New Layout! + Songs #45 Scans

A new layout in conjunction with [ONE]! The kakoii pics used in this layout are from Look @ Star #22! This interview is also where Takki said he recently bought a Mac notebook! Macs are great for audio, video & graphics keke, but they are costly ne. Hope Takki will write more Juunigatsu no Hanas hehe…

Ahh.. as promised, here are the scans from the Songs #45 (09/2006). Enjoy =)

songs-45-00.jpg songs-45-01.jpg songs-45-02.jpg songs-45-03.jpg songs-45-04.jpg
songs-45-05.jpg songs-45-06.jpg songs-45-07.jpg songs-45-09.jpg songs-45-10.jpg songs-45-11.jpg

BTW, some good news on my DVDs package! I should be getting them today, if nothing goes wrong *crosses fingers and toes*

19 thoughts on “New Layout! + Songs #45 Scans

  1. snuffles says:

    Ooooooohhh~~ i LOVE the pics from Songs!!! The overall feel is soooooo kimochii~~~ I love that there’s lotsa blue and green but not too bright. Subdued enough.. i’m going to save some of them later. Thank you Michelle!!

    And u finally getting your DVDs?? i din know u chose airmail. Aiyaaa, then its NORMAL that u havent receive them lah. LOL~ Price to pay for a smaller price tag. XD

    And im amazed. How the hell do u find time to update 2 (or there’s more?) online diaries everyday????!? Amazing… Anyway, i think the current layout for this site as well as the LJ one now is fantastic!! Very nice!! u sure are good at this. Are u doing this as ur job or what??

  2. michelle says:

    snuffles, know why i was worried, coz the last time i used airmail also for my hosama discs, and they arrived on friday.. this time it’s 2 days late, i thot they got detained lol~~~

    but yes, I’VE WATCHED THE DVD!! stupid b ro of mine keep commenting on takki’s voice! ne.. but he is takki yo! my bro doesn’t know how much respect i have for him, and it’s not only about his looks dude~

    anyway, erm, i sneak in to update during work la~ i WISH i can do this as my job lolz. but no, i’m being sneaky everyday lolz!! haaa… and i seldom update all my other sites liao~ coz no time la~ this site is taking up most of my time hahaha…

  3. DiTHeRs says:

    I have to agree with Snuffles-chan, I LOVE the SONGS scans too. Are those header pictures in your gallery? GAWD, I was so *dokidoki* when it downloaded full on my pc. Takizawa looked so hot in that seagreen top as contrast to that ummm, burgundy shade of his hair. Please tell me they’re in your scans coz Im gonna snatch them right away! ^__^ SUTEKI DAAAA~

  4. okiwio says:

    yay!!! you’ve watched the dvd finally!!!! how did you like it??

    this photoshoot is the prettiest ever too! all my fav spring countryside pastel housewifey colors ^_^

  5. akatsuru01 says:

    Ooohhh…you’re FINALLY gettin’ yer DVDs ne? ^.^ Good 4 u!!

    This is BY FAR, MY FAV photoshoot of T&T. ^.^ The 2nd photo is my favorite. I have it as my wallie, along w/one of the Film Festa pics. (the Film Fest pic I had was a larger, clearer scan)

    I’ll b emailing u w/the Film Festa scans I found. Look for them soon. =)

  6. michelle says:

    hey minna-san, yes, i got my DVDs!!! both of them are good in their own ways lolz… tsuba’s was very stylish… and takki’s was just sooo grand… and cute haha.. i was staring at his face and his kawaii expressions all the time haha… it’s a larger arena with many more backdancers… but why no dvd extras? sigh…

  7. shuduck says:

    urgh u got tsu’s dvd too..u must b rich..dreams…*..haha i hope i rili hope they hv a unit con end i cn grab it..n see both of them(=

  8. michelle says:

    i’m not rich yo!! in fact i’m broke liao :( sigh… i bought both lor, but so far i only keep rewatching takki’s lei.. dunno why also, i end up not rewatching the other dvd… pai seh..

  9. keigi says:

    Ermm..I know is a bit *outdated* to say this..but : YAAAAAAAAAYYYY !!! I wil hv da DVD soon yo!! (Happy bouncing here & there) My fren is traveling HK now & managed to buy it. Juz rcvd her sms. Whew! Can’t wait to watch it..TAKKI !!

  10. keigi says:

    un! i will ne~ but, need to wait til nex thursday.. aaa~ hayaku!! hey, do u hv da hatachi debut? so hard to get it here. any suggestion if i wanna buy it online? ooi~ u r rite ne, was thinking thou i’ll hv takki solocon soon but, TT con stil da SAIKOU!!! the ‘chemical’ in btw them are so *xxx* >_

  11. keigi says:

    Me too, spending so much of $$$ for DVDs, CDs till recently my dad beh tahan & finally ask me, ‘did I bought all these’? heheheee…sumimasen~

  12. michelle says:

    hahaha.. my family long ago buei tahan me liaoz~ every day it’s japanese music, japanese dramas, japanese this and that… and all of us at home do not understand jap at all.. even in the car, it’s T&T’s music lolz.. now my youngest bro likes yumemo (it’s his hp music). and my other bro plays taiyou wa shizamanai soundtrack in his car lol

  13. keigi says:

    my god! Ahaha~ u did a good job!! Successfully spread TT loves ne!! ahaha~ Well done! if my younger bro know tat I admire TT now, sure he wil *@#!% ne~ *Sis, they r younger than u yo~* (^_^;)

    ahaha~ me too, everyday Japanese tis & tat. – music (T&T’s songs of coz), dramas, food, magazines & lot more!

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