[Scans] Poporo 02/2007

Yo, here are the GORGEOUS scans from February 2007 issue of Poporo! Love the sitting on the bed pic, as well as the lying down facing up pic, and go look at the little Takkis in the Q&A pages!! Kawaii~~ Takki’s “1st”, “2nd”, “3rd” fingerings!

poporo200702-01.jpg poporo200702-02.jpg poporo200702-03.jpg

poporo200702-04.jpg poporo200702-05.jpg poporo200702-06.jpg

So, Takki’s favourite food is some kind of ramen, followed by… erm, is that salt pasta? and then… dry nattou? And Takki wanna work with 1) Jackie Chan, 2) Mr Bean, 3) Tom Hanks. I want that Jackie Chan collaboration, only coz it’ll be beneficial to his acting career. Acting is his forte afterall (not singing, not dancing)!

Eh, it’s also been a loooooooooooong time since we see Takki in ANY drama, whether it’s a 11-episode j-drama, or the R&J SP that he was supposedly filming? Sigh~ Me really miss Takki dramas! No choice but to keep re-watching Kyon, Tatsuya, Hikaru, Kuro and Manato! Maybe even Eji, Nao and Ryu?

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  1. ribi says:

    Ah thanks for scanning the Tsuba parts too Mich, really saves me the pain of a) scanning & b) digging through my boxes to get the mag out just to read it. Yes, I will be reading it during lunch today! Say yay! ^____^

    *tickles Tsuba’s sparse hige*

  2. keigi says:

    shelle~ i’m hunger for takki jp dorama too.. plsss… how long we have to WAIT ??!!!! urrrgghhh..
    huh? His favorite food is ‘tonkotsu ramen’?? (pork)? and as usual, he always luv to eat pasta – Pepperonchi bongore bianco? if no such pasta he wil take Japanese style pasta.. eh? i hvnt tried japanese style pasta ne. Seems tat he doesn’t like tomato or creamy source pasta..anyhow, I luv seafood pasta! ^^
    oo~ he has a white sofa in his living room.. but, he says is not easy to take care.. heeheee.. daijoubu desho? Takki ‘papa’ kara ne~~~~ again, thanks yar shelle~

  3. ryther says:

    *squee* Michelle!!!!!I’m changing my header today! Thank you sooo much! I didn’t buy Poporo..Wonder if I should since..actually I don’t like buying Poporo because they always have tiny parts of T&T and no coverage of Toma at all..kinda makes me sulk.

    P/S:Actually,Eiji is well loved by me and my siblings..we all love Antiques and cakes…^o^

  4. Belinda Wong says:

    Hi Michelle
    Thanks a lot for the scanning of T&T.I am longing for takki new jp drama very much.It’s such a very long time that there aren’t any takki film.I hope there will be his drama offer soon.

  5. michelle says:

    baoxin!! HELLO~~ girl!! thanks for dropping by! really miss japan la, lovesick still hahahahaha….

    ribi~ YAY! i juz woke up only ne… and it’s almost noon! shux, half the day gone! was motivated last nite, so came back and diligently flipped the classifieds lol

    keigi~ thanks for the translations haha, seeing jap words to me kinda equals seeing stars, so only read the headings and din read the subtext. hmm, need to bug someone to translate everything for me heh. but erm, i like cream pasta. generally i LOVE pastas!!!! din know there was jap style pasta lol~ eh, i wanna eat that pppeppppperonblahblah pasta now!

    ryther, you are welcome la :) tho i wonder why i chose that pic of takki, coz i dun really like the hair haha *whacks self* o, no toma in poporo? i din know that lor~ oh i think i have an article on toma from one of my look@stars. see if i can scan it for u k~~ and i love eiji too, though i’m not really the ‘cake’ type (apart from CHEESECAKES.. YUMMY~~^^)

  6. michelle says:

    hello belinda, juz saw ur comment~ i think takki was filming a special drama few months ago but until now, not sure why there’s no news on it.. then the jackie chan thing which they were talking abt last yr, no news as well yo. wonder whatz going on v_v

  7. Bonnie says:

    michelleeeeeeee!!!!!! *GLOMPS x5* thanks so much for the scans! v__v; mou the kino over here is always out of mag stock! *dies* and even when they do have em in stock, they charge like $7 per mag!

    …i cant stop looking @ the scans~~~ *MELTS*

    a;lksjdf his favorite ramen is Tonkotsu ramen!?! KYAAAAAAAAAAA thats my fav ramen too! hahahh (was just talking about that on my tagboard actually…) LOLOL dry nattou… u remember that time when my dad showed up @ the hotel lobby and took out some candy nattou?? XDDDDD i think thats the only kind of nattou i would ever allow myself to swallow…

  8. michelle says:

    bonnie~ us$7 is cheap for a mag yo! in sg, it’s about s$13-14 per mag! it’s so ex la… but we still keep buying and buying lol~ yup, i remember that nattou sweet that your dad let us try~ haha it tastes alright wor~ me haven’t tasted the real dry nattou yet.. will wanna try it if i have the chance:)

  9. shuduck says:

    opps i m so late todae.keke.hmm i m surprised by poporo for txt now. i alwaz tink well of duet n the rest compared 2 poporo duno why..keke.maybe quality ba. it’s so beautiful (= yes i tink takki noes hw 2 choose pple 2 work with..frankly speaking, w the exception of jackie chan, i like tom hanks n mr bean alot.they are 2 of the celebs i respect n hold in esteem in terms of professionalism. gd choice,takizawa!^^
    thx for the scans, michel!i’m gg 2 get them as well frm here (=

  10. michelle says:

    hmm. my fav usually is winkup~ and for covers, it’s potato :) but eh, paper quality wise, songs (and the middle sections of duet) is the best! hahaha.. tho now i think oricon style photoshoots are the nicest :) ne, this month’s mags are gonna make me really broke.. and i’m already broke! eh, altho i have erm no comments abt jackie chan’s personal life, i totally respect that guy’s work. he’s asia’s pride and joy~

  11. Reiko says:

    Eh, Michelle~ Count your blessings u haven’t tried the dried nattou yet. Eeeeewwww~!!!! OMG…that dang thing…get me the HELL away from it, yo! LOL buahhahahahaha Eh…believe me when I say that it smells. Even my hubby won’t go near it! We always make people go outside, to the street, to eat it. LOL j/k But seriously, our relatives actually go outside to eat the darn thing it smells THAT BAD. *cough, cough* OMG…so, his favorite ramen is Tonkatsu ramen…hontouuu?? O_O Actually, I guess that’s my hubby’s fav. too…hehe. Mine is still…Shoyu ramen & Shio ramen. XDD But, I also LOVE Curry ramen too!! ^.^ And, I love Oyako-don. As for pastas, I LOVE seafood pasta!! Wanna also try that pepperonchi pasta he likes so much too. Ohh, Michelle…you missed another mag. I dun think ANYONE has posted it up yet…not even Nere or http://www.hadaka.de. Dun rem the name of it cuz it’s written in Japanese…and it’s a young children’s-type mag w/anime-manga stories in it. I’ve scanned the pages 4 u if you’re interested. I’ll email u tom. w/the scans so u can post it here. Hope u like!

  12. Reiko says:

    See, Shelle? What did I tell ya about this mag? Isn’t Takki GORGEOUS?? O_O *dies* (esp. the 1st scan) But the 5th scan is soooo kawaiiii too. XDD Also bought the new Myojo (Wed., Jan.17)…the one u upld recently of Takki w/the baseball mit. =) Thankx 4 tellin’ me cuz I found it today at Sanseido.

  13. michelle says:

    hi reiko-chan, i understand the smell thingie. but is it as bad as those ‘smelly beancurd’ that u can find in hk? coz those taste quite nice! and from my recent trip to hk, i found that i’m immune to the smell of it already xD

    erm, is the mag green in color with T&T on the cover? that’s the only mag i have which is a children’s type mag. it’s called rokunensei or something?

  14. glenda says:

    The hadaka place has what was a new cover, etc. for me under Potato….”Crimson”

    We are now on episode 9 of Season of the Sun ^_^

    I have not told about this yet…..Sarah Ann got a DVD player for xmas that also plays the different CD formats. She talked her daddy into letting her hook it up to the TV in the living room….then she talked him in to watching ALL of her T&T videos over the winter break with her….and she got him to watch ANTIQUE with us. It has been SO SO wonderful because we got to see the performance videos, etc. up on a TV (instead of computer monitor) with surround sound. The only things he has not seen are talk shows & ero ero (that’s our little secret LOL) and the jdramas we had already watched before this. After he saw this year’s countdown show he said that the other groups had some good singers but NONE were as polished & mature as T&T & he thought T&T were better than any of the others. This to me is HIGH praise coming from my husband :) He is now watching Season of the Sun with us and he has really gotten in to the whole thing. He cracks us up because when Takki does something like scratching the car he shakes his finger at the TV and says “Baaaaad Takki!” & yesterday he said to Eiko’s mother, “Baaaaaaaad Mama-san!!”

    So now Takki & Tsubasa have another new fan ^_^ Some time in the future we will re-watch Summer Snow, SOS, & Boku dake no Madonna so he can see them & we can see/hear them on a bigger screen.

  15. akatsuru01 says:

    Shelle – yea…it\’s as bad as fermented bean curd….well, nattou IS fermented beans yo!! ROLFMAO LOL I dunno about the hk ones, but the Japanese ones are eeewwwww!!

  16. akatsuru01 says:

    I guess some arent too bad…but, most of them are. The mag IS green in color…I think; not so sure. But, maybe u can post it up 4 me? I already scanned them but, if you can do the favor 4 me, thatll b great. XDD I really dun know the name of it…lol! U can tell me anything and Ill believe it, la. lol Glenda – wow…youre soooo lucky to have hooked up yours already. My husb. STILL hasnt hooked up mine yet! (dame, dame) I got one too for Xmas this year from him. XDD He bought me an all-region dvd player so I can play ALL these vid clips (ANY format) on TV too. Cant WAIT for that to happen but…right now, I think hes caught some stomach flu bug. =( Hes had diarhea and now, hes throwing up. I told him to go doctor but, he STILL hasnt yet. (its been two days now) MEN…ugh! Why wont they listen to us women when theyre sick? LOL Oh, btw, did Sarah Kam email u about me yet? I still havent received any email from you yet…hehe! (still waiting) lol

  17. shuduck says:

    opps,let me get this clear up..Reiko=akatsuru right? confusing urgh

    please email me the pics, reiko!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i m stil waiting lol
    whtz tht mag? hmm…tempt me…tempt me….michelle, is tht mag the one ribi has an extra copy of? hmm..i wonder whn will i be able 2 get frm her too lol =p
    sigh..i duno bt my intention 2 find an ideal job is growing dimmer..the hopes..the more i wanna contribute $ 2 my txt support fundings..the more i heck care wht job comes..i’ll juz take..contemplating..

  18. ribi says:

    If everyone is talking about the same magazine, i.e. Shogaku Yon-nensei, the one with the dark green cover, yes, shuduck, I have set aside my extra copy for you already. ^__^

    I’ll pass it to Michelle to hand it over to you so you just pass the money to her. It’s S$12.

  19. michelle says:

    yo, reiko-chan, i think it’s the same mag we’re referring to. but i won’t be scanning it coz i dun wanna wreck my mag further xD and erm, i did not receive any email from sarah. and also, i have no idea what email you’re talking about! lol~

    shuduck, same situation here la xD and ya, i’ll get the mag from ribi and when we next meet, i’ll pass it to u ok~

  20. glenda says:

    Michelle I believe akatsuro (if that is also reiko, I’m confused like shuduck LOL) was referring to me getting something from her. Sorry for “cross talking” in your comment box!

    And Akatsuro, yes Sarah (the other one LOL) did send me a message with your address but I haven’t written mail to anyone for quite a while…been busy with Takki & Tsubasa ^_^ When we finish Season of the Sun this weekend I will do my catching up & get in touch! We watch her DVDS she got from CDJapan on the computer which we set to Region 2; her new player is NOT all region & we are too chicken to try hack codes :p

    Thanks for the pictures, Michelle! Especially ARIGOTO when I saw how much you are paying for them **SHOCK!**

  21. Nikki says:

    Hey!! Long time no see ^O^
    Thanks for the scans~
    But…but…can someone please stop Tsubasa grows his hige??????????? Takki-sama!!

  22. michelle says:

    hi nikki~ i think tsuba won’t be growing his hige already, seems like the recent scans are of him without hige, and he did not spot it during the concert. hmm, i think takki sort of said that tsuba tried to be ‘manly’ but to him, tsuba’s still the kawaii princess aikata ne :)

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