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オルトロスの犬 HP

8 more days until we get to see Dark Hero Takizawa. Just thinking about it gives me the fangirl-goosebumps! Actually i’ll be in class so i wont be able to watch it live (残念っ… 授業をサボるべきか~ lol) So lets hope that the uploaders will be super fast on the 24th!!

Anyways, this is a rough translation of Genba Report #2~

“Praying for a hit!”

 On the afternoon of July 8th, the cast went to a historically-significant temple to pray for Orthros no Inu’s success. Unfortunately, it was raining that day, but many reports and cameramen still gathered around the temple before it was even open. They were eagerly waiting for the cast.

 When the chief priest pounded on the taiko drum, the 9 members of the main cast started coming out one by one : First, Takizawa Hideaki-san, then Nishikido Ryo, Mizukawa Asami, Yaotome Hikaru, Yamamoto Ryuuji, Harada Natsuki, Shiba Toshio, Rokkaku Seiji, and Takahata Atsuko. Then the producer, director, and staff came out together – everyone was on standby with calm expressions on their faces. Maybe because it was such a spiritual place? Even with all the cast, staff, and reporters there, it was still a very serene atmosphere.


オルトロスの犬 HP

First off, Mich, okaeri!! *hugs* im doing a pretty terrible job of translating the reports, so we’re counting on you ne! XD

Back to the serious stuff… Takki updated Takiren last night and the Orthros no Inu HP has also updated with its first Genba (At the scene) Report, which i’ve done a rough translation of below.

“Wan Wan”

 To start off, there must be a lot of people who are wondering what “Orthros” really means. “Orthros” is a two headed dog, a character in a Greek myth. Its name meaning “nimble” and “fly swiftly,” it is said that it was the brother of Cerberus and its mane gradually turned into snakes. (info found by web staff)

(Picture 1)

 Soon, the Friday drama “Orthros no Inu” will start on July 24th (Friday) at 10pm. The official site has occasionally been updated with a variety of interesting contents, information about the cast and their (upcoming) promotion appearances, and news. Furthermore, we hope you will look forward to the Genba Report because we will also be reporting about the filming and other behind-the-scene info.

 By the way, “Orthros no Inu.” Recently, there have been postings in the “Fan messages” and it seems like the public is starting to call it by its nickname, “Wan Wan.” (wry laugh) Looking at everyone’s postings, we wondered what “wan wan” was, but apparently, that is what Takizawa-san calls it (laughs).

 For this American-styled speed and suspense drama, there are unexpected developments as well as continuous excitement and heart throbs. The contents of the Genba report will (with a serious mode) report about the filming conditions and delightfully use Takizawa’s name “Wan Wan” as the keyword.

 Including the period before the drama starts, three months is quite a short amount of time, but we hope you will enjoy this Friday drama “Orthros no Inu.”


滝様コン レポート

of course we’ll have to wait for the real report from mich ^^
but so far, here are the notes taken by Jp fans~
theyre not complete… esp the MC part but thats all that i can find so far.



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