* And… I love the Karaoke version of WITH LOVE!! So beautiful…

Mich’s Ai Kakumei Jacket C - Takizawa Hideaki


This, I can’t NOT mention. The backs of the CDs = Takki’s backs…. HADAKA!!! ^^ 3 back views look similar but the backgrounds, color treatments and angles are different. Takki’s hair looks really pretty and smooth, on that manly and sturdy back. Jacket A’s shows most of his face, but I like Jacket C’s best…. I love that angle of side profile, and I think his hair looks prettiest in that (or maybe it’s the sepia treatment ^^).

Ai Kakumei Jackets Back

This has become the single that matters the most to me. And all the songs in here are written by Takki, two of which are for his stage productions. “WITH LOVE” on its own is enough to make it my FAVOURITE SINGLE actually~ everyone knows how much I’m an Enbujo’08 maniac lol! Like I already know Enbujo’08 DVD be my favourite DVD! hehe…

The songs are great, the lyrics are great, the images are great, even that model’s face/fingers lol… Ok, Johnny-san’s handwriting too. Takizawa Hideaki’s “Ai Kakumei”. It’s a 革命 for us Takki fans in one way or another. Even if it doesn’t do well in sales, even if the public doesn’t know of its existence, even if… the list can go on and on… this single will still mean the world to me. It’s his first solo single after all ♥ ♥ ♥

7 thoughts on “[Review] With Love… My “Ai Kakumei”s

  1. love says:

    yes, it means more than everything to me… i don’t care anymore about anything else… this set of single is soooooo perfect! it defines every meaning of perfection! i’ve been waiting for this for only God knows how damn long…

    for me, With Love is just the masterpiece, my favourite song from Takki-sama… having it play over and over again on my cd player will never be enough and i’m so addicting to the enbujou clip. these single is so priceless, every copy of it…

    i love every song in this set, the With Love clip, the PV, the cover, every inch of them…

  2. sannah says:

    Very well said Mich…..I feel the same way! I love everything in these CD’s. It’s full of TAKKI’s LOVE….I can’t ask for more! I’m happy! Period!

  3. taki-bb says:

    Totally Agree With you,Mich
    this single is full of takki’s love for me!for his fans!

    still waiting my CDs,thanks for your updates

  4. simone says:

    Totally, totally agree. Could not have said it better. Such beautiful songs!

    Nyanco suggested we put in our opinion on the sites, and I will definitely do it. I think it is an excellent idea. I have done it before on the US Amazon, and for some reason was not thinking of it for the Japanese sites. Actually, I think we should all do it. Believe me quite a few people chose on the basis of these comments.

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