Takki solocon 2005 #1 on DVD Music Chart

Congratulations to Takki!! His concert DVD entered the Music DVD chart (29th August) at #1! Like his aikata, the DVD is #2 in the all-composite DVD chart. Tsuba’s concert DVD is still in the charts at #8 after 2 weeks of sales.. Minna-san, please support them by buying their DVDs :)

Takkicon DVD Chart #1

Here’s a kawaii shot of Takki from the solocon. i’ll do a proper scan some time later, but for now, this pic is taken off my handphone cam :)

Happy Takki @ Solo Con 2005.12.25

Takki is happy when everyone buys his DVD! teehee xD

* keeps a look out for Mr. Postman *

Takki Solocon DVD released!!

Takki’s 2005 solocon DVD is officially released today! CDJapan sent me the email yesterday saying that it has been shipped out. It’s on its way to me ^______^ But there wasn’t any “First Press” indicated on the order sheet. I’m worried I won’t get the HT keyring (It’s so nice~ I want it sooo badly!!). Ahhh… so excited and nervous at the same time!!!

takki solocon cover big

Found this larger version of the cover @ Kino. This is definitely taken during Andalucia (what a lovely song!) but I still feel that the junior shouldn’t appear on the cover *frowns*. Not sure how the actual package is going to be like. Heard from some Tsuba fans that Tsuba’s wasn’t very good. Sigh…

The full tracklisting of the Takkicon DVD was posted at Shinseido & HMV (First Press sold out there):

  • Opening
  • Overture
  • 2人の夜 (Futari no yoru)
  • バランス (Balance)
  • 陽のあたる場所 (Hi No Ataru Basho)
  • アンダルシアに憧れて (Andalusia Ni Akogarete)
  • 君の名を呼びたい (Kimi no na wa yobitai)
  • Day By Day
  • MC
  • Venus
  • 義経語り (Yoshitsune Gatari)
  • 五条大橋 (Gojo Ohashi)
  • Here I am
  • 義経自害 (Yoshitsune Jigai)
  • Fight All Night
  • 不良 (Furyo)
  • Words of Love
  • だから (Dakara) <- should be ‘Da.ke.do’?
  • 894・・・(ハクシ) (Hakushi)
  • Madonna
  • 12月の花 (Juunigatsu no Hana)
  • 仮面 (Kamen)
  • One Day,One Dream
  • Get Down
  • キセキ (Ki.se.ki)
  • 夢物語 (Yume Monogatari)
  • 願い (Negai)
  • エロエロダンス2005 (EroEro Dance 2005)
  • ラブ・スパイラル (Love Spiral)
  • Credit
  • Ending

Glad to see “EroEro”, MC talk & the Yoshitsune stuff in there :)

Shounen Club Premium 2006.08.20

Takki looks amazingly handsome on this show. I concluded that he looks good in PINK LOLz… He was interviewed by Taichi of TOKIO, and talked about how he decided to join Johnny’s at age 13 coz he didn’t have the size to become a pro-wrestler.



[Scans] TV Guide 8/18

Scanned these a few nights ago but forgot to post it up! hehe..

tvguide-818-0.jpg tvguide-818-1.jpg tvguide-818-2.jpg tvguide-818-3.jpg

I love this photoshoot~~ very casual feel to it. They look much more relaxed here :)


There just have to be a post on this: The Samurai Skit, from Utaban 2006.08.10. It’s gonna be long, so bear with me hehe… Takki & Tsubasa performed Ho! Summer, and the first shot of Takki was funny already and set the mood for the entire show IMO.

Utaban 2006.08.10 - 1

The talk segment. It was quite short, but Nakai tried to do some Yume Monogatari thingie but got the lyrics wrong lol. Takki corrected him and sang a line from the chorus hehe. They also talked about the groups they hang out with I think and their upcoming solo activities. And they showed a group photo of Takki, Yamapi, Toma, Jun, Koichi, etc, etc (No Border). They all had funny expressions in the picture, especially Domoto Koichi lolz. But Takki still looks really pretty in it.

Utaban 2006.08.10 - 2

Then comes the rehearsal for the skit. LOL. This skit is the continuation of the Jan’06 DoMiSo Samurai skit. Though I feel that the previous one was funnier, this one has a more elaborate set, and it’s also really funny~~~~ the “lady” this time did this really long sexy dance.. You got to see it for yourself, it’s hard to explain :)

The funniest part: When Takki, Tsubasa and Nakai appeared, they had to say “Do” (Takki), “Mi” (Tsubasa), and “So” (Nakai). When Takki and Tsubasa first said “Do” and “Mi” respectively, Nakai scolded them for saying it wrong. He then ‘taught’ them how to say shout it (in a strangled chicken voice lolz). Takki and Tsubasa then followed and it was super hilarious!!! wahahaha….

Utaban 2006.08.10 - 3


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