[Scans] Look @ Star #22

Here are the lovely scans from Look @ Star #22. Sorry for the delay~ lolz. Too much to handle recently keke.. Please remember to credit if using, and erm, please don’t hotlink. Arigatooo… Ahhhh.. juz realised that I haven’t completed my 100 icon challenge yet!

lookatstar22-01.jpg lookatstar22-02.jpg lookatstar22-03.jpg lookatstar22-04.jpg lookatstar22-05.jpg

If you don’t already know, T&T are on the cover of POTATO 10/2006. Go get it!! I’ve seen it, the cover looks good haha, I mean T&T look good on the cover heh… Now waiting for sea shipment to come in then I’ll fly down for it keke.

Damn, somebody’s pissed me off so badly. I hate it when ppl tell me what i should or should not do. That stupid whoever. Kiwi-chan, thanks for the msn-ing. It helped a bit heh. There’s Man U vs Celtic later @ 2.55am. Aahhh.. so sleepy… [/RANT]

32 thoughts on “[Scans] Look @ Star #22

  1. michelle says:

    lol~ what’s my comment box doing to you, sis??? u posted 5 msgs at a go? keke.. actually i love all the pics in this photoshoot. the one where he’s sitting on the stairs looking upwards –> currenltly my office pc’s wallpaper. it fits juz right :)

  2. shuduck says:

    she’s exploading with excitement, michellee..dun blame akatsuru! =p i understand..keke thx thx finallY!! i waited for u to upload the pix here!!!yeah!! and ps hor..dun tell me u support man u…who?cristiano ronaldo i bet?=p certainly nt rooney..keke..i m an arsenal fan ! muhahaa n more of an italian football supporter MUAHAHA.

  3. shuduck says:

    hey come to tink of it, tho u n i prefer tanned kenTAKKi..bt he seems pretty nice as a fair maiden OPPS..sorry,gentleman here leh (= pretty bishonen!

  4. shuduck says:

    btw, ur comment box has has no prb for me here but it’s juz my fingers playing dabbling here keke.. i hv a frd who likes the same pic as u>>>the one takki sitting on the stairs, looking upwards..she says tht she likes men in deep thoughts..muaa..haha..takki in deep thoughts..

  5. DiTHeRs says:

    Oh ARIGATOU MICHELLE for posting these. You know I’ve been checking your galleries and waiting for these scans coz Tackey just look so beautiful in this magazine! I love the colors in it too. I didn’t know this minty greenish top he’s wearing would make him look all the more kirei *hearts* And the contrast to the rustic background—- WHAT A SIGHT! *hearts* *hearts* *hearts*

  6. michelle says:

    minna-san, doitashimashite!

    shuduck, unfortunately for you, I AM A MAN U FAN, since 1993 actually. itz the longest thing ive ever supported lol… erm.. you are totally wrong, shuduck!! my most hated player is christiano ronaldo and my fav player is rooney. i like solskjaer too. and i support the team more than individual players.. itz been like this over the past 13 yrs!

  7. michelle says:

    haha.. shuduck, u lost ur bet! i hate ronaldo so much more after what happened in the world cup that i wished he got sold off to real madrid. unfortunately he’s still here la~~ and so coincidentally, ur fav team is my most hated team lol

  8. shuduck says:

    i understand hehe! michelle..my younger bro is in the same boat s u..he is man u fan..i m arsenal fan since world cup 98..whn i sec2 i remember haha.. keke i like rooney better than ronaldo of course. rooney’s skills are special n gd yes.(=

    i like henry,arsene wenger!!opps…sorry here’s nt footballer forum hor..paiseh!

    but i still prefer watching world cup to EPL..or italian serieA..i like italy!love i mean..muhaha.

  9. akatsuru01 says:

    Hehehe…I prefer *tanned Takki* myself. But, anyway…I dunno what happened with your message box on my end, but it spazzed out for a bit. It wouldn’t take all my entire message all at once. (it only showed one sent. at a time…>

  10. michelle says:

    shuduck, haa.. actually the only player i like from arsenal is henry. he’s good yo!! oh, must intro me to ur bro liaoz haha.. but i’m more of a man u fan than england fan. so i guess EPL is my priority (plus Champions league too la)

    yea. that particular symbol closes the tag or something.. so hm.. let’s replace it with } in future?

  11. shuduck says:

    囧 囧 囧

    aww..my bro dislike henry. i dun really like reyes inside. but i alwaz admire///hv a soft spot for arsene wenger.wich i duno why??!! haha. j/k ((= maybe it’s just tht i decided to go on a ‘battle’ w my bro u c..be side on side.((= bt basically, i really prefer man utd till yr2000..when they still had schmikes..now no more of course so dun like liao haha.schmikes is my soft spot n partly bcos i cnt stan ferguson.=p

    wah.u must have late nights all the time i bet. are u becuming an owl so wise? =p

  12. michelle says:

    me too. seems like in soccer, we like the ‘uglier’ ones more than the ‘supposedly-goodlooking ones’??? anyway, i just bought my man u jersey today! now, my 2 bros, my bf and I all have the same jersey liao~~

    oh, i liked man u coz of giggs last time in 1993/4, then bcoz of eurocup final, i like solskjaer lor, that baby face assasin lolz. now i like rooney, smith. scholes also good. the only one with attitude problem is ronaldo, so dun really like him lor.

    i’m already night owl la. panda eyes that can’t be gotten rid of no matter wat. aniway, this seems like a soccer forum lolz.

  13. tropcia says:

    ahhh thanks alot, I was wondering frm where u get the beautiful pics for he layout *_____*

    It’s a really good photoshoot… *maybe one of his best ne?*
    Takki’s so beautiful!
    I guess look at star just got good photgraphers, cause I remember Takki’s photos with sakura *______* and umbrella, from some other issue, and they were beautiful too *_*

  14. shuduck says:

    yes. gomen for making it into a football forum here! but anyway, i share d same sentiments s u! for the man u thingy bout the players. bt my bro like cristiano..cos he keeps tinking he looks gd.kkee

    btw, u cfm gg txt concert yr end?bringing ur bf along? =p keke

    anyyway tmr’s nite:


    discuss it again k whn i drop by here

  15. michelle says:

    wahahaha.. ur bro likes him coz “he looks good”????? hmmm.. okie.. my bro likes him coz of his dribbling skills & tricks and the other bro thinks both him & rooney are the future of man-u.. oh well..

    erm, dun think my bf will go, no $$ la. even if he goes, dunno wat he’s gonna do there~ then i’ll be restricted, cannot fangirl and kyaaaa and squee and watnots lol.

    yup.. ok man u vs arsenal tonight. i really dunno wat to think.. u (hem, i mean ur team) might win in this one~ but i’ll def. stand on the same side as ur bro!! haha…

  16. shuduck says:

    hehe ok. no la my bro looks at cristiano’s skills too. but cos he’s a man u fan so he practically sides man u for everything.((= ok wil discuss about the match ltr on here! ur poor bf..keke..

  17. shuduck says:


    arsenal WON! keke! last min goal ehh..XD

    my bro was so fed up! he took his soccer ball and kept kicking kicking kicking hee..~ i won against my bro..finally!

  18. michelle says:

    okok. i sort of expected it la. man u played like sh*t last nite!! KELLONG!!!!! hahaha… my bros and dad were so fed up too.. see the way they play also wanna bang wall!

  19. shuduck says:

    no la..arsenal’s perf was so-so too..but whatever izit, win is still win..keke. ok. sorli sorli i better shuddup if nt u ‘re kickin me like a ball ..off here liao !XD

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