[Scans] Popolo 03/2010

3 pages of stage report on Takizawa Kakumei. No interview :(

Kat & I were talking about it today, and we think his hair wasn’t wet during Hikari Hitotsu (the first scan). It probably was when this stage report was taken on 1/1 during the public rehearsal, but we think they changed it after that…

popolo1003-01tackey.jpg popolo1003-02tackey.jpg popolo1003-03tackey.jpg popolo1003-04jsports.jpg popolo1003-05misc.jpg

I’m so behind on scans and translations… and my poor room is in a big mess. I wish I can clean it up with a flick of a wand… Seriously, I wish I have more time.

2 thoughts on “[Scans] Popolo 03/2010

  1. simone says:

    You mean it wasn’t at the show, but was when they took the picture? Since one can see the droplets of water from his hair…

    Do you think it might have been sprayed with water for the photo? It’s a lot of drops, yet his suit is appears dry, and logically some staff could have dried sukoshi more with a towel before combing…

    In any case, nice scans! And ganbatte to put your room in order!

  2. michelle says:

    yeah, for the shows we watched, i think during hikari hitotsu, when he walked out, the water curtained “opened” so there was no water raining on him. coz i remember during show time, his hair was very dry! (if u look at the WS clips too, during shalala, his hair was so dry hehehe~) but over here (3rd scan), it looked wet.

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