Meiji Cocoa CM!!

The new Meiji Cocoa CM is out!! Thanks for the tip, Bon-chan!! And OMG~~~ I was kyyaaaing all the way to heaven!!! Look at that body!!!! **HALF-HADAKA** wahahaha~~

[EDIT: Added Video and Screen Captures]
Download here (30s clip – 4.71MB)
Download here (15s clip – 2.54MB)
**Re-uploaded on 30th November 2007.


The video still can’t be saved, so you have to watch it from the site. Click on the “CM Making Report”, then on the left side, you’ll see a “TV-CM Streaming”. Choose to view either the “30s” or “15s” clip. Oh, and these are the posters~



I’m not really the cocoa kind, but after watching this CM, I really wanna drink THAT!! Looks so delicious, the packaging looks cool too hehehe….

[Video Credit: Naughtiest]

51 Responses to “Meiji Cocoa CM!!”

  1. DiTHeRs says:

    That sure looked hot and tasty. Uh-ummmmm… really delicioso. Aaaah, got my mouth watering already. I could get that for breakfast even if I don’t take breakfast. Looks good with anything—chips, salsa, sandwich. ANYTHING. And seems that I could take it anywhere too. I just hope I’d not burn myself. Coz it looks soooo hot. REALLY HOT!!!! ^___^

    …and im not talking about the cocoa yet ;)

  2. Bonnie says:

    *WHACKS TAKKI* just LOOK @ that 2nd poster. BON-CHAN doesnt see six packs! *pouts* Takki, u REALLY need to eat more. i dont care if u’re really tired after [ONE!]! just go eat! XDDDD

    i hope somebody will upload the CM soon! ^.^

  3. akatsuru01 says:

    OMG, Mic-Chan~~ @_@ Yooohooo…callin’ all girls (more like Takki-fangirls! lolz)…check out *half-hadaka* Takki!!!! O_O Holydaang!! And those posters are 2 DIE for… ^.~ I c some 6pks…but…not enuff, baby. Takki-san, plz eeeat ne?? lolz

  4. akatsuru01 says:

    Yaaayyy…and I AM the cocoa kind! lolz

  5. akatsuru01 says:

    Hey, Shelle…do u have larger photos of these posters?? Let me know if you find them (either from someone else or whatever). Thankx!!

  6. michelle says:

    yea it looks really yummy, dithers!! there are recipes on what to mix it with i think!

    bon-chan~~ i saw his 6 packs in the video~ but it doesn’t appear on the poster ne.. go work out, takki!

    reiko-chan, there’s no larger photos of these posters so far :(

    and everyone, wish me luck on the CM~~

  7. shuduck says:

    meiji gets wrong person 2 endorse the cocoa drink !!!! takki is lookin mal-nourished here! i agree w bon-chan…is he eating? or juz drinking..ahe coughs*drinking beer…nt in any case, cocoa…….T_T i cn go donate my fats 2 him soon ne~~

  8. shuduck says:


    takki new meiji cocoa drink cm 15 secs!

    i hope u all enjoy!

    sorry michelle for usin ur site to spread d link address. i hope u dun mind ((=

  9. shuduck says:

    i duno if my comment msg was added here but i re-type again: _15secs takki cocoa meiji Cm _link is for 30secs (CM)

    enjoy. sorry n thx 2 michelle 4 allowing me 2 use ur site here 2 spread d link news (=

  10. snuffles says:

    You people are sadisitic!! He is soo tired already and you are asking him to go work out?!? Michelle! Yes you! Don’t pretend to look away! YOU are guilty!! (LOL)

    He looks fine. i can SEE the abs. And he has NEVER been fat. C’mon.. that gym/work freak. And he’s not THAT skinny yet, no need to worry.

    I don’t want a BEEFY Takki so moderation please! He is Takki, not Mr Manhunt! LMAO~~~

  11. DiTHeRs says:

    What do you mean SHUTAKKY??? You did not just say that MEIJI got a wrong endorser did you??? (O..o) *cracks knuckles* Personally and being a Tackey fan aside, Meiji actually got a good endorser (Tackey fan back–> he’s the BEST endorser) coz Tackey waking up half-hadaka like that and rising from the bed is good enough breakfast for everybody. Im sure okaasans and obaachans alike would be so enticed to *THAT* product hehehe Besides, its MEIJI COCOA DRINK yo! It doesn’t say it is a health-supplement drink or a buff-up drink anyways. And though, I haven’t dl-ed this yet, from the caps you can tell that they want to establish it as a quick and on-the-go drink. Im sure they dont need a SCHWARZENEGGER to do it right? XD

    Ok, choose—TACKEY Tackey or SUMO Tackey endorsing it?! XDDD

    Hey MICHELLE, you dont mean to say they have recipes to mix with Tackey ne?!?! Coz I wasn’t talking about MEIJI COCOA on my post. The YUMMY, HOT, ANYTHING CAN GO WITH IT—> all TACKEY *lmao*

  12. snuffles says:


    Hahhaa… so this ad is more effective than the Olympus ones. Cos in those ads, i NEVER notice the cameras… Wakakka.. only SEE Takki. But for this one, he makes me wanna drink that thing!!!! Teehee!!

  13. DiTHeRs says:

    I agree with Snuffles here, looking at the caps + poster, he’s still ok. Abs are still fine. They are there. Maybe on 2nd poster, not so since he is slouching but they are there for sure. Dont worry PEOPLE. No need to panic XDDD

    Besides, when Tackey gets thin, it is really evident coz his face shrinks on the cheeks and and he’d really look like he needs a nice eat-all-you-can buffet feasting to go but this one, still NORMAL Tackey—abs and all.

    Daijoubu minna. Let’s panic if he pushes himself farther than what his body can take. I mean, overwork himself when he is this thin already.

  14. Bonnie says:

    XDDD but…BUT…*pouts*

    if i remember correctly, this CM was shot on July 27th…so i guess he looked ok THEN. but w/ all the sweating and exercise from [ONE!]… *shudders*

    LOL but im glad the abs were still there. HAHAH didnt Takki used to have like 8 packs? (it looked like it XD) but i guess abs 5,6,7, and 8 kinda MORPHED together HAHA

  15. shuduck says:

    i tink if i were the one drinking it, it’ll never work on me. Dithers!!!!!!’s true wht..hmm..d ‘figure size’ thingy is a rather subjective thing u c..cos ur frd shutakky here is a monster-huge sized gal so she of cos tinks meiji gt wrong person 2 endorse it..((= they shld give him alot nG-s so he cn drink alot of it…(=

    btw, u gals knoe d Sendspace link for the cm oredi? Ytd i tried ul-ing it twice here..(the link address) bt comment box didnt work last midnite. So who wans the cm stilL?

  16. shuduck says:

    cocoa juz makes me tink it’s chocolate n vanilla n crime crime sin sin be fatty fatty piggy (= gomen. ok la, i retract my words of takizawa being thin here la. bt if u see me in person, juz dun constantly remind me i m fat then ! T_T

  17. akatsuru01 says:

    Shuduck…do u have the CM?? I’d SO want the vid…aaaahhhh!! Thankx if u do… ^.^

  18. michelle says:

    Snuffles, u’re right! Gomen, takki!! *bows profusely* I didn’t mean it! I was joking lol~~ so many of us will be heart pain if he tires himself out la~~

    lol, DiTHers, i meant the COCOA, not Takki!! bwahahahahaha..

    Shuduck, I think Meiji found the right person to endorse wor~ coz like what snuffles said, i never took note of olympus (in fact i own a Panasonic Lumix instead), but when it comes to Meiji, i’ve already tried the Amino Collagen powder form, bottle drink form and jelly! lol.. Now i wanna try this Cocoa thing (although i’m not a cocoa person).. so that says a lot lor haa..

    Reiko-chan, the YSI link is here:

  19. michelle says:

    Shuduck, i approved your comments already~ i think coz the msg contains 2 links, that’s why it was put in the ‘moderation’ queue. sorry, that was the setting in the script to prevent spam i think…

  20. shuduck says:

    michelle…paiseh if it sounds serious..keke..i was juz jokin la. of cos i wish takizawa appears in everythng
    i luv his olympus alwaz make me wana buy d cam..if i buy, i wil get olympus whn i need 2. my his amos eye solution cm..and oso d green tea drink..sapporo or wht..i cnt rmb.((= i alwaz luv olympus most (=

  21. H-aki says:

    shuduck: it took my sister a little over 3 hours to find the way to download this CM from meiji site, crediting where you grabbed her sendspace links from wouldn’t hurt ne? ^^ Thanks for spreading Takki love anyway ^^

  22. keigi says:

    Ahaha~ we all are crazy fans ne… non stop screaming & kyyaaaing … but, kyaaaaaaa.. TAKKI!! (dun tell ppl my age) …heeeehaaaaa…

  23. shuduck says:

    hi H-aki

    the credits ehh…i oso duno it. i saw the links frm an LJ site but load v.slowly and i didnt get 2 see its credits too…and meiji site hv a place 2 dl the cm? i m unaware of that in particular. hmm..u need the credits for?

  24. DiTHeRs says:

    Dear SHUTAKKY, it is most likely that H-aki meant that the link you posted was uploaded by her sister so she was asking if you could credit her sister for findin a way to extract it from the Meiji site.

    Of course, thanks for sharing it here too ^_^ and H-aki, if those links that SHUDUCK/SHUTAKKY posted are your sister’s, thanks to her as well.

    MICHELLE, oh, coz I thought there’d be recipes to make Tackey any more delicious. Whipped cream? Chocolat? *lmao*

  25. DiTHeRs says:

    Btw MICHELLE, since Im linked in your WWWs, I have updated my blog’s URL. Just click on my name and please use that URL instead. Thanks! ^__^

    TACKEY, come here raaaaaaaaaawwwwwrrrrrrr….. ^___^

  26. michelle says:

    yes yes, we should always credit ne! thanks for the links, shuduck, and thanks to H-aki’s sister for the clips!! btw what’s ur sister’s name, H-aki? i’d like to add that to the credits in this post. i was finding a way to rip it off the meiji site too but all i could get was streaming videos keke..

    ahhh… DiTHERs, takki is already very delicious w/o any ‘toppings’ lol. but i wouldn’t mind adding a bit of erm.. whipped cream lol~~ all over those ABS.. wahahaha..

  27. H-aki says:

    thank you, guys ^^ my sister is naughtiest @lj, here’s her original post for this cm

  28. shuduck says:

    thx alot H-aki!! where’s ur sis?? why is she not here? gomen..btw..really sorry bout it. thx alot for the links! tell me if there’s any way i cn make up for it,girl

  29. shuduck says:

    H-aki i duno if u noe this place or u’ve been there or it’s ur sis’s association..hmm bt here’s a gdlink found thru the LJ site on japanese Cm-s:

    u noe wht, i enjoy lukin at japanese CMs..i like their style!!

  30. shuduck says:

    btw, do u tink i m gettin blurrer n blurrer??? since tht time i m diagnosed w the blurry sydnrome @bonnie’s blog (where u gals discussed on txt emails etc)…den i couldnt figure out wht u all r toking..den i slipped into BLUR mode. i keep slipping..gosh..i m in trouble!!

  31. shuduck says:

    ok H-aki, i tink i digged/discovered ur sis’s blog:

    isit this?? ok let me add her in my blog ok?? (= so i cn rmb wher i gt these stuff from. thx.

    sorry,michelle for flooding here.

  32. michelle says:

    no prob, shuduck~ do u still dunno what the txt email thingie is about? ~~ lemme know la, i can possibly explain it.. it’s actually very simple, but the more we talk, the more complicated it seems lol…

    hi h-aki, oh, so naughtiest is your sis! hehe.. i think i’ve seen her around LJ before :)

  33. shuduck says:

    yep. hmm..i m still blur,,))=

    h-aki! nice 2 noe u. hope 2 noe ur sis too.(= thx for alwaz spreading the takki germs AHEM coughs* 2 me n all of us.

  34. michelle says:

    ok.. to summarise *clears throat*.. it all started when i said that i din manage to get the scrapbook sent to ling, and bon-chan said i can always have it scanned and sent to tsu’s email. i then asked her if she meant tsu’s “to base” email, and snuffles came and answered yes. she added that if i wanted to send a msg to takki, dun write that down in the email to tsu, coz it’ll be rude lol. got to praise tsu first hehe… dithers then said that we can add the msg in as a footer (p.s.) to “shun bian” pass the msg to takki lol… then it won’t be so rude lor hehe… and when we said that takki doesn’t have an email, we don’t mean that he really don’t have an email la, coz definitely for a guy who has 6-7 comps in his room, he’ll def. have emails deshou? wat was meant was he doesn’t have a public email for fans to write to him, unlike tsu (who has the tobase email). yup, that’s all that was said lor… still blur anot? hahahaaaaa……..

  35. shuduck says:

    OK Mdm! I got it! Yes yes!
    hehe thx so much for clearing the air! Oh gosh..why does tsu has an email n nt takki?? u noe frm d way i interpret, takki doesnt create an email 4 himself cos he wans ‘excuses’ to bother/find his aika..find his love all the time (= tht’s hw they retain their loveship so long. *

    i wish their new txt unit album sales will be good! better than 22! hmm..i m figuring how d title/design it will look like ehh…

  36. michelle says:

    lol~~ i wished what you interpretted was true too haha.. but it shud be the other way round ya? since tsu is supposedly the ‘non-tech-savvy’ one, while takki is the expert at computers haha…

    i hope avex and johnny-san spend more time and effort promoting the new album!! and it seems like although [style] and [one] are coming to an end, there’s still no news of dvd yet… sigh… in 2 days time, if there are still no cameras at nissay theatre… all our dreams of watching [one] will be dashed… *sobs*

  37. michelle says:

    btw, DiTHers, I’ve updated the link to your blog already~ gomen ne, took so long! *slipped my mind* (old already ne…)

  38. naughtiest says:

    O_O .. dear lord…

    g..go..gomen! I apologize for my sister’s behavior -__-” she works in software licensing field and sometimes gets carried away with little things, and becomes a little too over-protective. I’m so sorry and I promise this won’t happen again! T__T

    such a weird way to show up here, but anyway, nice to know you guys! ^^”

    michelle: your site is very nice, I really like the looks of it ^^

    shuduck: please feel free to friend my lj ^^

    dithers: you totally caught me by surprise on nere’s blog. I was like.. how did you know my sis? XD Thanks for the poke, otherwise she wouldn’t tell me what she’s done ^^”

  39. michelle says:

    hi naughtiest~~ dun worrie, ur sis is really sweet to u (i’m envious coz i dun have a sis) and thanks so much for ripping the CM!! baka me can’t get it ripped no matter what i tried!!! ~~ now can watch it over and over again hehe..

    does anyone have the contact lens CM? saw it on youtube a few days ago but no dl link lei~~~ takki so kawaaiii when he blink blink blink and got stuck to the eyes too! hahaha…

  40. shuduck says:

    urgghhh dun tok bout cnt even watch d cm at all man! lucki 2 hv “the naughtiest girl is a monitor” gal gal..(naughtiest juz j/k keke..hope u dun mind). 2 upload on her LJ (= sorry gal,i cnt comment/drop msg by ur LJ site cos i m a non-LJ member.. h-aki is bein protective 2 u,gal which is v.nice cos she wans ur efforts 2 b recognised so dun b modest abt it (=

    yes yes,nice 2 noe u n ur sis as well..ehh..michelle..u solo child? i m a middle child. hv an elder sis,younger brother..nv less crowded ‘here’.haha.

    me n michelle are both from singapore..hw bout u?

  41. shuduck says:

    btw michelle..u noe why it shouldnt be another way round? cos tsu is nt tech-savy so takki makes use of this opportunity 2 alwaz look for him mah (= tt’s hw they create chances 2 spark within their loveship ne~ it’s too sweet !

  42. michelle says:

    no la~ i have 2 younger bros~ me the oldest and only girl…

  43. shuduck says:

    wah..ok..sure v.hard 2 control ur brother..they sure nt scared of u..the eldest sister i noe..keke~

  44. michelle says:

    no la… my 1981 bro is really a gentleman la.. a super duper nice guy lor, respects me and my parents, and always gets ‘bullied’ by me and my youngest bro (like ask him to fetch here, fetch there, lol).. while the other 1989 one is like… same character as me la hahaha~ whole day on the computer, very stubborn, follow the heart and not the mind kind.. lol…

  45. naughtiest says:

    shuduck: I’m from the US, and surprisingly enough, from the same state as Bon-chan ^^ small world ne?

  46. shuduck says:

    To naughtiest:
    wah i c..ok..will u gals meet up then? are u still schooling or working? opps..i 4got..r u the elder sis or younger sis to h-aki? :D

    To michelle:
    ur younger bro is 1981..wah u like hardselling ur bro.(= hardly for a sis praise own youngest n one n oly bro is 1989 too haha.ya yah..same same..whole day on comp..stubborn,,lazy..sleepy ahem*coughs..i still not like him beyond hope..i m cure-able yeah!

  47. michelle says:

    naughtiest: cool that u’re from the same state as bon-chan~ maybe one day u gals can travel together to japan hehe…

    shuduck: lol~ ur bro same age as mine! they sound quite similar haha. but my bro is like whole day playing soccer also lor. crazy guy. aniway where is he studying? my bro in sajc~~

  48. shuduck says:

    haha my bro oso whole day play soccer..n support man u..n likes 2 sleep on the bed n study…..

    my bro is frm hwjc…haha..he v.brown n put on coloured specs n alwaz lyk 2 style his hair..u noe la.,d typical teenager boys look in sg..

  49. michelle says:

    lol should intro them la. but now busy with promos rite? jia you to them lor (why are we talking about bros now~~ we are the digress-queens la!)

  50. shuduck says:

    we certainly are. but it’s gd! cos we’ll noe each other more, so whn we mit up,it’ll be more or less more comfortable armed with alot topics 2 tok non-stop haha! ((= w promos yup.he studies./sleeps whole time.after tht,he’ll b bz w soccer practice.busy busy.((=

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