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[Scans] Myojo, Popolo 03/2011

More Shinshun Takizawa Kakumei 2011 stage reports!!!!

Myojo 03/2011

myojo201103-01.jpg myojo201103-02.jpg myojo201103-03.jpg

Popolo 03/2011

popolo201103-01.jpg popolo201103-02.jpg popolo201103-03.jpg

Sigh, the day is almost over, and I’ve a meeting tomorrow morning in town~ 頑張らなきゃ行けない! But for now, back to my report~ I’m almost done!!! Hideakkkiiiiiii~~~~ ♥

[Scans] Duet, Potato, Wink Up 03/2011

Kakumei stage reports!!!! Kyaa~ just when I’m in Kakumei mode writing my report, and in time for the Kakumei DVD release ne!! Hope everyone already ordered their DVDs~

Duet 03/2011
I love the stage report here~ very beautiful pics chosen – & nice colors! ^^ And the entire comic strip in the 2nd row~ so cute!! The way she drew all the characters and everything including how kakkoii Takki was, how the ladies went ‘kyaaa’, how they saw him from below, etc… I love how she drew Hidejiji hanging down from 2nd floor hehe~

duet201103-02.jpg duet201103-03.jpg duet201103-01.jpg
duet201103-04.jpg duet201103-05.jpg duet201103-06.jpg duet201103-07.jpg duet201103-08.jpg


[Scans] Myojo, Popolo 02/2011

It’s a public holiday today, so I’ll be posting quite a bit, hopefully hehe~

Myojo 02/2011

myojo201102-01.jpg myojo201102-02.jpg myojo201102-03.jpg myojo201102-04.jpg

Popolo 02/2011

popolo201102-01.jpg popolo201102-02.jpg popolo201102-03.jpg

I love that 3rd page in Myojo! His smile… ^ ^

[Scans] Potato, Wink Up 01/2011

Potato 01/2011
Kawaii!!!! He’s just like a little boy~~ ♥

potato201101-01.jpg potato201101-02.jpg potato201101-03.jpg potato201101-04.jpg potato201101-05.jpg

Wink Up 01/2011
Kakkoii~ I love the first & second page ^^

wu201101-01.jpg wu201101-02.jpg wu201101-03.jpg wu201101-04.jpg wu201101-05.jpg

[Scans] Duet, Potato, Wink Up 02/2011

I’ve stopped buying the five main mags every month so I get my clippings only in batches, rather late. I’ll be posting more over the next few days. But for now, just these three from February.

Duet 02/2011
Love Takki’s pic in the first page. He looks really good here~

duet201102-01.jpg duet201102-02.jpg duet201102-03.jpg

Potato 02/2011
Traditional wear~ kakkoii!! ^^ and this was the very first volume of TakiCHANneLand – and perhaps the only volume that will be sent to me. They should really release the episodes on a DVD ne.

potato201102-01.jpg potato201102-02.jpg potato201102-03.jpg potato201102-04.jpg potato201102-05.jpg potato201102-06.jpg]

Wink Up 02/2011
Takki looks soooo good in the first pic~ ne!

wu201102-01.jpg wu201102-02.jpg wu201102-03.jpg

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