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[Scans] Myojo 11/2001

Here are scans from Myojo Nov 2001. This was when Takki was about to film “Antique”~
That spiky hairstyle looked really cute on him :)

myojo200111-01.jpg myojo200111-02.jpg myojo200111-03.jpg myojo200111-04.jpg myojo200111-05.jpg myojo200111-06.jpg myojo200111-07.jpg

Takizawa Kabuki 2011 ended safely last night. Otsukaresama deshita~ ☆
During the curtain call, Takki said that Takizawa Kabuki will be staged again next year Spring. There’s still no news on what he’ll be doing next, but I hope he’ll have a good rest first. And of course, I hope there’ll be a drama.

[Scans] Myojo 08/2001

This is from almost 10 years ago, in 2001. These was one of the old mags that Cat & I shared to buy last year. I’ve been so slow in scanning them all, gomen. For now, please enjoy. Even though this is not my favourite hairstyle, I love the pics in the 3rd & 4th pages!

myojo200108-01.jpg myojo200108-02.jpg myojo200108-03.jpg myojo200108-04.jpg myojo200108-06.jpg
myojo200108-05.jpg myojo200108-07.jpg myojo200108-08.jpg myojo200108-09.jpg

[Scans] Only Star 5/2 & Best Stage 06/2011

Ori-suta 5/2 issue, 2011
Kyaa~ love his smile during the press conference!


Best Stage June 2011
6 pages of stage report and 1 page of press conference. Kyaa~ that smile again during the presscon! And that bottom right pic of the 2nd scan below ^^~ they managed to capture that moment ne… Un, I love Akechi, Benkei and Okita! And for act 2 (last 2 scans), that shot of Masakado sitting there before his death was really well-taken ^^

beststage201106-kabuki01.jpg beststage201106-kabuki02.jpg beststage201106-kabuki03.jpg beststage201106-kabuki04.jpg beststage201106-kabuki05.jpg beststage201106-kabuki06.jpg beststage201106-kabuki07.jpg

[Scans] Nylon Japan 05/2011

Before I go to bed and prepare for my 4th day of work, here are scans from Nylon Japan May 2011! I was kyaaaing silently in the quiet magazine store in Otsuka when I first flipped this mag. Kakkoiiii~~~~~ ♥ First, it was the monochrome, then the intense stare by Takki (2nd scan)~~~ *faintz*

nylonjapan1105-01.jpg nylonjapan1105-02.jpg nylonjapan1105-03.jpg nylonjapan1105-04.jpg

Btw, I was really *akirashock*
My own site i.e. this is blocked on my office computer!

[Scans] Anecan 05/2011

One of the few mags I lugged back from Japan hehe~

There are 3 pages of Takki in the May 2011 issue of AneCan, and it’s Vol 29 of the “Check! AniMen” corner. My favourite is the second page~ Switch on & off — both are so cute! Takki’s bare legs!! XDDDDD

anecan1105-01.jpg anecan1105-02.jpg anecan1105-03.jpg

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