Takki Tidbits

Takki’s hair is brown in Popolo May’09 . He visits Kamakura’s Manpukuji temple, where Irene and I visited last yr during our Enbujo’08 trip. There are many little cute pictures of him ne, like him trying to lift the stone ^^ In Myojo May’09, the photoshoot was done more recently as his hair is already black (his current hair color). There’s a pic of him *hadaka* in the onsen!! Both issues are about Enbujo’09 XD

Takizawa Enbujo’08 DVD Taiwan Press (AVJDV561402) was released on 18th March. There are chinese subtitles for all 3 discs. Some music stores online ship the DVD out of Taiwan. Anyone from Singapore wanna share the shipping cost with us? Send mich an email (web@takki.us) if you do.

Yesterday was Takki’s mother’s birthday. Happy belated birthday, Yayoi-mama! Thanks for giving the world such a great man hehe~ And the countdown starts…

6 more days to Takki’s 27th birthday!! ☆彡

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