[Scans] Theater Guide 03/2010

Collected this yesterday from Liang Court Kino, and was surprised at the size of the mag. It’s only half-A4 size! Sorry, I couldn’t bear to bend my mag too much, so some of the scans are a bit blurred at the sides.

theater0103-01.jpg theater0103-02.jpg theater0103-03.jpg theater0103-04.jpg theater0103-05.jpg

10 more days ~♥

4 thoughts on “[Scans] Theater Guide 03/2010

  1. simone says:

    That sounds a rather odd format? Though some mags are by contrast, truly a bit too large.

    I rather like that second picture, though Takki looks wistful..

  2. shuduck says:

    Wow, look rather special and beautiful , isn’t it I like half A4 sized format pretty cool! i don’t mind small photobooks of takki =D hmm we shld make one for his bdae?

  3. michelle says:

    ya it’s half-A4 and binded by glue (not stapled). a good size for a takki photobook since it means we can stock up more photobooks with the limited space we have at home… but not so good size when u’re trying to put them among other magazines and photobooks in the bookshelf haha…

    shuduck~ what shall we do for takki’s bday?!

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